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University of Phoenix Offers Alternatives to Traditional Classroom Learning

Traditional classroom learning is not a fit for every student. In fact, the rigid structure of the classroom turns many students away from completing their college degrees. That was the case with Thomas Shelton, a tech and software analyst for Comcast.

Shelton had dabbled with getting his undergraduate degree, taking an occasional class at a local community college. However Shelton recalled, “I wasn’t in love with the format of going into a classroom. Every few years, I try to make a move and progress my career,” he explained. “I went for a position as a lead analyst…and didn’t get it. I was upset because I really wanted that role.” That’s when he decided to try online learning to earn his degree.

Online Learning at University of Phoenix

For Shelton and many other students, online learning changed their attitude about going to college. Shelton’s employer, Comcast, is just one of many companies that University of Phoenix works with on a tuition reimbursement plan. However, having his tuition paid for when he successfully completed a class was not the main reason Shelton was drawn to online learning and University of Phoenix. “I really wanted the format of just one class at a time,” Shelton explained. “To manage a single distraction at a time was number one on my list.”

University of Phoenix makes learning easy with multiple start dates and virtual classes that allow students to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule. “I was already used to being in a virtual, spread-out team,” Shelton observed. This made the transition to an online school feel natural.

Using Educational Partners to Succeed

Shelton finished his associate degree at University of Phoenix, which gave him the confidence to enroll in the University’s Bachelor of Science in Management degree program.

One of the hallmarks of University of Phoenix’s online learning is the easy access to academic advisors and other support programs. Shelton’s academic advisor recommended that he take some of his classes via to save time and money. This was especially helpful as Shelton was waiting out a temporary slow down at his job that put a stain on finances. Together, Shelton and his academic advisor selected the classes that would transfer to University of Phoenix and give Shelton credit toward his bachelor’s degree.

Shelton was able to complete 30 credit hours toward his degree using He was not the only University of Phoenix student to use to help make their degree journey easier. In 2020 alone, nearly 600 University of Phoenix students applied credit hours to their records. On average, these students each saved $2,300 on tuition and 10 weeks of classroom time. Shelton spoke highly of the program: “If you’re able to stay self-motivated and learn through those platforms, they really make it easy for you.”

Looking Toward the Future

Shelton completed his bachelor’s degree program in October 2020, but he’s not finished with University of Phoenix. He is currently enrolled in the Master of Business Administration degree program. Shelton’s journey has opened up new ideas and ways of looking at life. He shared that he regrets he did not get serious about his education and degree sooner.

Shelton encouraged anyone considering going back to school to earn their degree to “go for it – It’s never too late.” Shelton reflected. “Just because you have professional experience doesn’t mean you won’t learn anything. It just means you’ll learn more.”

About University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix is one of the pioneers in online learning, having offered virtual classes for more than 30 years. The University is noted for working with students to find ways for them to achieve their degrees within their budgets and busy lives. University of Phoenix offers flexible class schedules and 24/7 student support.

The University offers online degree programs in many fields of study including business, criminal justice and behavioral science. The University has a current enrollment of more than 80,000 students, and more than a million students are University of Phoenix alumni.

University of Phoenix is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission ( The University also has an open enrollment policy, meaning that it accepts all students who have earned a high school diploma, GED or equivalent.

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