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Top 5 Elements of a Good Location for Your Next Apartment

When you ask someone about how they measure their success, the most important thing people usually mention is their house. Having a great shelter is a dream for most people, but the most important element is your house’s location. In other words, no matter how big or small of an apartment is, if it is in a good location, it is worth every penny. You have started with the right plan and set a budget for your home; you need to finalize where you want to buy your next apartment. If you want to invest in UAE and looking for a prime location, then there are apartments for sale in JVC that should catch your attention because they are everything you must be looking for.

Finding a good location is essential to invest some money because it will be in the center and also will always have a great market value. You might not be aware of how to find the right location or why it is utterly important to have an apartment at a prime location. The real estate industry is booming, and you want to have a home that hits the market interest. The boom is a great idea, but when it is over, then serious home buyers will come on the surface. You want your house to hold the most value even ten years from now. The main mantra people want to go after is location, location, and location.

Most people would not consider it as a primary element because they are not aware of its meaning. This article is going to discuss the top 5 factors for a good location. It is important to understand the difference between Good vs. Bad location before you even consider the factors that make a location great.

Good vs. Bad location:

The first question that pops into everyone’s mind is what is the difference between a good location and a bad location. There is a lot of difference, and the first one is accessibility and the area’s reputation. Most often, you might have heard that apartment is located in a posh area, which automatically implies the goodness of a location. However, if your new investment is in a slum, then the location is considered bad. If you keep this example in mind, you would be able to easily differentiate between a great and not-so-great area.

What makes a great location- the essential factors?

The real estate industry is taking a turn because more and more people are investing in it even after the COVID-19 outbreak. Suppose you have a home in a city that is growing industrial and economically will have more value than the ones where growth is happening at a slower rate. It is important to note that when you are buying a house, you are actually investing in a piece of land because the shape and design of a house can be changed but what you can’t change is the place of the land. Following are some factors one must consider when they are considering the location element:


A good location is a subjective element because it can have a different meaning for different people. Not everyone is looking forward to having a place that is right in the center of the city or in the best area, and some people will look for other elements as well. However, it is considered a great location if it is accessible for the main amenities of life such as supermarkets, nearest public transport systems and even the access to school and hospital.

The best part is if you have an apartment in a well-developed city, it will have more worth than an apartment in a city that is still in the developing stage. The land is considered a commodity, but if it does not have room for expansion in that case, the value of your apartment will be more as the demand is high.


Another important factor in the location aspect is how positive and safe your neighborhood is. Like it or not but it is essential to have a positive and secure area as there is nothing worse than a bad influence for you and your family. Also, the neighborhood reputation will determine the value of your house. It is a person’s choice on the type of neighborhood you like, but you want to ensure that it does not have any criminal activities going on and is easy to access for day-to-day life.

The landscape and presence of nature will enhance the overall positivity. Also, the presence of community space will increase the friendliness of the community members.


A location is referred to as great if it has the best amenities just within walking distance. Schools and hospitals are among the most important aspects to consider because children do need to go to school, and people can get sick, so a nearby hospital is crucial. Even if you do not have kids, but still for renting out your apartment, it is important to consider the needs of any composed family. You do not want to travel to a bigger city for the tiniest of needs, so having basic needs in the nearby places is a plus point of a good location.

Access to grocery stores, public transport, and parks also makes a location great. If you do not have such elements in the property you are investing, then you need to reconsider your decision.


Do not just look at the present amenities and location value, but it is important to consider the future of the place as well. What the location has stored for future schools, hospitals, community centers, shopping malls, and even the transportation routes. The more developed your selected investment area will be, the more valuable your apartment and house will have.

Also, it is important to know how developed the overall city will be in a decade from now because people want to live in an area where they can live a great life with better opportunities, so invest in something that has potential.

Pick the best location:

No matter how much money you have or how much knowledge you have of real estate, if you are not aware of the difference between a good location and a bad location, you have failed yourself in the investment sector. You need to literally consider the actual location of your apartment and how much value it has financially and developmentally in the market. Suppose you are looking forward to investing in a rapidly developing place. In that case, there are apartments for sale in Jumeirah Village Circle, and the deal is to steal because the location is picture perfect and tick all boxes mentioned in the article.

Keep in mind that you will have different options available, and you have to decide considering the current worth and whether it will be beneficial in the future or not. Picking up a desirable location looks easy, but you will know how much work it requires when you go on a hunt. All in all, the location element is subjective, but schools, hospitals, and even neighborhoods are critical elements in everyone’s list.

Buy now, and it will be worth every penny.

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