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useful point of maintenance of dental implants in daily life

Dental implants are not once and for all.To extend the service life of dental implants,good post-maintenance must be performed.

After implanting teeth,pay attention to oral hygiene in daily use,so brush your teeth sooner or later,and rinse your mouth after meals.In life,we must change some bad habits,do not eat too hard food,do not smoke.Regularly go to the hospital for inspection,and clean your teeth regularly to ensure a healthy oral cavity and reduce the adhesion of plaque.

keep health for dental implant in life

Systemic systemic diseases will reduce the immunity of the oral cavity and affect the service life of dental implants.Therefore,it is also necessary to control systemic systemic diseases such as diabetes and osteoporosis.

Dental implant health depends on you to a great extent.You need to adhere to the cleanliness of the oral cavity,especially the dental implant.After you find the problem,you should return to the clinic in time.Therefore,it is very necessary for people wearing dentures to understand some health knowledge of dental implants.

Dental implants have a similar relationship between tooth and periodontal as natural teeth. The gingival penetration of the implant is tightly combined with the gingival epithelium to prevent various infection sources in the oral cavity from entering the interface between the implant and the jawbone,thereby maintaining the long-term fluctuation of the implant.

dental implant teeth

The biological destruction of bacteria and toxins on the junction of gums and implants,as well as the mechanical destruction of dental implants under stress,will not indirectly affect the operational life of dental implants.

Therefore,you should regularly go to the hospital for reexamination,and perform special implant cleansing around the implant to ensure the well-being of the implant.At the same time, the natural teeth around you should also be cleaned conventionally.

In order to maintain the normal function of the oral and jaw system, it is required that the dental implant should be coordinated with the natural tooth in the oral cavity. However, the wear rate of the dental implant and the natural tooth is different. The dental implant is more wear-resistant than the natural tooth. For natural teeth higher than four weeks, implant teeth are first touched during chewing, and bite trauma is often caused due to excessive burden.

In addition,natural teeth have always been moving forward and toward the occlusal surface, and implants lack the driving force of these two directional movements.

Therefore,you should go to the hospital regularly for adjustment and treatment,in order to adapt to the changing bite relationship from time to time.Implants and natural teeth are composed of multiple parts,but each part of natural teeth is organically combined,and implants generally rely on Screws or adhesives are connected together.

dental implant in patient body

Mechanical connection is limited by fatigue life and mechanical function,and it is easy to show local loosening of each connection of dental implant.

The joint will also loosen due to loosening or aging of the adhesive.People who wear dental implants should pay attention to whether there are signs of loosening of various components of dental implants,so that early detection and early diagnosis can be achieved.

In short,the cleaning task of implants is the key to maintaining the health of implants.After wearing dentures,it is best to adhere to regular brushing of dentures after breakfast and after dinner.

Especially after supper,saliva secretion during sleep is reduced,the self-cleaning effect of the oral cavity is poor,and it is particularly important to adhere to oral hygiene.In addition,soft brushes should be used when brushing dental implants.

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