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Top 8 issues where you need to seek MacBook repair services

1. Screen Replacement

One of the most frequent repair requests is for the screen replacement. A sudden fall of your MacBook system may results in a cracked screen, Black screen , which makes your MacBook useless.

2. MacBook Liquid Damage Repair

Liquid Damage is a very bad situation for your MacBook. Because when the liquid meets the electric current , it damages the system board which is present inside your machine. Your MacBook can’t burn out, if your system has no power. That’s why it is important that you get in contact of professional technicians, if there is any liquid damage in your MacBook, as soon as possible.

3. Logic Board Reformation

There are many different reasons of damage of your MacBook Logic Board. The reason for the failure of a logic board in your system is mainly because of physical damage, liquid spills, overheating and age.If a single component of your system goes bad, then the whole motherboard itself gets damaged.That’s why if you face any problem with the logic board of your MacBook just contact Apple MacBook Repair Centre in Delhi,NCR.

4. RAM Issues

This problem of your MacBook not turning on can be caused by problems with the RAM. You can understand this if your system beeps three times with a black screen while starting up and suddenly goes dead. As a solution to this, unfortunately, a faulty RAM leaves you with no other option but to replace the logic board or motherboard of the MacBook. Since the RAM is soldered to the logic board, to fix the MacBook not powering up, you will need to replace the board itself.

5. Bad Power Adapter

Another reason why MacBook won’t start can be a faulty power adapter. If your power adapter is bad, your device will not charge and leave your battery to be fully charged which will turn off the device while it is working. The MacBook Air comes with a special adapter with an angled connector. Here, to diagnose a bad power adapter, the battery must have a good amount of charge. In other words, the adapter will be difficult to diagnose if the battery’s charge is too low. To test whether the power adapter is problematic, borrow a fully functioning battery or power adapter and use it in your MacBook Air. If you still face the same problem then the problem is in MacBook logic board or motherboard and to fix this problem you need to replace the motherboard itself.

6. Issue of Thermal Sensor

The thermal sensor issue in your MacBook  may also be a reason of why the MacBook is not turned on.You will know this only when you see that the fans of your MacBook system is running at high RPMs and still your MacBook is not booting.If such a case happens, then it is sure that the problem is with the Thermal Sensor itself.To fix this issue, the only way is to replace the Logic Board or the Motherboard of your MacBook house the thermal sensors on the logic board.

8. Bad Operating System

A bad operating system is one of the biggest reason for your MacBook failure, showing a flashing question mark on startup when you start the computer. In this case to fix the issue, first, try booting off an OS CD. Run Apple’s Disk Utility and try to repair the disk. If this fails, then you will need to reinstall your operating system. If you can, erase the hard drive before reinstalling the OS.

9. Dead Battery

If you run your MacBook on Charge then it runs completely fine, but as soon as you unplugged the power adapter then the MacBook shuts down immediately.

The reason why your MacBook shuts down when the charger is disconnected is mainly because of it’s dead battery.

These are the top 6 ways by which you can find out whether a particular MacBook Repair Centre is genuine or not.

1. Satisfactory Online Reviews

These days all the service centres say the same thing , that they provide the best quality MacBook Services. But more than half of them are not honest, they just show you that they repair MacBook but they don’t know anything about it. Which may lead to more severe problems in your MacBook. to avoid this, the best way is to find out a good quality centre by look at the reviews of those particular repair centres.

2. Old established Centres

If you want to get your MacBook repair at a high quality, then this is important to look for a repair centre that is well-established and have a good reputation.

Now, the question is where and how to find out whether a particular MacBook Repair/Service Centre is an old established or not?

This is very simple, you can check the details on their site or you can call them and ask about your doubts.

3. Find if the technicians are experienced or not

When you trust a service centre and give  your MacBook to get repair from there. Just make sure that the technicians at the service centre are well-trained and experienced to handle your device.

4. Ask for the repair cost

Getting your MacBook repair can be very costly depending on the repair that has to be done. That’s why before you hand over your MacBook for the repair, just remember to ask about the repair costs beforehand to avoid any fuss.

5. Warranty

A genuine MacBook repair centre guarantee you of a best-quality repair job by its warranty. A unfeigned centre usually offers a warranty on its repairs. And it shows that it is confident of fixing your device right.

Here another tip for your MacBook

How to increase your MacBook longevity

If you have just bought a new latest MacBook or second hand MacBook for yourself, you definitely want to use your MacBook for a long time without any problems. And it’s a fact that Mac usually can live longer than other computers. If you want it to be your case as well, you have to remember about a few things.

Keep your Mac clean & cool

When your computer is clean and well, it runs at lower internal temperatures. It’s good to get your Mac open from time to time to clean out the dust and check if everything works as it should. Not every MacBook can be easily opened so do your research before getting to work.

Then, remember to never place it on pillows or other materials that can block the airflow. Overheating is extremely dangerous to any electronic devices.

Always Healthy

MacBook systems may be much safer from threats than Windows but they’re not invulnerable. Getting a Mac virus is still possible and can do a lot of damage to your computer so make sure you have good anti-virus software and you run scans regularly.

Always Maintained

Disk Utility on MacBook includes something called a Disk First Aid and it can help you find and repair problems before they start impacting your computer’s work and doing damage. Don’t forget about it to ensure the safety and high performance of your Mac. The other thing to remember is Safe Mode, a boot environment to run tests and delete potential problems.

Keep it Updated

Apple programmers are constantly working to make your system safer, smoother, better, but you have to allow them to help you. Even if you’re 100% satisfied with the system version you’re operating on right now, don’t ignore notifications about an upgrade.


Your damaged device needs to be taken to the best centre for MacBook service in your city. You have to make sure that it can really fix it efficiently.

FixApple is a company dedicated to offering MacBook repair in Delhi. By making use of the specialized process for a fix. Contact us today for getting access to our services.  

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Wants to repair your MacBook? We provide same day solutions to our customers. We solve many critical problems which are not easily diagnosed by others. Hire a team of highly-qualified professionals providing reliable MacBook repair service under their customers budget.

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