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The Story of Blogger Brajesh Kumar Singh Will Inspire you to make Bold Decisions while Putting the Best Efforts in Your Business

They say that if you are willing and courageous to work hard, you can and you will fulfill all your dreams at any cost. That is what Brajesh Kumar Singh has done while chasing his dreams of becoming a successful tech blogger and entrepreneur. Coming from a small town in Bihar, life has been troublesome for Brajesh. But due to his positive mindset and courageous attitude, he was able to become what he aspires to be a few years ago. He took the best possible advantage from the tiniest opportunities in various stages of his life. Let us have a closer look at how he transformed himself into becoming a successful entrepreneur:

Born in a small village of Chakrajali in Bihar, Brajesh comes from an average Indian family with not-a-very-sound financial background. During his early days, he sells vegetables with his father and assists in a family general store. However, coming from such a background, Brajesh never missed a chance to take the best opportunity in his life. He never took things for granted. Instead, Brajesh chose a bright and evolving career for his future. But that would not be possible without sheer hard work.

Although good in academics, Brajesh missed the chance of topping the Bihar Board exams by mere 15 marks. The same thing happened when he applied for the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). He failed to secure a position on the merit list. But this didn’t stop the courageous Brajesh from focusing on his dreams and moving on to his life. He took this as an opportunity to build his empire and help others through his dreams.

While attending a college in West Bengal, Brajesh got placed in Capgemini as an engineer. Apart from his regular day job, he decided to do a side hustle and launched a tech blogging website. While working in the organization, Brajesh was awarded ‘PAT on his BACK’ and ‘STAR Award’ for his excellent performances. No matter what the jobs and responsibilities, Brajesh never missed a chance to impress the superior with his extra efforts in delivering the best service.


Today, Brajesh Kumar Singh is a well-known name in the world of technology and blogging. He is renowned as a campaign strategist, blogger, and entrepreneur, having more than five years of experience in working in this domain. To date, he has worked with many renowned brands, some of which are Cadbury, Max Bupa, SKORE, etc. He also founded many reputed websites like, Feedknock, and Apna Contest.

Presently, he is working with EASi, which is a reputed company in the automotive domain. During his regular day job and week-off, he also works with other brands in promoting their business or building a strong online presence. Brajesh Kumar Singh chalked-out an inspiring path for all the youths in and across India. His success story of becoming an influential entrepreneur gives us a major lesson that one should have the courage and determination to fulfill their dreams and the rest will be history.

During these difficult times, he had to borrow money from many of his friends and relatives. When it wasn’t enough, he even applied for a student loan. But due to some reason, it wasn’t approved. Once again, life was throwing a lot on Brajesh’s shoulder but he never lost hope and decided to approach the Chief Minister of Bihar Nitish Kumar for help. Soon, the issue with the student loan is resolved, thanks to the Government of Bihar.

During the final year of college, Brajesh got placed in an MNC Capgemini as an engineer. And that’s when his career and life took a big turn. He didn’t know that his life is about to change soon. At work, he performed so well that he awarded several rewards such as ‘PAT on the BACK’ and ‘STAR Award for Best Customer Delivery.’

So he was among the top performers in the company. Due to this, managers and top-level management were very impressed by him. Through his work and behavior, it never reflected that he hails from a small village in Bihar. He has educated him to become the best version of himself.

While working full-time for the company, Brajesh felt the need to learn something else by the side. He got to know about digital marketing through the internet and decided to explore the industry deeper. The deeper he goes the more interested he starts feeling. He started noticing that this is his passion. He started writing and publishing about it. With various resources online, Brajesh educated himself on various spheres of digital marketing. Today, he is known as a reputed entrepreneur and blogger. He also reviews various tech gadgets through his knowledge.

Brajesh’s father runs a small shop in the town, but Brajesh is now making their parents proud every day. He is now the role model for hundreds and thousands of youngsters across India. He proved that if you have the consistency and hard work to achieve your dreams, then nothing can stop you from becoming a successful entrepreneur.

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