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The key Factor Of PMS Software on The Ship

A planned maintenance system (PMS) enables the entire crew and ship owners to plan, perform, and record vessel maintenance at regular intervals with respect to the manufacturer’s requirements. The goal is to make certain safe and trustworthy vessel operations depend upon the types of vessels in operation, size, and knottiness of the shipping company. A logistic approach to maintenance with a total database of fittings, machinery, and equipment is mandatory. This maintenance is strictly based on risk assessment.  


As stated in the International Safety Management Code (ISM), a planned maintenance system is the necessity of a ship. A productive planned maintenance system helps to acquire environmental objectives and safety as per in ISM code. Along with that, it is also an optimization of management and investment in the security of the assets. Maintenance Management System (ship PMS) is useful in both unplanned and planned maintenance, data management, managing job schedules, documents, defect reporting, and technical assets. 


A planned maintenance system (PMS) on ships can be beneficial in overseeing vessel equipment using a fleet CMMS helps to ensure your vessels are well utilized, reducing downtime. Save time by utilizing the powerful workflow capabilities of the system. Helps in achieving charter rates for well-maintained vessels, avoid expenses of replacing the crashed equipment. Avoid expenses caused for crew travel to replace failed equipment onboard the ship. Moreover, a PMS can save expenses for hiring an additional workman at the office for paper works. 


Features of a ship PMS software:


– Maintain a complete view of spares, procedures, inventory, job schedules, and vessel equipment.

– Organize and retain maintenance data of vessels in an organized manner using the PMS software for ships

– Gain capabilities to monitor KPIs and perform data analytics.

– Get access to maintenance data from onboard at the office.

– Automatic data synchronization between shore and ship helps in error-free replication of images and data on either side.

– Manage defect list and breakdown jobs

– Automatically create and assign maintenance tasks based on predetermined rules and intervals.

– Enable the cost savings through the fleet CMMS and keep an overview of circulatory components that move in the middle of vessels.

– Users can create customized dashboards. 

– Perform risk assessments digitally before risky jobs.

– Define and distribute jobs.

– Enable automatic alerts for due jobs.


Since maintenance onboard ships are often a fundamental requirement, Prime Marine has put forward Marine PMS for ships an effective web-based solution for vessel fleet management. Prime Marine Planned Maintenance System allows companies to plan, manage, and track the maintenance on board their ships. The system also possesses offline capabilities for the vessel. It supports better decision-making by providing necessary information at an apt time. Through the Prime Marine Maintenance Management System, the equipment database, job schedules, documents, and much more related to vessels are methodologically managed. The system comprehensively covers the categories of condition-based maintenance, planned maintenance, corrective maintenance, and preventive maintenance. Attain user-friendly software with bare minimum time consuming and no training required to capture maintenance data onboard the ships. 

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