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Top Exercises to Do at Ninja Playground and Fitness Center

Children and adults can play and train together as individuals, as a family, or with a group of friends at the Ninja playground and fitness centre. Basketball, rock climbing, table tennis, and Sydney’s largest indoor obstacle course are among the activities available. Kids can play for enjoyment, strength and fitness, or simply to keep themselves occupied and active for two hours. Test your speed and see how quickly you and your friends can complete our obstacle course.
The calibre of athletes who walk through our doors at Warrior ninja playground & fitness never ceases to amaze us. We applaud the devotion and expertise that goes into their training, whether it’s for American Ninja Warrior or for determined people looking for a novel method to get in shape.

After competing in other sports such as swimming, lacrosse, archery, and volleyball, Anika and Anabella have been training for Ninja Warrior events for roughly four years. Ninja warrior course is by far their favourite, according to both of them.

Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association

In addition to competing on ANWJr, they compete in the Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association (UNAA) and the Colorado Ninja League. The UNAA has ranked both of them in the top ten in the world for the past two years.

Anika and Anabella have internalised the teaching systems that have made them top ninja athletes on a global scale after years of training at Warrior Playground. The two girls jumped at the chance to pass on their experience to the next generation of athletes when the possibility to become assistant coaches arrived.

“Coaching, motivating, and watching the students I mentor flourish are some of my most satisfying moments,” Anika says.

Daisy nicknamed Ninjanado, another one of our members, deserves special mention! Beginning February 22nd, she will be on ANWJr. She is an excellent role model for other children in terms of dedication and athleticism, and her hard work has clearly paid off!

How long people stay involved with a play setting is one of the best indicators of its success. The level of difficulty and range of events are the most important aspects. Children learn how to use play equipment over time, and the level of challenge drops, making it more difficult to stay interested for extended periods of time. When we incorporate competition into the game, the range of encounters changes constantly and remains interesting.


Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) is a sport in which a competitor must overcome numerous physical hurdles while going on foot. Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) is a terrific way to remain fit, have fun, and meet new people, and it may even make you famous thanks to shows and tournaments like American Ninja Warrior, Spartan Race, Warrior Dash, and Tough Mudder. Miracle Playsystems features a variety of products to let you create a unique, tough playground design, and maybe even assist a child become the next American Ninja Warrior!

Extreme Generation Takes Thrill to New Heights (XGEN)

Extreme Generation ninja playground & fitness equipment from Miracle Recreation includes rope-course-inspired events, sky-scraping towers, and fully enclosed sky-ways. The XGEN adventure playground provides children with the severe physical challenges they crave while also creating a sense of danger that keeps them coming back for more high-flying thrills!

NRG Trail System by HAGS

The NRG family by HAGS, as the name suggests, encourages energetic play. It provides a variety of balance training options, including ropes and more stable surfaces.

Sport and Fitness at HAGS ninja Playground and Fitness Center

The HAGS sport and fitness collection is designed to make training enjoyable whether done with friends or alone and at your own speed. The items are appealing and user-friendly, and they allow people of all ages and physical abilities to exercise and improve strength, stamina, and coordination. Click HERE to see additional examples of outdoor gym stations, sports equipment, and outdoor arenas.

Nature Play Linear Courses Norna Playgrounds

Trim Trails in Norna Playgrounds are a combination of balancing equipment that appeals to people of all ages, so both kids and adults can enjoy the difficulties. They’re commonly found in schools, where obstacle course trails are used in physical education classes. They can also be utilised in a playground or as part of a fitness trail for people of all ages.

Ninja Playground and Fitness Ground: 6 Steps to Follow

Linear Net Play by Elephant

The Elephant Play Climbinet Series encourages children to climb to the top; it not only works on the playground, but it also helps them mentally in everyday life. It encourages collaborative accomplishments as well as the thrill of reaching common goals. The Climbinet Series will encourage children to work together to reach the top of a mast net. Climb through wavy structures, or defend a castle of tough nets.

The Climbitrail Series by Elephant Play is meant to encourage toddlers to climb while moving forward. This line is completely adjustable and will look great on any playground. It not only connects and accommodates other items, but it also challenges and trains children. This series’ play value will provide a great combination that will not disappoint.

Obstacle Courses using Rocks and Ropes

Climbing, jumping, and swinging are all available on Rocks & Ropes courses, which can be combined for a hard and enjoyable trip. The playgrounds are laid out in a “Linked-Play” layout that maximises the amount of play time, games, and ways for kids to challenge themselves.

Clusters of Miracle Ninja Playground and Fitness

If you prefer more traditional fitness classes, Miracle Recreation fitness clusters provide a wide range of strengthening opportunities for children and adults of all abilities.

Mounding and Surfacing

In most cases, playground designs require safety surfacing, so why not use it to your advantage as an additional obstacle and play element? Mounds are the new swings, and making a hill doesn’t require elevation adjustments.
Ninja Warrior requires Lache Lache training. There are numerous obstacles where you must hang and jump to another obstacle or a swinging platform. You should be able to build momentum quickly. And gauge how much momentum is required for a given distance.

Strength of grip at ninja playground and fitness

Because “monkey swinging” and hanging will become crucial skills. You should be able to hold your whole weight with one hand. Purchase grip strength trainers, a hangboard, and a pull-up bar with varied holds. Or gymnastic rings, boulder two to three times each week, and practise pull-ups with a towel.

What makes a Ninja Warrior successful? In Ninja Warrior events, why are climbers and parkour athletes so successful? Which muscles and skills did they appropriately train? All of this will be demonstrated in the Ninja Warrior training programme that follows. So that you can become a successful Ninja Warrior and compete against other Ninja Warriors.

Ninja Warriors require a tremendous deal of upper body strength and endurance, as well as explosiveness and grip strength. It’s pointless to go to the gym, lift some weights. And become bulky when an appropriate weight-to-strength ratio is also required.

You should practise swinging like a monkey. If you’re not used to this type of movement, you may need to practise on specific brachiate obstacles. You’ll learn how to swing further and higher with less effort by generating momentum with your own body weight.

Such obstacles are likely to appear in Ninja Warrior and parkour gyms. They are now available in some bouldering and climbing gyms. So take a look at them and get used to swinging.

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