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The Best Content Writing Tools You Can Use

Nowadays, people like to read new and creative content every day that offers a solution to their queries, share interesting stories, give new perspectives to various situations, enhance their knowledge, and much more. So, often marketers, content writers keep on looking for new ideas and content writing to attract new readers and customers.

However, content alone is not enough, it doesn’t matter how valuable content you have, if your information is not understandable or presented in the right form, your hard work will go to waste. So, as a content writer or marketer, what can you do to make your content quality better and attract new customers? Use effective and useful content writing tools, these tools can help you make your content look aligned, balanced, and well-structured to be presented in front of website visitors.

Do you want to know the best tools for content writing? Let’s find out:

1. Scrivener

Scrivener is paid content writing that can help you organize long pieces of content. If you are working on writing content such as research papers, notes. The main purpose or use of Scrivener is to organize lengthy content. You don’t need to waste your time by moving back and forth to organize your content for proper format and structure. It can be an alternative for your word processor.

2. Storyist

Storyist is a tool aimed at novelists; you can buy it for both ios and android. Unlike Scrivener, it provides an interface to plan and organize your content. The tool is useful for novelists, and templates and pre-organized formats are installed for manuscripts and other writing types. A good-quality web content writing company in India can provide you with content structured, organized, and optimized with the latest content writing tools.

3. Grammarly

One of the popular and efficient tools to make your content writing error-free. They can easily point out your grammatical, Spellings, sentence structure errors. They offer both free and paid versions, the free version has limited features to edit documents while the paid version can offer features like tone, sentence structure, synonyms, etc. Moreover, their paid versions have multi-user ability.

4. HubSpot’s idea generator for the blog

Often writers come across writer’s block where they fail to come up with new and innovative ideas. The idea generator tool can be useful to generate new blog ideas every few weeks or whenever you feel issues generating fresh content. It helps you generate ideas according to your niche by asking for 3 keywords or nouns related to your niche. It’s a great way to keep your productivity high.

5. Thesaurus

Thesaurus is a perfect tool for anyone looking to upgrade their language skills. Often content writers have to use a word multiple times in a blog or article, which looks sloppy. You can give a fresh and new look to writing without changing the meaning of content with synonyms.

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Thesaurus is a perfect tool that offers a wide range of synonyms and antonyms for words. These guides and tools come in handy when you are providing long content or for improving the quality of your content. The web content writing company in India uses tools like thesaurus to provide distinctive and useful content.

6. Plagiarism checker

plagiarism is something that can downgrade your content writing. To develop new original and updated content for your clients, you need to make sure your document does not contain plagiarism. These tools are useful to check plagiarism and make your content original and distinctive.

7. Read-o-meter

Content length is a crucial factor that can make or break the user experience. Too lengthy content will bore readers, and too short content will make them feel unsatisfied with information. Your content should be enough to keep your customers engaged on the platform. But how can you check how much time the reader will take to read your content? Read-o-meter is the tool that can help you determine the time taken by the reader to read your content. You can edit your content based on time complexity.

8. The Hoth

Feel frustrated when you are not able to generate a headline for content? Well! Hoth can help. It’s a headline generator tool to help you come up with creative headlines. All you need is your content idea, the problem you are solving for your customers, or what you want to offer your customer through content writing and tools that will generate possible headlines for the content. It is a great way to attract customer attention through headlines.

9. Keyword generator

SEO basics are necessary for effective content writing, and keywords are a crucial factor. You require a keyword generator that can help you find new keywords related to your content to optimize according to SEO and search engines. Some of the best tools you can use are Google trends, Semrush, keyword tools, etc. They can instantly provide you with popular keywords and their search volume.

In the present people love to read unique and creative content, so writers, marketers, bloggers, and copywriters are constantly focusing on creating content that actually provides value to the readers. It is important for writers to create high-quality, engaging content that people will love to read and share. For this, you can use content writing tools.

Final Thoughts

The tools can explore the world for you and help you write well-researched, easy-to-understand, grammatically correct, and interesting content. Tools can improve your writing, help you to coherent content without grammatical or structural errors.

They are also responsible for increasing readability, by using tools you can write content that your audience enjoys and finds engaging. The tools find fresh content ideas because they easily find trending topics that interest your audience. It ensures you have fresh content ideas and content that resonates with your audience. It can also create exceptional visuals by which you discover visuals that resonate with your audience.


You get insights into what colors to use, what hashtags to accompany the images, what themes, keywords, etc. Your team stays focused on producing quality content and not on proofreading and creating visuals. Your audience can also enjoy consistent content that solves their problems while keeping them engaged.

You don’t need to switch windows or copy-paste lengthy content to use the tool. Just connect your content document to the tool, type your target keyword, and watch your progress in a nifty pane on the side. The tool generates a Content Score for each piece that you type, which helps you assess your content quality instantly.

If you choose to go with its Premium version, it will check your content for additional writing issues. Some of these issues include your word choice, missing prepositions, and wordy sentences. You will also get access to its plagiarism checker and human proofreading options. In its latest update, it can give you insights into the tone of your emails as well. This makes it a great tool to include in your email marketing strategy.

To wrap up

Content writing tools can provide support to your writing by reducing the chances of errors, mistakes. These tools make your content quality better and more efficient for clients and customers. The best content writing services in India uses effective content writing tools to offer the best and error-free content.


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