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The Five Best Minecraft-like Games for Android and iOS

Despite the fact that Minecraft is a masterpiece of the gaming industry, spending too much time in the same game can tire you out. Fortunately, there are several other interesting sandboxes with crafting and building mechanics.

The Escapists 2

The Escapists 2 is a fun pixelated prison escape simulator. In the game, you will find a wide variety of templates: a prison-fortress, a prison on an island, a prison train, etc. You need to explore the data of unique locations in order to find a way to get out: in some places, it is most convenient to get out through the ventilation, while in others, for example, to dig an underground tunnel. You can also create the items you need to escape with the help of available tools. You have to follow the prison schedule, hide prohibited items, and complete other duties.

Mines of Mars

A cosmic indie sandbox in which you’ll explore an alternate Mars that is inhabited by various life forms. This is a dynamic world with a change of day and night, which is very interesting to investigate. You will have a wide variety of weapons at your disposal that you can use against many enemies that will come your way. You will also be impressed by the plot of this game, during which you will learn many secrets and a developed system for pumping the character.


Realmcraft is a great replacement for Minecraft for those players who, for some reason, cannot purchase the original. Realmcraft is free to play and offers the best features of the famous sandbox: challenging survival mode, a creative mode in which you can give free rein to your imagination, and a World mode (beta multiplayer)that will allow you to build together with your friends. In addition, funny mini-games are waiting for you here, in which you can chat, communicate with other players in real-time. Several mini-games are now available: egg wars, bed wars, and snow fights.

Don’t Starve

A survival sandbox with a dark, Tim Burton-inspired feel. Unlike Minecraft, there is no free-build creative mode, but survival is really challenging here. For the sake of survival, you will need to get food, create the necessary items, and make a fire in time before nightfall so as not to become bait for the undead. At the same time, unpleasant surprises lie in wait for you at every step, such as aggressive creatures, inedible mushrooms, etc. To get out of here, you need to unravel all the secrets of this eerie world and magic.


Terraria is mechanically very similar to Minecraft, but in a retro platforming style. In the 2D world of Terraria, there are not so many opportunities for creating impressive architecture in Minecraft, since you can create one wall, but you can make the interior of your home truly cozy with more than 3500 crafting items. There is also a wider range of interaction with NPCs: if there are free rooms, you can settle them at home. You also have to fight a wide variety of weapons and a variety of mobs.

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