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Top Most Ride Sharing Apps in 2020

Easy and comfortable ride with online taxi services

Stop looking for a bus or a taxi on rainy days at the bus station. Book a cab for a safe journey from your own room by making a few clicks on your smart devices with taxi booking apps. Now feel safe and free to move from one place to another with online taxi apps. Here are some taxi apps with the best features.


Uber is one of the best and most popular ride-sharing apps in the world. This San-Francisco-Based ride-sharing app has 100 million users in 2019 who took 1.7 billion rides together. This app is approximately working in the whole world.

Uber pricing is fairly competitive as compared to other ride-sharing apps. Due to a huge number of the Uber driver, one has no issue to get a standard fair ride on that specific day.

Uber makes uberPOOL in most of the cities to make the expensive little palatable. If you are moving with a big group of people, then you can use this app to split the fare among the passengers which is more affordable for everyone.

Uber also offers a variety of different ride types with different price points.

Uber G0:

Uber Go is one of the best uber offerings. One can expect a 4 door vehicle that may be new or maybe 15 years older.

Uber Go Mini:

Uber Go Mini is fairly cheap and affordable one can expect a 4 door vehicle with a nice driver.

Uber Go Plus:

Go Plus is one step higher than Uber GO. Uber GO has new cars one can expect a car model 2009 or up.

Uber Comfort:

Uber Comfort is expensive to offer one can expect a car with extra legroom and comfort. The driver must have a rating of more than 4.8 and complete almost 250 trips in a lifetime.

6ix Taxi

6ix taxi is the newest taxi app that Is providing the best services by considering all the flaws and disadvantages of other ride-sharing apps. Customer satisfaction is ist and most important goal.

6ix taxi app is providing less and more affordable prices as compare to other taxi apps. One most important and best feature of this 6ix taxi is no peak factor one can reach a destination without paying too much fair because of the peak factor.

Like Uber 6ix taxi also providing a variety of different types of rides with different price points.

Mini Van

6ix taxi is offering a mini Van for a group of people. People can expect a 4 door vehicle with 9 passengers setting capacity


SUV Is slightly one step higher then Mini-Van one can expect a 4 door vehicle with 4 men setting capacity


The sedan is the top class of this online taxi booking app. one can expect a captain with a rating of more than 4.5 and having a total 200 plus trip in a lifetime.


Lyft is the second-largest ride-sharing app and favorite among 600 U.S cities including New York City, LOS Angeles, and San Francisco. Lyft is now available in the 12 cities of Canada and familiar with bright pink mustaches. It is offering each type of services including average size Lyft vehicles to large Lyft plus cars.

Like Uber and 6ix taxi Lyft also offers a number of cars depend upon the customer choice. Like uber Lyft also start a carpooling service called Lyft line.

The Lyft line service allows you to split the fare between the group of passengers if one selects a large car for a long journey. Like Uber and 6ix this taxi service has different cars like Lux, Lux Black, Lux Black XL


This driving sharing app Is San Francisco-based and providing transportation from the airport. This online taxi service was First operating in the main cities of San Francisco but now operates in the town also in a few selected cities. Wingz is currently running in the 16 metro areas including 21 airports.

The amazing feature of this app is it allows one to book a ride 2 months ago for moving toward the airport without worried about additional surcharges one can book a ride freely.

One most amazing feature is customers can choose driver of own choice and the company does not charge any additional charges for this service.


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