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The Best Restaurant Management Software in 2021 and the Features You Need

The Food & Beverage industry is a constantly evolving playing field. Practices that were acceptable just a few years ago are quickly becoming phased out in favor of faster and more efficient methods of operation.

One aspect of restaurant operation that has seen the most change is that of restaurant management software. Every day new systems pop up that are able to do certain tasks in a fraction of the time and with more precision than what was previously achievable.

Restaurant management software, when done the right way, is a sure-fire way to ensure a restaurant’s success.

Whether it be by choosing the best POS system or even an inventory management software India that saves you hours of headache, restaurant management software is something that shouldn’t be skimped out on at your restaurant.

Point of Sale System (POS)

In the past, a good POS system was inexpensive, easy to use, and had one primary function – processing sales and transactions.

Nowadays, Restaurant POS Software is one the most powerful forms of restaurant management software a restaurant can have at its disposal.

Modern POS systems act as a computer/cash register hybrid, with the ability to process credit card payments, print receipts, display information on a user-friendly screen and operate as a service station.

With advancements in technology, formerly bulky tabletop POS systems are moving towards tablets such as iPads for increased portability.

Features you need from your POS system are:

  • Ability to calculate cash for each order entered throughout the day
  • Make note of cash in and cash out
  • Create sales reports for various periods of time
  • Record payment methods of each guest
  • Calculate payroll data
  • Record check averages daily
  • Keep track of sales metrics
  • Record and store information on recurring customers

Each POS system is different from the other based on the software, applications, and hardware.

When looking for a new POS system for your restaurant, make sure to do sufficient research based on the restaurant’s wants and needs. Keep in mind most POS companies will allow you to try the system out for free before purchasing.

A few things to consider when choosing a POS system:

  • Ease of use: A POS system that requires extensive training might not be the right one for you. This will lead to frustration from not only the employees but also customers who are left waiting for certain transactions to process.
  • Price and quality: Make sure you know your business inside and out before purchasing a POS system. A modern system can be very costly and hence it should be able to handle your business volume and individual restaurant specifications to make it a worthwhile purchase.
  • Necessary components: In addition to purchasing the software itself, do not forget to get the necessary hardware components. These include parts such as the screen monitor and any portable terminal that is linked to the main unit.
  • Data tracking: Your POS system should contain all the programs required for not only the front-of-house calculations but everything related to the back of houses such as inventory reports and financial tracking.

The most effective POS systems to be in 2021

Harbortouch: Provides POS hardware and software with no initial cost and free installation. Price: $89 per month, per terminal.

micros developed by Oracle: Leader in restaurant POS systems worldwide. Cost: Set up cost starting at $5,000.

squares is Easy to set up and market and social media-friendly. Pricing: $169 for hardware and 2.75 percent per transaction.

Revel Simple to navigate interface with built-in loyalty along with gift cards programs. Pricing: Around $139/month depending on the size of the restaurant.

Restaurant Reservation Software/Table Management System

For restaurants that take reservations, changing from the pen and paper method of booking reservations to an online reservation system for restaurants can make a significant impact.

The use of software to book restaurant reservations is not just a way to make your day-to-day process much easier, but it can also provide a more enjoyable customer experience for your customers.

Instead of answering phones and entering manually entered details, customers can enter their personal details via the interface of a website, mobile app, or web widget.

A well-designed restaurant reservation system is also one that has a simple Table Management System.

Restaurants can receive reservations through a variety of channels. It also allows restaurants to see their restaurant hours by an hour.

Effective Features of a reliable restaurant reservation system

  • Reduce no-shows with customized reminding messages (SMS updates or push notifications with time-sensitive dates)
  • It is easy to make reservations on the internet
  • Control inventory more effectively
  • Automatization of restaurants to increase efficiency
  • Determine the amount of stock required in the coming days.
  • It allows you to assign the tables to a specific number for reservations, thereby preventing overbooking
  • The guest’s information is stored to enable further marketing activities, like notifications, emails, or certain occasions (birthdays and the anniversary of anniversaries)

When you are choosing a reservation method to book your dining establishment, be sure you choose one that meets your everyday requirements.

A reliable system should be user-friendly and doesn’t need hours of training to learn. It must also be scalable and not be limited to the current needs of the restaurant, but also the future demands.

It’s better when all information about restaurants is saved in the cloud instead of in the system itself for a better user experience.

Best Restaurant Reservation and Table Management Systems in 2021

Eat Application: Complete front-of-house table management system that works on tablets, the internet and mobile devices of all kinds. Pricing:$119 per month for unlimited gadgets per establishment.

Food Costing Software

For a restaurant owner, The primary goal is to guarantee profitability. When it comes to restaurants, the principal source of revenue is the food itself. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the cost of food for every menu item.

Food costing software simplifies all processes by automating the entire calculation. Reliable software for costing food will allow you to maintain your inventory, in addition to providing precise analytics for every food item.

Essential features to have from your software to calculate the cost of food

  • Learn the profit margins of each dish in order to evaluate the level of profitability
  • Use the money-making dishes to create the demand
  • Considers the cost of labor and fixed costs into account
  • It allows you to play around with different prices for maximum profit

Best Food Costing Software in 2021

FoodCo fully integrates with your accounting software. Easy to use controls facilitate use. Price: Starting at $4,000.

CostBrain Costing of food in real-time allows users to instantly scan invoices. Cost: From $0-$40 depending on the plan.

Alternately, download this no-cost spreadsheet of food cost calculator Excel.

Inventory Management Software

An efficient inventory management system will give restaurant managers a crystal clear view of the present situation of their stock.

This means that there is no need for periodic inspections of inventory Which in turn decreases the amount of human error that is involved.

By using software to automate processes, restaurant owners can have more time to concentrate on their business rather than doing mundane tasks. They also can be assured of the correct stocks at the right moment.

Inventory management software that you must-have features

  • Increases accuracy in inventory order (Never under or overstock)
  • Help to keep the business in order
  • It saves time by automating the inventory process.
  • Reduces costs by providing insights into what products are gaining traction and which ones aren’t
  • It is possible to integrate with POS and accounting software.

When selecting an inventory management system it is crucial to have a budget in place since some options can be extremely costly, yet not necessary for the size of your restaurant.

It is also important to be aware of the challenges that you will face in your restaurant before you make a final decision.


Ankit Dhamsaniya is Software Analyst and Writer with good experience in various genres of blog writing in various industries under the several topics. Who loves to write on the latest Software technologies and their impact on businesses.

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