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Top 20 YouTubers in India to Follow in 2023

Did you have the knowledge that India is the country with the largest YouTube number in 2022? It’s not a surprise, considering that Indian YouTubers are among the most creative and talented around the globe. They always have something new and original to share, which makes it impossible to put down their pages.

It’s not just viewers that are attracted by Indian YouTubers. Brands that are both international and local are always seeking collaborations with these YouTube influencers. This is because a single YouTube advertisement or sponsored video from India could potentially reach an astounding 467 million users, which is more than 70% of the country’s internet users! Imagine the publicity and recall it could bring to your item or product.

Indian YouTubers differ in terms of content, format and even niche. Perhaps you’re a fashion or gaming brand, or gaming or tech firm, there’s an ideal match for your next influential marketing campaign. If you want to know who among the creators of content in India is creating waves in the world of influencer marketing and influencing the world, we’ve got your back.

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We’ve put together our list of the most influential YouTube influential people in India at present that you do not want to be missing out on. These influencers have the potential to revolutionize the Indian marketing business and you’ll want to be aware of these influencers!

Top YouTube Influencers in India

1. CarryMinati

The most popular YouTuber in India is none other than CarryMinati. CarryMinati also known as Ajey Nagar is an Indian comedian rapper, gamer also a popular social media user who has more than 36.8M users on YouTube. Most well-known are his videos of roasting as well as comedy skits and reaction videos.

Carry is the most subscribed account that is not a corporate Indian YouTube page. It is also the first YouTube channel in India to hit 30 million users.

2. Total Gaming

If you’re a fan of gaming and are searching for thrilling gameplay videos that feature Hindi commentary and commentary, then Total Gaming is the channel for you. The creator of the channel, Ajay, is a full Indian gamer who is a fan of different PC as well as mobile games.

He also produces videos for games, such as Minecraft, God of War as well as Horizon Zero, among others. Follow his channel and watch his gaming abilities in action as well as learn gaming tips and techniques.

3. Mr Indian Hacker

If you’re interested in engaging as well as educational videos, then go now and check out Mr Indian Hacker’s videos. His channel is filled with scientific experiments that only the most curious minds could recognize. His fanbase is referred to as the “Titanium Army,” priding themselves on “titanium in their blood.”

Mr Indian Hacker’s experiments can be generally risky However, Mr Hacker has learned how to safely conduct them. The most popular video of his was when he raced through the water on his motorbike. His video about creating the first remote-controlled car attracted an impressive 35 million viewings up to the present.

4. Amit Bhadana

Amit Bhadana (born in India) is a Hindi YouTuber of the Hindi language who’s known for his humorous videos and skits. His content is focused on the life of the people he has met and is what makes the videos accessible as well as funny. Amit’s creative flair shines through his videos, since the writer and actor in the videos himself.

If you’re looking for laughter, Amit Bhadana’s channel is the best option. Join his fans to watch hilarious skits and parodies which will surely brighten your day.

5. Technical Guruji

If you’re a fan of technology but have trouble understanding the complexities of technical terms Technical Guruji could be the right channel for you. Guruji, the channel’s host Guruji dissects tech language into plain English and helps viewers to make informed decisions regarding the newest technology that is available.

With an in-depth review of the newest smartphones and cameras, smartwatches, and many other accessories, Technical Guruji provides transparent information on the pros and cons of every item. Keep the channel up-to-date on the latest technologies and make the most informed choices when you purchase your next device.

6. Aayu and Pihu Show

Do you need a good laugh or some inspiration for your family? You should check out the Aayu and Pihu Show. This heartwarming and hilarious Indian family-friendly comedy channel is hosted by Aayu, Pihu, their mom Ruchi and dad Piyush. They produce entertaining content through participation in online challenges and games and sharing their unique adventures. But that’s not all. Ruchi and Piyush also share some of their top suggestions for living a healthy and happy family. Listen in and join the party!

7. Nisha Madhulika

India is famous for its mouth-watering food items, so there’s no reason not to also have a cooking channel included in this list of top YouTubers. Nisha Madhulika is distinct from other food-related influencers as she concentrates on vegetarian dishes that are taught in Hindi. Her goal is to bring joy and harmony to families by sharing food.

The videos she makes cover a broad variety of meals that range from vegetable balls to spinach gravy.

8. Kabita’s Kitchen

If you’re a busy mother who is looking to cook delicious meals with easily accessible ingredients and ingredients, then go to Kabita Singh’s channel on YouTube. The focus of her channel is Indian cuisine and she offers simple and delicious recipes you can prepare at home. From simple meals to six-way recipes, Kabita’s channel is a treasure trove for those who enjoy cooking.

9. Hansraj Raghuwanshi

If you’re in search of an influencer with exceptional musical talents, take a look at Hansraj Raghuwanshi. His numerous songs have been released on YouTube as well as on the music streaming platform Spotify. Hansraj Raghuwanshi is an actor, singer, composer, writer, and actor. Hansraj is well-known for his singing songs of devotion inspired by his Hindu religion. It is true that Hansraj has also released popular songs that receive hundreds of millions of viewers.

