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The Best Pocket Knife Is The Ultimate Tool To Have

There is no doubt in the fact that since the beginning of time, the smartest invention has been knives. They enabled early men to hunt and sustain themselves and centuries later they are still just as important. Not a single household you will ever be in can survive without a good knife. And given the multi-purpose nature of blades, they are used everywhere for everything. Thanks to the advancement of technology, the simple blade has now been turned into handy tools for you. You can take care of all kinds of tasks with the best pocket knife that’s easy to carry and multipurpose.

They were initially designed for the military so soldiers could carry them wherever they went. After their success as tools, they were also made for the public and have been used ever since.

The Uniqueness Of The Pocket Knife

Out of the many reasons one can think of, there are several that would suggest the success of pocket knives. Even though they might seem like shorter, normal blades now, their technology has improved.

Where normally you would have a single blade that would be used indoors, your convenience was increased. The size of the best pocket knife allows you to take it where you like without any worries. You can use them a million different ways and they will prove helpful. Unlike other blades that are bigger and harder to use, a pocket blade is also the safest to carry.

Types of Pocket Knives and Their Uses

If you are a knife enthusiast, you probably already own a couple of pocket knives. But if you haven’t had the chance to use them yet, maybe these options will inspire you to give it a go. Here is a list of all the amazing kinds of knives you can get and what they can do for you.

Self Defense Knives

  • If you are in danger, the first thing you should look for in a blade. Many people are not comfortable toting guns so they’d rather have something old school.  An assisted opening pocket knife is the best weapon to carry on you all the time. It has a spring mechanism in it that allows you to open it with one hand if you’re restricted.
  • One of the best blades you can get for self-defense is the folding karambit. It is an Indonesian curved blade that enables you to tackle anyone who might try to harm you. The best thing is that it has a comfortable grip and is equally effective against wild animals as well.

Tactical Knives

  • Other than self-defense the primary purpose of knives is to aid in emergencies. You will definitely see the first aid responders always carrying tactical knives. They’re light to carry and can be used instantly when needed without preparation. A firefighter knife, for example, is designed to break the glass and comes with an LED light.
  • The other original and prevalent use of the humble yet handy pocket knife is in the army. Even now, with advanced weapons, a military pocket knife is a soldier’s best friend. There are small helpful tools added to each knife-like utensils, serrated edges, and parcel carriers.
  • One of the recent uses for knives is survival training in the great unpredictable wilderness. When you are on your own with limited resources in the wild, a good knife is a bloodline. Tactical knives are specially made to have more durable blades and built-in tools. You can find pocket knives that have fire-starters, serrated and hooked edges for sustenance. You can hunt; build fires and stay warm in the great outdoors without a care.

Looking For The Perfect Pocket Knives For Sale

If you are convinced of the utility of pocket knives and want to buy one, look for the best one to get. There are plenty of options for you in stores and weapon shops. But if you can’t find what you’re looking for, maybe this list will interest you.

  • For the regular cutting and slicing, you can go for the Drop-point Mtech 8.25 Inch Folding Knife. It is a good knife to have on you for the daily chores that won’t weigh you down.
  • As a first responder, you need the best blade to aid people in your job every day. The fast-action Mtech Rescue Spring Assisted Knife is the one to beat for emergencies. It has a serrated blade as a seatbelt cutter and a glass breaker built-in.
  • If it is all-rounding convenience you are looking for, you can’t go wrong with Mtech Tactical Knife with Bottle Opener. In addition to this tool, you get a hex wrench, screwdriver, belt cutter, and glass breaker in one blade. Use it in emergencies or in your daily life, it can be the best tiny toolbox you will ever have.

Cheap Pocket Knives By Knife Import

If there is one source you can rely on for cool pocket knives on a budget, it’s Knife Import. If you like the options in the top list, they are all from their online page. You can browse for your choice of blades from spring-assisted knives to manual-folding. You can rest assured that whatever you choose will be affordable and high-quality. The extent of choices and the unmatched prices is what makes Knife Import the best source for cheap knives. Explore the store and find the blade that suits you today.

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