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10+ creative renovation and design tips for a more cosy bedroom

Numerous factors can contribute to stress, including a cosy bedroom. It could be work, rising commodity prices, or relationship misunderstandings — nothing that a little bedroom alone time can’t fix. That’s why you must maintain a calming and comfortable bedroom where you can relax and de-stress.

Spending time alone allows you to clear your mind and focus on yourself. Sometimes all you need is a familiar place where you can feel warmth and comfort: your bed. Fortunately, you can always decide to renovate! Here are some bedroom makeover ideas where you can channel your inner creativity and achieve a cosy bedroom. 

Alone with nature

If your bedroom is on the ground floor, you can always opt for a glass patio or bifold door in exchange for your windows. Aside from bringing natural light into your bedroom, you can easily open your door and enjoy the relaxing ambiance your backyard greenery or patio can offer.

You can purchase furniture that best suits the existing design of your room. You can elevate with creative bay window seat ideas and designs if you’re on a higher floor. For privacy, choose a flexible and durable treatment like blinds.

Do you know that interior design has an impact on mental health? Using glass for room upgrades will help your bedroom space look spacious. If you’re running out of ideas, know that clean spaces help to stimulate creativity. It can also reduce anxiety.

Your room can also be an area where you can meditate, offer a prayer, work from home, or do yoga. Invest in a small table and a relaxing chair where you can read and write in your journal. Writing can be relaxing. It’s also a great way to understand yourself better.

If you want to know how much these ideas will cost, reach out to a draftsman near you. 

Different colour palette

Colours have different meanings and effects on people. A warm or bright room with red, orange or yellow paint can energise a space. Meanwhile, blue, purple, green, and greys exude serenity and relaxation.

The goal of your makeover is to maintain a cosy space. You need soothing and non-distracting colours to freshen up your bedroom. You can also stick with natural tones if you want. If you wish to have warm colours for your room, consider muted shades like pale red or orange.

Look for superb paint brands to help you achieve the colour you want for your room.

If you’re emotionally vulnerable, you can have pale orange, which is associated with emotional strength. Avoid too many metallic colours as they are harsh and overwhelming.

Colours can evoke emotions; that’s why it’s always essential to play with colours accordingly.

Warm lighting

warm light room

It’s important to provide general lighting. However, it’s also crucial to pick what colour temperature is perfect for your room’s desired mood.

If your room is already painted white, warm white light can give it a soft, welcoming feel. Additionally, you can’t always light a candle for safety reasons if you want a candle-lit atmosphere. Warm white is the best colour temperature option because it also closely resembles light from one.

You can also use a dimmer to control the light at different times of the day. This way, you can manage what and how much light matches your mood and emotions.

Furthermore, table lamps can grace your nightstand, which can serve a real purpose along with accent lighting. Make sure it’s accessible so you can reach out to it when you need it and when you don’t.

Destress = declutter

Free up space as much as you can. The things you don’t need anymore don’t deserve room in your bedroom.

Categorize your things by the frequency of use: the essentials, the occasional ones, the luxury and the high-end. If it’s the latter, ensure that they are stored accordingly. You don’t want your fancy clothes and bags to lose their quality.

You can opt for a custom-made cabinet, or you can always choose to renovate your wardrobe. Avoid exposing your clothes and other things to the sun to prevent them from wearing out.

To effectively ease the tension and stress you’re going through, clean your space thoroughly. Having a clutter-free home relieves a cluttered mind. After all, studies show that cleaning can also be a calming activity.

Indulge your senses

The beach is a go-to place to relieve stress. You use all your senses to receive the sublimity of the beach — the beautiful waves it’s making, the sound from its gentle to harsh ripples, the scent of the salty ocean breeze, and the feel of the wind through your skin.

For a more effective and relaxing personal space, wallow in your senses and evoke your:

  • Sense of feeling: Pick soft, lush, quality linens, comforters, and pillows. It’s a room where you go to sleep after a hard day’s work; that’s why it’s right to pick the best stuff for your bed.

If you’re opting for bifold doors or glass windows, make sure they are double-glazed to keep your room insulated. Hiring a draftsman can help you achieve the result you need for your project.

Proper ventilation keeps the room fresh and warm. With an improper air flow, you can compromise your breathing which is unhealthy for your lungs. 

  • Sense of smell: You may want scented candles or aromatherapy oil diffusers. Both are on the expensive side but are relaxing, especially if they contain chamomile, lavender, or citrus scents.

As previously said, you can’t always light a candle and leave it burning. A candle warmer, however, is something you can buy. The wax is melted, and the fragrance is spread throughout the area. Additionally, it doesn’t burn the wick or create soot. If lit, it can also make your candle last longer than usual.

  • Sense of sight: More than the practicality of candle warmers, it can also be aesthetic. You can choose candle warmer designs that can be a statement piece for your room. Because of its light, it can also serve as a lamp for your bedroom.

Feng shui healing

bedroom paint

Feng shui can heal you and your house from negative energy. It aims to harmonise the space and give everyone a positive and welcoming feeling living and entering it. You can achieve this by adhering even to the basic feng shui principles.

Aside from incorporating excellent lighting and colour into your room, you may also want to include the wood element. Wood represents growth and health. Since it also means abundance and prosperity, it’s typically an image of new life and new explorations.

Meanwhile, an indoor plant is a plus. It can improve air quality and contain wood elements which can also grow. However, make sure that they are appropriately taken care of. Avoid cactus and opt for softly curved leaves like those found on bonsai plants. Such can help you obtain positivity and love.

Chic sanctuary

You can’t always relax by yourself, of course. You may prefer a four-poster bed if you live with a spouse or a partner. It might feature romantic curtains that you could draw at night for a bit of snuggle.

Achieve your renovation goals

Every day is a constant and tough battle we have to face. It’s also a reminder that we are alive. In that case, it wouldn’t hurt to have a haven where you can recharge and prepare for another tomorrow.

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Content partner at Superdraft, a project coordination platform enabling customers and industry professionals to plan, design, and build dream projects.

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