10. Dhruv Rathee

Meet Dhruv, a brilliant mind that is taking YouTube to the top of the charts. In addition to his YouTube channel, Dhruv originates from India and now lives in Germany. From politics to finance as well as social concerns, Dhruv dissects these concepts into simple words.

Through his channel, he’s been able to become the primary source for Indians looking to expand their knowledge beyond what they can learn in the classroom. Check out his videos and discover more about China’s capture, the Hiroshima bombing as well as the Webb Telescope, among others.

11. Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana

Improve your cooking skills by learning from Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. India’s own culinary genius. Through his channel on YouTube, chef Sanjeev cooks mouthwatering recipes for international and local food items. His unique approach to exotic dishes infused and Indian accents will make you want more. Be part of his seven million fans and become part of the journey he is on with his food.

12. Rohit Khatri Fitness

Find inspiration from Rohit Khatri an expert in sports science nutrition fitness instructor, fitness trainer, and creator of online content. Alongside training videos, Rohit offers online fitness training sessions and imparts his expertise on nutrition and fitness. You may recognize him from his model pictures on Instagram or from his brand new gym and restaurant he opened recently! Follow Rohit for fitness routines, food vlogs and advice on getting your body of dreams.

13. Melvin Louis

Are you looking to learn how to dance and move? Follow Melvin Louis! Melvin has been a popular Indian choreographer, dancer and influencer, with over 4.3 million subscribers on YouTube. Apart from his distinctive dancing style, Melvin earned the trust of his followers by displaying his swag in each video. In addition to showcasing his own choreographies as well as dance instruction videos, YouTube shorts, and travel vlogs as well as. He often invites other celebrities to join him as guests.

14. Rinkal Parekh

Meet Rinkal Soni who is also called Rinkal Parekh, the dazzling makeup and beauty YouTuber from India. In addition to videos on makeup, Rinkal also shares valuable information on beauty, fashion DIY projects, as well as lifestyle. Be prepared to view the videos she has made on self-care and makeup tutorials, beauty hacks skin routines, and much more!

15. Sambhavna Seth

Are you looking to get a glimpse of the day-to-day life of an Indian actor, dancer and model? Check out Sambhavna Seth’s channel on YouTube! Together with her husband Avinash Dwivedi. Sambhavna posts everyday vlogs that offer her viewers an insight into the various aspects of her life. From family holidays and medical emergency situations, she lets her followers know about everything. Don’t forget her adorable dogs, named Coco, Cherry, and Candy. So, get involved in Sambhavna’s fan club and discover how it’s been living in the world of a multi-talented celeb!

16. Trisha

Are you looking for natural solutions for common ailments? You should look no further than Indian Girl Channel! Trisha is a YouTube star with young Indian women looking for self-care advice. Her channel is packed with homemade solutions for hair growth, acne hair frizzy dry skin and more.

However, what makes Trisha apart is the fact that she shares live results in her videos so that you can observe the effectiveness of her suggestions. She also shares her top products with her viewers, including those she has tested and tried herself. So let Trisha help you through the path to radiant hair and glowing skin.

17. Guru Mann Fitness

Be fit and healthy with Guru Mann! The certified fitness expert has been born in India but now lives in America where he promotes his passion for fitness and nutrition via his channel on YouTube. The content is free, which means anyone can get their ideal body without spending a dime. Guru Mann is all about helping people shed body fat, gain strength and eat nutritious food. With a huge following in India, It’s not surprising that many people want a physique similar to his. What is it you’re still waiting on? Join the fitness revolution now!

18. Megha

Check out Perkymegs Hindi! Megha Bahuguna, also known as Perkymegs is a Youtuber and Instagram Influencer who shares her love for beauty and fashion with her fans. She has two YouTube channels the first one is in Hindi and the other is in English.

Megha’s goal is to make people feel beautiful and stylish Megha achieves this by presenting strategies and tips, putting together “how-to” videos, and posting her top product purchases. The name of her channel originates from a group with a different called “The Perkies,” which she wore when she was participating in festivals of culture. Join the Perkymegs community and improve your fashion game!

19. Be Ghent

Looking to improve your style game? Take a look at Be Ghent! Rishi Arora is the founder of this trendy YouTube channel. He considers everyone to be unique to them in their own ways. The channel focuses on offering tips and tricks on style, fashion, and grooming tips for men. If you’re in search of an outfit change or need to refresh your style, Rishi has you covered. Rishi also hosts a show named “Rishi Talks Money,” in which he offers insights into financial markets as well as mutual funds.

20. Tanya Khanijow

Do you want to leave your job in the corporate world and travel the world? It’s true, Tanya was able to do just that! She’s a traveller on her own and a creator of content from India who left her lucrative job in the year 2018 to follow her passion. The channel on YouTube is dedicated to sharing her thrilling travel adventures with her viewers. From trekking and camping to sampling different cuisines all over the world, Tanya is a lover of adventure and discovering different world cultures. In the past, she’s visited Thailand, Africa, Bhutan and many more. Don’t miss any of her tips for travelling and tales!


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