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Top Turkish Drama Series That You Can’t Miss 2021-2022

If you’re a huge Turkish film fan, you’ll love to keep your eye on these new television productions. There’s a whole new genre of Turkish drama kicking off this year, and you can’t miss it. Turkish television is full of excellent drama series, but they can be hard to keep up with. Luckily, you can watch some of the best ones on Netflix, in English!

Kara Para Ask

If you’re looking for Turkish drama series, you’ve come to the right place! From the very start, you’ll find the most enchanting tales of love, heartbreak, and revenge. The following series will make you fall in love with Turkish drama, showcasing the beauty and complexity of this country. But before you begin to watch the Turkish dramas on TV, here’s what you should know first.

Kocan Kadar Konus is based on the best-selling novel and follows a single man’s struggle to find love. The series is a fascinating look at modern Turkey and tradition, with plenty of funny moments to lighten the mood. Another heartbreaking drama is My Father, a touching tale of a father-son relationship. Featuring compelling characters and a touching plotline, this series has the potential to become a masterpiece.

Ask Aglatir is one of the best Turkish drama series currently on television, with its outstanding performances, best direction, and exciting storyline. It revolves around a girl named Ada and her conflict over marriage. Hafsanur Sancaktutan plays the role of the girl, while Yagiz Can Konyali plays a cool-minded guy who tries to help her. The lead actor in the series is Deniz Can Aktas.

Yeni Hayat

Yeni Hayat is more than a traditional dizi. The series follows a young woman who flees an abusive husband. It stars an ex-special forces commander, Adem, who contrasts with her abusive husband. Adem is hired to protect Yasemin from Timur’s enemies. Despite his differences, they bond over the adversity they have experienced.

Set in a small town outside of Istanbul, Yeni Hayat follows the lives of a young woman named Yasemin, who uses her beauty to attract her bodyguard Adem. Using her charm, Yasemin tries to escape her past and start a new life abroad. Adem, who was a prison guard in his early career, helps her solve a case involving several threats. Adem and Yasemin must also evade their husband Timur’s evil intentions.

Aims for high production values, 50m2 is a highly entertaining and harrowing series that includes old-school Turkish humor. Set in Istanbul, the series follows a widow named Fatma as she searches for her missing husband. Along the way, Fatma uncovers a secret about her husband and struggles to cope with her present circumstances.

For Both of Us

The second season of the hit series For Both of Us is now available on Netflix. The story revolves around an autistic boy named Ali who is adopted by a wealthy couple. This story has a strong female lead, Ozge Ozpirincci. You’ll love how the main character plays his role with bold acting. Watch For Both of Us to learn about the characters’ past and future.

The second season of For Both of Us will feature a romantic comedy starring Love Trap Burcu Ozberk and Caglar Ertugrul. The show has a lot of laughs and some of the actors give great performances. This show is also dub-tubbed into English, so you can enjoy the story with an English-speaking audience.

Another Turkish series you can’t miss is the historical drama Dirilis: Ertugrul. Dirilis: Ertugrul is considered high-grossing historical fiction in Turkey. It has a huge audience in the United States, the Balkans, Russia, and Korea. Many of these dramas have English dubbing, but some hard-core fans still prefer subtitles. For both of us, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.


One of the best shows on Turkish TV is Calikusu, which features a strong female character. She is a successful doctor who gets captured by a murderer. Forced to marry his family, she demonstrates compassion and acts tough when she is with toxic people, but develops feelings for her kidnapper. This Turkish series has a lot of promise.

Another popular Turkish drama is Ask Aglatir, which is a reoccurring hit, with outclassed performances and superb direction. The storyline revolves around a girl and her family who are torn apart by a marriage issue. Hafsanur Sancaktutan plays the role of Ada, while Yagiz Can Konyali plays the cool-headed boy who wants to help her. Another good Turkish drama is Calikusu, which aired in the early 2000s.

If you want to see more of Turkish dramas, then consider watching Zemheri, which airs on Show TV in 2020. This series is based on a psychological novel by Dr Gulseren Budayicioglu and is a refreshing change from the usual plotlines of Turkish dramas. The actors are highly sought-after and talented, and their characters are incredibly well-drawn.

Mucize Doktor

In addition to its Turkish subtitle, Mucize Doktor is set in a hospital. It is about a genius doctor who is also afflicted with Savant syndrome. Mucize Doktor was recently aired on FOX television screens in Turkey. The final episode aired on December 17th. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t miss this Turkish drama series.

The first season of Mucize Doktor aired last year and has garnered worldwide popularity. The subject of this medical drama is based on ‘The Good Doctor’ – a successful American medical drama that aired for two seasons and 36 episodes. The series will focus on the savant syndrome and the sapa village. The character Ali Vefa has Savant Syndrome, which is the ability to have extraordinary knowledge compared to average people. The series will follow the life of Ali Vefa as he becomes an expert in his field and earns the respect of his colleagues.

Masumlar Apartment

TRT1 has aired two seasons of the drama series “Masumlar Apartmani”. The third season of the popular TV drama is in the works, and the first episode will air in November. The character of Metin was played by a trio of actors, including Birkan Sokullu, Ezgi Mola, and Merve Dizdar. After the series’ premiere, the character of Metin died in the last episode.

Erkanci Kus

If you love watching Turkish drama shows, you’ll probably enjoy Erkanci Kus, a comedy series that premiered on Star TV in June 2018. Written by Faruk Turgut, the show follows the story of a woman named Sanem who comes to Istanbul from the countryside to find a job in the entertainment industry. She soon discovers the power of money and her thirst for fame in the media world.


The title of this Turkish TV series “Cocuk” translates to “The Children,” and is a women’s drama. This drama follows the lives of two mothers, one of whom is Asiye, and their two children. The series is made by the Turkish writer Makbule Kosif, and has several notable Turkish actors. Among these actors are Demet Gul, Ahmet Varli, and Birgul Ulusoy.


The protagonist of Meryem Turkish TV series is a young, pretty woman. She lives with her father and works at a bakery. She is very caring and dreams of marrying Oktay. While he is studying law at university, she financially supports him. Though she knows he is the perfect man for her, she is worried about what her future might hold if she marries him. Meryem’s life turns out to be a very complicated one.

Leyla and Mecnun

The popular Turkish drama “Leyla and Mecnun” follows two lovers who met in a hospital and later fell in love. They both live in Istanbul’s historic district and are separated by the age of a year. Their love story starts when Mecnun’s father starts a fire in his car, and Mecnun falls in love with Leyla on sight. The couple’s relationship is complex, and there’s some romantic tension as they go on.

Ferit Aslan, a successful businessman, is very organized and wishes to apply this same organization to his personal life. Mecnun’s friend Nazli, a student of gastronomy, needs a job immediately but has trouble keeping it. The two soon fall in love, and their love story is a heart-wrenching one.

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