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Home Improvement

Top 4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Never Ignore Regular Water Heater Maintenance!

Are water heaters dangerous? This question is often heard and taken for granted as a myth or misconception. But remember, this is an urban truth. If you believe the studies, thousands of houses have been destroyed because of the negligence of hot water heaters and such systems. So, maintenance of all these appliances that you own is important and your hot water heater is included in the list.

The Dangers of a Faulty or Not Maintained Hot Water Heater!

Do you know why we are emphasizing so much in maintaining your water heater system? It is because if your service person will spot even a minor issue in it during this time, you’ll be notified about it. Then you just have to call Craig’s Gas & Plumbing for hot water heater repairs in Melbourne. With their 25 years of experience and immense knowledge, they’ll treat the problem spontaneously for you and relieve you from all the dangers that can happen because of these problems. And if you aren’t maintaining these heaters, read about the serious consequences:

High electricity bills

The first thing that impacts you the most is your energy efficiency. You’ll have to pay large utility bills because the heater grabs so much load from your electrical system. It may be due to the corrosion in the system or faulty parts, and even sometimes the settings go haywire. At the end of the day, you have to pay because of all these issues which could have been avoided by regular maintenance.

Bad air quality

Do you know that your gas water heater emits carbon monoxide largely when it is not maintained? Yes, this dangerous gas can always be in the air of your home if you are not maintaining the heaters properly.

The life of the equipment

Sometimes you have to lose the entire water heater system and replace it with a new one just because you skip the regular maintenance of the same. Imagine the damage you have to bear because you aren’t willing to pay a meagre amount for its cleaning and lubricating.

Exploding in your home

This is the most serious issue that can happen in your house if you aren’t maintaining your hot water heaters regularly. They can explode because of the air pressure that gets jammed inside the tank. And this air pressure gets trapped inside the system because you aren’t using it properly or if it is not maintained timely.

These are some of the very dangerous issues that you have to bear when you are not concentrating on maintaining your water heaters regularly. Apart from these, sometimes you are not even getting access to properly heated water. Well, this is the biggest inconvenience you have to bear especially in the cold months. So, no matter what happens, give some time to your heaters and let them be cleaned and lubricated timely to ensure that they benefit you for a long.

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