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Things to do in Dubai – List of Attractions in Dubai (2020)

Things to do in Dubai – List of Attractions in Dubai (2020)

The first thing that comes to our mind when we remember Dubai. Dubai is a luxury or time-consuming luxury place. But when you came here you know it’s more than that.

Dubai is rich in vast and unexplored deserts, lush green farmlands, soaring skyscrapers, and white sand beaches and many other things. There is so much to do in Dubai that you can’t even imagine.

Steps to Avoid the Covid-19

Dubai recently updates his rules for tourist. Tourist has to obey these steps otherwise; they will not fully enjoy their special tours.

Always wearing a mask in public. Make sure your nose and mouth fully covered. Maintain social distancing in public areas.

Note: if you will not obey these rules then you will have to pay fine to the govt.

I’m going to mention Things to do in Dubai for your special vacations. Many plans are available. No matter how many days you have, I assure you that you always have to do something!

Let’s discussed some of the points Things to do in Dubai.

Desert Safari

We offer modern and unique Morning Desert Safari Dubai tours to choose from and travel to the desert to Dubai. A desert trip is a surprisingly good place for Dubai tourists and Dubai tourists planning a trip to Dubai. we offer many cheap packages for the famous Dubai desert safari for visitors to know the best way.

Most of the rest of the work done in Dubai is done in cities. The desert trip here is unlike anything else. The only way to find the Arab dunes nearby. The hunting trip allows you to discover the forgotten traditions of the Arabs living in the desert.

Desert Safari

Evening Desert Safari Dubai has nothing to offer even the intrepid souls. A dazzling trip in a 4 × 4 SUV can be described as a roller coaster ride through the desert dunes. The long red hills of the desert are the best places to reach the sand dunes. But it also happened in the Margam desert.

This charming walk takes half an hour, with some photos of the sunset falling from the beach and stopping to sail in a sand boat near the high hill. Sandboarding is a desert version of cross-country skiing.

Before sunset, the work in the desert vanished and the caravan left for the Bedouin camp. The remainder of the vacation takes place in a traditional-style desert camp. These include henna tattoos, emirate costume skirts, Falcon and ATV photo opportunities.

Dubai Water Canal

This is the most important addition to the Dubai river attractions list in recent years. The 2.7 billion AED was spent to build a 3.2 km canal that crosses the busiest part of the city. The canal also isolated Sheikh Zayed before meeting the Persian Gulf.

The coast offers running and biking routes within 12 kilometres. This place is perfect for a romantic vacation at night. However, you don’t want to go here when you are above the sun. Also, after sunset, all the promenade and the bridge over the canal were filled with light. On the other side of the Sheikh Zayed Road Bridge is a mechanical waterfall, the back of which is filled with violet light. When you go to the foot of the bridge, the waterfall uses sensors to clear the way for boats and columns.


Dubai Water Canal

The Dubai Canal has forever changed the face of Business Bay. Unlike all the other Marines, he is located in the middle of a busy city. For Dubai, this is a great opportunity to take big steps. In the next few years, the coast will grow significantly, with 80,000 square feet of space for recreation and living.

The canal looks beautiful at night. The street lamps along the canal are powered by solar panels filled with sunshine. All of these utility poles have billing and Wi-Fi stations. There are many bridges to walk on. One of them looks like the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

Dhow Cruises

The DOW cruise in Dubai is different from the DOW cruise in Marina Creek mainly because of the different and attractive views. The Dubai Marina itself offers views of the Dubai Marina Canal, Palm Island, and the New Dubai area.

Overall, the quality of Dubai Marina operators is superior to that of crack, due to the high fertility space and the cost of Dubai Marina. The boat trip to the marina is a romantic journey between the tall buildings and beautiful splendour of the ancient waters of the Marina Canal. The traditional Arabic wooden pigeon has two decks, with fresh air at the bottom and a large Alfresco cabin.

Dhow Cruises

The tall deck lets you enjoy the air and the canals illuminate people and buildings by the sea. Large windows on the lower deck provide a quiet place for guests who like a pleasant experience. During the voyage, Meals are served, starting with wine and gooey, which are served to guests onboard. Then a 5-star buffet opens for continental options.

Finally, the live performance of the Tanura Dancer illuminates the evening. Tanura dance, which began centuries ago in Egypt, is regularly performed by male dancers. Her long, colourful skirt creates amazing patterns as the dancer goes from start to finish.

Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is the tallest structure in the world and a landmark in the United Arab Emirates. From the observation deck at the top of the tower, you can see the beauty of Dubai to the fullest. As for watching Top on the 124th floor and the newly opened ‘Top Sky’ on the 148th floor, it gets a huge audience every day. The record began in 2009 with the creation of the Burj Khalifa.

Burj Khalifa

Entry fee to the observation deck depends on the selected schedule. Many visitors arrive early in the morning and at dusk, although tickets are more expensive during this time. Whether you want to see the city during the day or the night sky, you will get a 555-meter view above the ground. Those on top of the Burj Khalifa are said to set four times later than the ground. minute

The entire building is 830 meters long, almost three times longer than the Eiffel Tower. Weather permitting, its tip can be seen at a distance of 95 km.

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall, the world’s largest shopping centre, is part of a megacity in Dubai that includes the Burj Khalifa building, a hotel, the world’s largest dancing fountain, a city, and a restaurant. Interestingly, it is considered the largest asset in the world, it is the largest in the world in terms of area. China has one of the largest shopping centres in the world and the Dubai Mall is the thirteenth largest shopping centre in the world according to this data.

When I entered the Dubai Mall at first, it was as if I had entered many shopping malls that I had visited all over the world. But it doesn’t take long to realize that this is a huge building full of arts and crafts that will truly amaze you and you never know what surprise will happen around the next turn.

Dubai Mall

After all, the mall is more than 12 million square feet wide and roughly the size of 50 football fields. There is a four-story movie theatre to explore, 22 screening rooms, an ice rink, a large aquarium, and 1,200 shops/restaurants. Serious buyers can spend a whole day there. Maybe another day. On the other hand, I just need alcohol to think about it.

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