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Why you should register more than one domain name?

The online space is crowded with online spaces because of the wide variety of opportunities that it offers. Now, people can manage their online presence through social media as well. However, if you are setting up your business, you need a good reliable website that complies with your business theme, branding strategy, and aspiring goals. For this, you would have to register a domain, buy hosting some hosting plan, and hire a web design and development experts to make it functional and responsive. Sounds too easy?

Well, it is not. Once you have decided to buy a cheap domain name, there is much more to that. However, we are just addressing why you should go for more than one domain instead of just one.

Well, everyone thinks that their brand is unique. However, mostly it is the other way round. Due to COVID-19, there has been a rapid upsurge of online websites. Therefore, there is hardly a decent name that is not yet taken. The choice of web hosting & domain is the most basic yet tricky part of the website design. There are various factors a person should take care of when thinking of a domain name. The domain name must be simple, short, SEO optimized, and should not contain any hyphens or double letters, etc. However, if you are a large-sized company or yearns to be one, only a domain name registration won’t be enough. Here, I will tell you why.

Typos and loss of traffic

To err is human, but no business ever wants to lose on a single bit. The risk of typos is even more if your domain comprises any complex or unique words. This may result in loss of the prospective traffic that would stay there in the internet void. Moreover, it can be even worse if your prospective organic traffic lands on the pages of your competitors, a complete disaster. For example, you may or may not have observed that whether you type Gooogle .com, Googel .com, or Gogle .com, you always land on the homepage of Google .com. This is only because Google has registered all the common typing error domains for their website. Well, this is what we recommend for you too.

The only way to grab your organic traffic back is to register for more than one domain name. It seems tiring to find out all the possible typos, but the Google search console makes it much easier for you. For this, you have to log into the google search console account. Next, get into the website property and click performance in the menu on the left hand. A dashboard will pop up showing the impressions, and right below the graph, click “queries.” Now you can see the terms people have used to get to your website.

Undoubtedly, mistyping is so common in this age of hurry, but it costs the website much more than just a little mistake. Well, thankfully, you can now grab that traffic back from falling into the hands of your competitors.

Brand protection

Registering more domains rather than one plays a huge role in protecting and strengthening a brand. In the business market, you are always prone to brand copycats. Therefore, it is most likely that your business competitors introduce sound alike or look like brand names. As a result, your prospective consumers will be confused with the name and may drive your potential traffic away from you. So, it will be smart to use any Free Domain Name Checker to find and register a domain for the potential copycat domain names.

Furthermore, if you plan to rebrand at some point in your business journey, registering more than one domain is a smart choice. You can register domains for the new brand and direct the traffic to the older website. Hence, you can improvise and rebrand without losing loyal customers. Or else, you may have to encounter cybersquatting that refers to buying domain name variations of your business. However, when you contact them for the domain, they will sell you at sky-high rates.

Business Expansion

No person in business foresees to stay at the same point for years. Growth is vital to business existence. Hence, registering multiple domains for your company can also cater to your business’s expanding branches. For example, if you are expanding your local business internationally, you would like to go for other country-specific domain extensions other than the cheap .com domain. Besides, you might also like to try on the new gTLDs.

Undoubtedly, acquiring the .com domain is a wise and the best decision. However, registering for a niche-specific TLD may open up new doors to opportunities. For example, annephotography .com is cool but registering for annephotography .art can drive the users to look for products that you offer specifically. Hence, you can leverage the benefits of business niche-specific TLDs.

Boosting SEO of business website

Along with the other benefits, buying more than one domain also help you gain SEO benefits. Certainly, it improves your website’s ranking on the search engine results page. However, to leverage the SEO benefits, you must redirect the other multiple domains to the main webpage, the 301 redirects.

Only with the 301 redirects, the search engines will index your website better. Furthermore, it must be clarified that Google does not penalize registering multiple domains. Undoubtedly, it costs more than buying one single domain. However, it is an easy method to benefit from various business growth opportunities.

Is it necessary?

It may be beneficial in many ways. However, it also poses some drawbacks as well. Undoubtedly, acquiring domains helps with SEO rankings and brand protection, but it also brings up the following main concerns.


No domain comes for free, and you have to buy it. Hence, acquiring several domains will certainly cost you much more than one single domain. Certainly, a beginner cannot afford to go for premium practices that cost up to a thousand dollars per year. A beginner cannot afford so much just for its domain protection. However, it may be the right thing to do once the business is well-established.

Low-Quality Links

More than one domain names are an asset. However, it may prove to be a liability as well. As mentioned earlier, redirecting other domains to the main website is vital to utilize the SEO advantage. However, redirecting to the main domain also pass the links associated with the other domain to the main domain. These links may be spam or may hurt your main website in some way. Consequently, it may work otherwise and affect your main website’s ranking. To avoid such issues, you can use Google search console or Bing webmaster to disavow the low-quality links associated with the domains. Moreover, if you take multiple domains too seriously, it may also end up worse. For example, if you redirect more than 40-50 domains, search engines are most likely to spot it as spam.

Lastly, no doubt, registering more than one domain is beneficial for your website and business. However, it is not mandatory for setting up a business. You can carry on with your primary domain if you don’t foresee any threats from business copycats and cybersquatting. Or else, you can postpone the idea until you get a bit more established.

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