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The 6 Best Places to Buy Vintage Decor Online

If you buy something from a bygone time, it means that no new resources were mined, farmed, or processed. 

Pre-owned home decor pieces are durable when compared to many disposable decor items sold today. 

One-of-a-kind vintage pieces are fun for the house.

Vintage Decor for Home Stores

  • Rust Belt Threads
  • A La Modern
  • Simply Chi
  • Microscope Telescope
  • Hedgehog and Owl
  • Roger Appleyard

Rust Belt Threads

Buffalo, New York’s Rust Belt Threads brings an eclectic collection of vintage home decor, barware, and clothing to people.

This vintage decor store includes items like mugs, glasses, decanters, decorative items, blankets, bowls, pottery, and cookware. 

You can expect to find items from the 1920s through the 1980s. 

A LA Modern

If you want to buy vintage decor online with a large range, A La Modern is a la mode.

In the last decade, they served nearly 3,000 customers.

To bridge the gap between modern and vintage, A La Modern offers vintage houseware, and items from Japan, Scandinavia, and America.

Most options are from the 1950s to the 1980s.

You can decorate your home with their selection of ceramics and pottery, glassware, metalworks, sustainability books, decorative LPs, ephemeral pieces, ethical electronics, artwork, sculptures, textiles, sustainable fabrics, and sustainable lighting. 

You can expect to find a variety of materials used like ceramic, aluminum, plastic resin, glass, clay, wood, metal, canvas, and fabrics like cotton and linen. 

Simply Chi

Chi is the owner and consultant behind the brand called Simply Chi.

She has nearly served 11,000 customers, and they have left raving 5-star reviews.

Simply Chi prioritizes eclectic items from the 1980s and 1990s having an earthy, organic, boho feel. 

You can shop vintage decor items like lighting, furniture, office items, baskets, planters, kitchen and barware items, wall art, toys, and general home decor and trinkets. 

Microscope Telescope

Microscope Telescope’s wares are mid-century modern and are mixed with vintage science objects.

If you want antique decorative items online long-since-forgotten by many, this is the upcycled vintage home decor for you.

Beyond some of the fun science products like books, maps, and lab equipment, there are plenty of items for people having sophisticated taste in decor.

The materials used in these upcycled vintage decor items are teak, ceramic, Danish wood, Moroccan wool, bohemian wicker, and cast iron. These materials are just as unique as the items themselves.

Most pieces find their way from thrift stores, estate sales, and surpluses. But every item tells a unique story or possesses an interesting history regaled in the product descriptions.

Hedgehog and Owl

Hedgehog and Owl store is based in LA California. It is clearly a popular Etsy shop among its fans.

Owners Bradley (the Owl) and Elizabeth (the Hedgehog) thought to escape “cubicle land” and do what they love. 

After scouring local thrift shops, estate sales, and flea markets, they decided to start their online store to share unique vintage treasures with everyone.

Their selection of vintage and retro home decor includes and incorporates kitchen and dining items, accessories, office decor, bar essentials, holiday decorations, and games and crafts.

Roger Appleyard

Stella owns Roger Appleyard and Simi manages it, but that just did not have the same ring to it. This Atlanta, Georgia-based team travels to personally sell unique vintage decor items. 

For more than 40 years Roger Appleyard has impressed customers with his collection of lamps, sustainable outdoor furniture, pots and vases, books, outdoor items, and general home decor. 

They offer truly one-of-a-kind vintage pieces for your bar, walls, kitchen table, etc.

Best Online Stores for Antique Home Decor Items in India


This is one of the best online stores for furniture and decor in India. Pepperfry began its journey in the year 2011. The Mumbai-based company boasts a wide range of décor and furniture, including vintage home decor.


The brand’s tagline – Furniture bonded with love! The online store gives away a vast collection of furniture for homes and offices. In addition to this, the online store also has an extensive range of home decor including modern and retro decor items. If you are someone who likes to collect decor items from the olden era, you have Woodenstreet. The online store has decorative lamps and rugs. They offer bathroom vintage decor like mirror frames inspired by the retro era as well.

The Decor Kart

This is one of the best vintage home decor online shops in India. The online shop, Decor kart started in the year 2015 and has its offline store across the country. The online store specializes in vintage decor with an amalgam of modern elements to it. As the company says, it offers antique decorative items online in India. The online store has the best pieces of art inspired by the vintage era.

Urban Ladder

As the name suggests, Urban Ladder is one stop on the ladder for urban home décor. But, the online store has a vast collection of vintage furniture and decor pieces. The furniture and home décor pieces available on Urban Ladder are perfect for the modern home. From contemporary home décor choices to minimalist furniture, the online store has it all.

Home Center

Home Center is one of the antique home decor online shops in India. It has an impressive collection of modern, contemporary, and vintage home decor and furniture. It is one of the best online stores if you want to shop for vintage home décor. This online store will help you to give your home the desired look.

Each piece available on Home Center Online Store has the best quality. And the nature of Indian homes inspires their designs. From vintage wooden lamps to trendy pieces of art, you can suffice your vintage theme from here.


Engrave is a one-of-a-kind online store for vintage home décor. The online store has an exceptional collection of artifacts and arts for home décor. These are inspired from the yesteryears. The furniture and home items available for home décor are unique and have a vintage touch.

What sets them apart is the fact that they get curated specially by famous home artists from across the world. Each product is quality-driven. Your taste and preference inspire the nature of the product.

Final Words:

Your place is the reflection of your personality. There are many websites that have an extensive collection of home décor ranging from different eras. They boast a collection of vintage artifacts curated by specialized artisans. From Vintage to modern, you are free to choose from all types of home décor at an impressive price tag. If you’re looking for something unique and long-since-forgotten by many (ahem, a 1960’s voltmeter or medicine bottles from the early 1900s), this is the upcycled vintage home decor for you.

Creating a sustainable home is a task, but is also a lot of fun.

After filling your home with beautiful sustainable sofas, eco-friendly rugs, and ethical furniture, you can add the finishing touches. 

And it seems a good idea if you can do it with items that have a story to tell.

By supporting these brands you fill your living areas with unique items that are far more special than anything we could find at an offline store. 

These websites or online vintage stores have the best of the décor pieces. The yester years inspired their work by reflecting beautiful stories of the past.

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