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Tips To Keep Your Rug Cleaner For Longer

One of the most prized possessions of our home is our rug. Whether you have an entire room carpeted, or you prefer to adorn only a part of the floor with a beautiful rug, you definitely wouldn’t want to leave it dirty and stained.Rug cleaning as a professional service is available all over Adelaide; you can choose trusted cleaners to get your rug looking like new again.

Professional rug cleaners have systematic steps in place that involve understanding the fabric, origin, and other details about your rug before getting into the cleaning process. Since rugs of different fabric types need different types of treatments, it is important to understand the rug.

While such a thorough treatment process is required only once or twice a year, there are many things you can do to keep your rug healthier for longer.

Here Are Some Quick Tips for Rug Care – 

  • Vacuum Often

You’ve heard this one and know that you should be doing it. Vacuuming is a great way to remove surface dust, pollen, and other tiny but unwanted particles from a rug. Use the suction option of the vacuum cleaner and remember to keep cleaning the bag, too. Vacuuming your rug, both horizontally and vertically, atleast once a week should do the job. 

  • Avoid Stains 

You’re very careful around a new rug and take utmost care not to spill food or drink on it. You even ask people to take off shoes and do the same yourself. Well, if you keep doing this even as your rug gets older, chances of preserving your precious rug are more. Pets can be trained to avoid the rug/carpet when doing their daily business.

However, if you do happen to spill something, remember – do not pour water on it as this may cause a deeper spread causing a bigger stain. 

Get a white cloth and press hard on the stained part. Only press and dab, do not wipe vigorously; this, too, can spoil the fabric and cause the stain to go deeper.

Using a spray made of 1/4th cup vinegar and 1/4th cup water, and then dabbing with a cloth helps get rid of stains as well.

Note : Refer to your rug care material, as it can give you details of the fabric, what kind of cleaning liquids to use, what to avoid, etc.

  • Rotate Rug 

If your rug has areas with heavier traffic than others, or there is furniture placed on it, remember to change the rug’s position once in a while. This ensures that only one part of the rug does not suffer wear & tear.


While day-to-day maintenance of rugs is possible as described, complete washing and cleaning on your own can be a tiring task. Moreover, there are chances of making mistakes and spoiling the rug. If you want to save yourself all the worry, then hiring professional rug cleaning services is the way to go! 

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