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CSGO Tricks that separate a pro and a noob.

Learn these tricks to be a pro fast.

Most of the time in csgo, knowledge about the game and the tricks a pro learned from experience is what separates a experienced pro and a skilled noob. Today, we are going to take a look at these tricks that separate a csgo pro and a csgo noob.

Before you start reading, these are tricks for a little advanced players, if you are not advanced yet, read this first.

Csgo Basic:

  1. Economy Know when to eco and when to force buy. I recommend reading the economy guide[included in link above], for a detailed explanation of how it works.
  2. Use your nades. Why even bother to buy a full nadeset in csgo, if you are going to die with all the nades, except the flashbang you used to rush A/B/Mid/Any other place on the map? Use the nades you have. Smoke off common chokepoints, flash your teammates out, molotov common positions and HE the guy you previously lit 3 times with an AK, or legged with an AWP.
  3. Save nades for retake. Don’t throw your nades just to throw them. Make sure they have a purpose, and if you’re not in a position where you need to throw nades, save them for retakes, or as T’s to prevent the CT’s from retakting.counter terrorist and terrorist

  4. Off-angles, Expect the unexpected. People will try to find a new way to get a free kill, and a great way to do this is to hold an angle that is not expected. This is also something you should think about as a player – To mix up your positions and find off-angles that work.

  5. Flashbang tossing. When tossing a flashbang, if the situation seems to allow it, shoot a few bullets in their direction. This can bait the enemy into looking directly at the flashbang, expecting someone to peek the angle. You can also toss the flashbang behind you, then peek before it pops to catch someone off guard.

  6. When you die. Every time you die, you should ask yourself why you died, and what you could have done different to do better in the situation. This can be done in game, or after the game while reviewing your own demo. This is a great way to improve as a player, and make the right choices ingame.



  1. Shoulderpeeking. When you shoulder peek to bait out a shot, don’t actually show yourself. Your view model expands out of your vision, and a person on the other side can see your view model before you see them.

  2. Retakes When you are retaking a bombsite, wait for your teammates. Call what nades you have, and then retake together. Make sure to call what you are doing, and where you are clearing.

  3. better aim

    Buddysystem Always, whenever possible, go together 2 and 2. This way you can trade each other, and have an advantage over the enemy you are pushing. This does not mean that you should bait your teammate! Play together, and communicate.

  4. Don’t overplay! Just like in physical sports, you will get exhausted and tired. Make sure to take breaks, stay hydrated and get enough sleep. Sometimes, playing less improves your game more than if you play a lot. You can also play other games just to calm down, and think about something else than CS:GO from time to time.

  5. Flashbang sounds. Flashbangs have a soundoutput right after being thrown. This will give you the time you need to turn around or seek cover before the flashbang pops, aswell as you will gain information on where an enemy is.

  6. Air strafing. You can air strafe as a form of high shoulder peeking. It will appear to the enemy as you are about to jump into the angle. He will most likely fire a shot, hence giving you the information you need. This is for example great for taking mid as a T on mirage to bait out a shot from an AWP’er. Note that this requires practice and motorical skill.

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