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Health and Fitness

Understanding Hair Replacement System

What is a Hair Replacement System?

A hair replacement system is also known as a hairpiece or a wig manufactured of synthetic or human hair which is worn to cover up bald areas on head and even for theatrics reasons. Names used for hair piece other than wig include hairpiece, toupees and units. Men mostly prefer hair replacement systems as a solution to their baldness women also wear these to make their hair look long.

People have negative opinions about hair replacement systems, but there are many hair experts and professionals who have positive non-surgical hair replacement reviews.  These positive opinions dominate negative reviews, so non-surgical hair replacement methods are a significant solution for people suffering from hair loss and baldness.

It’s up to you to decide whether hair replacement is a better solution for your problem by reading the pros and cons of hair fixes discussed in this article.

What are the Pros and cons of non surgical hair replacement system?


  • Non-obtrusive solution to hair problems:

A hair replacement system saves you from the obtrusive risks. A hair transplant surgery causes pain, scarring, infections and takes recovery time. While the non-surgical method provides you pain free and risk free solution to hair thinning and hair fall.

  • Immediate results:

You’ll get instant results after hair replacement method, unlike hair transplant surgeries you don’t have to wait for recovery for noticeable results. You can even keep more than one hair pieces so that in case one of them is not in the right condition you can use another one. You can get your desired results quickly without any delay.

  • No side effects:

The major advantage is that there are no, non-surgical hair replacement side effects. There are slight chances of allergy if a low quality adhesive is used, which is very rare. Apart from this, there are no proved medical side effects of hair replacement. Having zero side effects is the uppermost benefit of non-surgical hair replacement.

  • Reversible:

Hair replacement methods are reversible. The hair transplant surgery is irreversible so if you’re not satisfied with the results you don’t have any other option, but in the case of hair systems you can overcome this problem. If you don’t get your desired results you can stop wearing them. If you’ve attached one, you can easily get it unattached.

  • Easy on the pocketbook:

The hair replacement system cost is relatively low than the hair restoration surgeries. If you’re looking for an affordable solution to you baldness and patches with less hair, you should definitely go for a hair replacement which would provide you with outstanding results in an economical cost.


  • Repeatedly purchasing of hair piece:

You’ve to buy the hair pieces after its expiration time. A high quality lasts for 3-6 months if maintained properly, after that a new unit is required. It is not a onetime investment still it costs less than a hair transplant surgery.

  • Regular care:

You’ll have to take regular care of your hair replacement system so that it retains its original shape and look. The proper maintenance will help to increase its life span and will provide the desired results. Although this exactly is not a disadvantage but it is an extra work in your routine, to which you’ll get soon familiar.

In this article you’ve got to know about hair replacement systems, how much does a hair system cost, which definitely is lower than the transplant method. Moreover, hair system experiences are pleasant, pain free and risk free. So hair systems are a complete package of high quality service in affordable price. You can check for hair unit price in Rawalpindi and Islamabad online by simply searching on Google.

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