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Top Challenges in Mobile App Development

Today there are several mobile apps for just about anything. But do we take a moment to evaluate and appreciate or know the challenges it takes makes these functional apps. Mobile Application Development is a long and tedious process that requires precision and attention to detail to emerge with the final functional, user-friendly and value-adding apps. So what are some of these prominent challenges that app developers often encounter from time to time.

Common App Development Challenges Developers Face Regularly

Proper Development Approach

There are several mobile app development technologies. It is critical to choose the best and appropriate technology before starting the app development process. It is equally significant for any business to start on the correct decision to avoid future technical issues or fallout.

There are several app development frameworks and platforms to choose from for both single and multi-platform apps. Therefore, this complicates for app developers which right option to go for. From the start, developers have to ensure that their app development approach has set timelines.

To help with development approach choice, the nature of the client business and its future plans are crucial to deciding whether to opt for a hybrid or native or web-based app development. Additionally, research, analysis and the right start can help ensure a proper app development approach.

2.Proper Funds and Resource Management

It is possible to have great app ideas that can transform several business realities. However, without the required capital to translate them into value propositions of creative apps, it becomes frustrating. App development costs depend on the nature or purpose of the app.

Managing and channelling the resources for proper monetization as well as ensuring proper accountability is a challenge.  Without funds, a proper and steady app development process isn’t possible. Besides, without proper channels for investing in the app idea makes an exercise in futility. It requires a detailed and effective to manage the resources, funds and translate into a successful app with a positive return on investment.

3.Privacy and Security

Privacy and security are always an area of concern for mobile developers. Besides, malware arising from software/hardware fragmentation may add to the app developer’s concerns. Fixing all the app privacy and security issues takes time, money and other resources. It is clear that until and unless there are clear privacy and security measures complied with the security breaches and privacy violations may lead to user data misuse and manipulation, bad user experience, and low app downloads and installations on devices. Besides, various OS’s and device versions complicate privacy and security. There are minimum security standards that can help ensure user privacy, data protection, user credentials and transactional details from manipulation or unauthorized access.

4. Target Market Demographics

Going from a business or monetization point of view, it is vital to know and outline a definitive target market. Better still, it is better to have a sample proof of the user audience demographics to ensure the app has a ready target market or user base. However, statistically speaking this sounds easy but tough to accomplish. The most probable or defining target user market is hard to gauge for developers. By ensuring that the target market is large enough to provide sustainable revenue streams is a major need and point to consider all the way. This can be achieved by monitoring metrics like app installs and downloads, costs to acquire customers, average session lengths, average revenue per user etc. These are reliable and trustable analytics metrics that can effectively show the active user base at any point in time.

5. Mobile App Marketing

Mobile app developers are always challenged by this as after spending much time and effort on the development side they now have to grapple with the marketing of the app. While tackling the functional challenges taking the app to the market would be the least on their minds. But it is also pointless to make an app that cannot be marketed well. That is why throughout the development process it is always to remember that a successful mobile app is actually made up of 90% marketing efforts and only 10% development efforts.  Besides having the best and right tools also the marketing platforms for the app must be appropriate. You can also know about How Do You Do Digital Marketing for a Mobile App?

6. Responsive High Performance

Users always want a responsive and user-friendly app that gives them a special performance and unique interactive experience. Developing such kind of successful apps and giving users a better experience is not a walk in the park. Several app developers face a severe challenge in this area of ensuring a world-class app performance. This challenge has running apps minus crashes, bugs, inconsistencies as well use less space on devices with low power consumption. Initially, in the app development, there’s a need to ensure an app design that is performance-oriented, multi-platform compatible as well as mobile devices.  High performing apps easily give app developers the huge user audience they anticipated in the development stages.

7. Automatic Data Back-Up and Updates

There is innovation on a daily basis to improve the user experience and app performance overall. Most of the apps don’t receive user ratings as they don’t have automatic data backup and update options. For several users their data is precious and they have the fastest access to their stored data for later uses. If this critical element is not considered in the initial app development process, it creates future challenges and hinders the success of the app. Today, several businesses realize the value of having future-ready apps with well-developed automatic data back-up and updates.  Sensing this demand, several smartphone app development companies. Data is a precious gem for several users and businesses who rely on it to make future decisions and keep track of their past performances.

8. Compatibility with Several OS Versions

There are several mobile apps operating systems (OS) in the market today. Most app developers know that some apps will only run on a specific OS’s and others can run on multiple OS platforms. Therefore it is up to the app developer to decide and plan whether to make apps that run on several devices and are perfectly compatible with all the various versions of the operating systems. Some developers feel that limiting apps to single platforms reduces the number of accepted users overall. Whereas, to keep and make multi-platform apps that are acceptable and compatible across platforms may be challenging but the best route to take.

Apart from that, mobile screen sizes differ and device versions that can run the apps also differ making the app development process even harder. While making apps for a few devices, screen sizes and device versions is restrictive but easier, developing apps compatible across devices is a special challenge for app developers.  The need to consider various OS’s with varied bug fixing factors across all OS’s is arduous and time-consuming. Adaptive and user-friendly apps give a good user experience. That’s why great UI/UX is vital to making mobile apps relevant.


In the end, the app development scene is very competitive, innovative, evolving and solving these real challenges demands a lot of attention to the slightest and minutest detail in the Mobile App Development process and journey. Whatever goes into making your mobile app unique and special should be addressed. For great apps with innovative functionality can bring amazing instant success, transformation and avail technological solutions that make a huge difference.


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