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The Top 10 Benefits of Hosted PBX Systems

As a business owner, you know that there’s nothing worse than having your phone system go down. Compared to traditional phone systems, hosted PBX systems have several benefits, especially in terms of cost reduction, flexibility, and usability. Here are 10 benefits of hosting your PBX on the cloud:

Lower cost.

Hosted PBX systems are cheaper than traditional phone systems. This is because you don’t have to buy hardware. You won’t need a dedicated IT team and you’re not paying for maintenance. In addition to these savings from not having to purchase or maintain equipment. Your company will also save money on labor costs. The cost of hiring someone who can handle the installation and configuration of a PBX system.

Better features.

Hosted PBX systems have a lot of additional features that traditional phone systems don’t. They can actually provide more features for less money than their more conventional competitors.

  • For example, if you’re looking to get your business online with an online contact manager and email marketing automation tool. Then hosted PBX systems are the way to go because they make it easier than ever before. You’ll be able to manage all your contacts in one place instead of having them scattered across different platforms like Gmail or Salesforce. And this is especially helpful if you want people from outside your company to use these tools as well.
  • The same thing goes for video conferencing software: some companies use Skype Connect (for example) while others prefer Google Hangouts. Because they offer better quality at lower costs per user each month (and no annual fees). When compared side-by-side though? It doesn’t matter which one comes out ahead because both come equipped with powerful features like screen recording capabilities. So why choose just one over another?

Simple to set up and maintain.

The hosted PBX system is a great option for businesses that want to simplify their phone system. This type of system allows users to make changes, upgrades, and maintenance in one place. In addition, there is no need to worry about upgrading or maintaining your own server or software as the hosting company will provide you with everything you need.

More Flexible.

Hosted PBX systems are flexible and can be used in any location. Additionally, they are quite portable, allowing you to carry them wherever your company takes you. You can use hosted PBX systems on any device. Not just phones or computers. And they’ll work with any company-owned phone system as well as third-party services like Google Voice.
You might be wondering what this means for employees of your small business who don’t have their own smartphones or computers at home. But still, need access to the office’s phone system when they’re not there (e.g., during lunch breaks). The answer is simple: If there’s an employee who doesn’t want or need a smartphone. It’s possible for him/her to use another person’s personal device instead.

Easy to expand.

Hosted PBX systems can be expanded easily by adding more devices to the system or adding more lines. Your gear or software may need to be upgraded. Although this is frequently a very easy and quick process. If you want to add new users to an existing hosted PBX system, that’s also a breeze. You just have to set up their accounts with the system administrator.

Never miss a call.

If you’ve ever had a customer call you and then walk away. Only to find out that their call was never picked up by your system, or if they hung up before the phone rang. Then this feature is for you. With hosted PBX systems such as Telestream’s VoiceResponse offering real-time tracking of all calls placed through an IP PBX system. It’s easy to track who actually called whom. This makes sure that no one misses out on important information. Because they weren’t able to pick up their own phone or someone else’s line rang but no one answered it.
You can also set up automatic conference calls. So that everyone on a team gets notified when there’s an important meeting coming up. No matter what time zone they’re located in.

Call metrics and real-time data recording

Call metrics and real-time data recording
With a hosted PBX system, you can:

  • See call statistics and performance information in real-time. This is a big deal if you need to make business decisions based on these numbers. It’s also useful if you’re looking to troubleshoot problems with your phone system or increase customer retention rates by providing better customer service.
  • Get an overview of all calls in your facility at any given moment (or throughout the day). This helps ensure that everyone works toward the same goal. And it saves money because there’s no need for redundant equipment. Like landlines or IP phones when using hosted PBX systems as part of an office communications solution.

More reliable than traditional systems.

Hosted PBX systems are less likely to experience downtime and can be more reliable than traditional systems. Cloud-based hosted PBXs have been around for years. But their reliability has only recently improved as cloud providers become better at providing backup power and other services.
Additionally, the majority of hosted PBX systems are cloud-based. There’s less risk of hardware failures or human error when it comes to repairs or replacements. This means your company will be able to run its business uninterrupted in times of natural disaster or other emergency situations. And if you’re using a managed service provider (MSP). You’ll also have access to 24/7 support via chat or phone call whenever needed.

Easier to organize and sort calls.

Hosted PBX systems have a feature that allows you to organize and sort calls. This is especially useful when dealing with an influx of new clients or employees. As it allows you to manage them more efficiently.
For example, if there are several people in your company who need to be contacted at once and they’re all coworkers. Then having an automated system will help organize these calls in order so that each person gets their turn without having to wait for someone else’s call first. You can also use this feature if there are multiple departments within your business that need different numbers for different purposes. Like customer service or sales representatives. By sending out emails with the appropriate number attached (and allowing recipients to unsubscribe themselves). It makes communication easier between internal teams while still providing customers with high-quality service and support if needed.

Call clarity has improved.

When you have a hosted PBX system, call clarity is improved. This is because of the following reasons:

  • No more dropped calls or interference. With an in-house system, there’s always the possibility of someone hitting a button or hitting a button on their phone. And accidentally disconnecting your line while they’re trying to make another call. A hosted PBX system doesn’t allow this kind of issue. Because it’s managed by the company itself. Any interruption will be immediately noticed by the host server. And take care of it before anything happens further down your network line (or even worse).
  • No more static noise and echoes when talking on an in-house phone system. But aren’t getting good quality sound out from others around them. Who might also be using their own phones nearby at all times throughout each day/weekend etc? In addition, there are no background noises. Like traffic or other noises coming through either which can cause distractions while speaking into live conversations. Being conducted across only one side between two parties involved in such interactions. Over time periods ranging between weeks months years decades centuries millennia millenniums centuries decades years days nights weekends holidays weekends birthdays religious holidays national holidays public holidays summer solstice winter solstice spring equinox autumn equinox vernal equinox.

Hosted PBX systems have many advantages over traditional phone systems, particularly in terms of cost savings, flexibility, and ease of use

Hosted PBX systems have many advantages over traditional phone systems, particularly in terms of cost savings, flexibility, and ease of use.

  • Cost savings: Hosted PBX systems are significantly cheaper than traditional phone systems. Because they eliminate the need for an install team or expensive hardware upgrades. In addition to being cheaper, hosting a hosted PBX system also means that you can easily add new features without having to hire more staff or spend more money on upgrades.
  • Flexibility: With a hosted PBX system you have complete control over your communications needs at any given time. And this is true even if you’re away from your office/location at a customer site. Where there are no phones available (or even if they’re broken). If one person wants to make a call outside of normal business hours. But doesn’t want their voice mailbox full when they return later (for example). Then another employee can simply dial into their voicemail remotely via a web browser. Rather than having someone come back into town just. So they could get their message through by phone.


As you can see, hosted PBX solutions are far better than conventional phone systems in many ways. They’re much less expensive to install and maintain. They offer a variety of features that make it easier to manage your business. And they’re easier to expand into new areas as needed. They also provide real-time call metrics so you know exactly what’s going on with your calls at all times.

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