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10 Covid-19 Vaccination Benefits You’ll Love

10 Covid-19 Vaccination Benefits You’ll Love: Current estimates show that about 50 percent of Americans have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19. The other half may be waiting for a variety of reasons, including FDA approval of the vaccines available.

There are three types of vaccine and you can discuss which one is best for you with your doctor. Both the Pfizer and the Moderna vaccines require two shots, spaced 21 days apart for the Pfizer version and 28 days apart for the Moderna.

The Johnson and Johnson vaccine is currently a single dose. Whichever one you choose, be sure you follow instructions for spacing and aftercare closely to get the most out of it.

If you’re on the fence about getting your vaccine, it can help to have as much information as possible. That way you can weigh the pros and cons and make the right choice for your health and personal beliefs.

There are a lot of vaccination benefits and learning more about what they are can help you make an educated decision with the vaccine information available.

Keep reading to find out what you need to know.

1. They Are Safe

While the vaccine for coronavirus is new, the technology isn’t. The vaccine was created using science that has been around for many decades and that has been used to create vaccines for other illnesses.

The vaccine was fast-tracked through the process but still underwent each step in development. At the same time, they are being carefully scrutinized for safety, much more so than other vaccines.

2. They Are Effective

One of the best vaccine benefits is its effectiveness. Data thus far indicates that the vaccine helps prevent you from contracting Covid-19, but also helps keep you from spreading it.

Covid-19 vaccines and their effectiveness have turned many medical companies into billion-dollar enterprises. Kenneth Chien of Moderna says they are now a household name due to the effectiveness of their vaccine.

3. They Keep You Healthy

Though some people do end up getting Covid-19 after being vaccinated, it can prevent serious complications.

Having the vaccine prevents you from getting sick (or as sick) and protects your health. Some serious complications can occur with the virus and the vaccine is your number one defense against those issues.

4. They Prevent the Spread

The more people who are vaccinated, the better we can control the spread of the virus. If you have the vaccine and don’t get sick, you can’t spread the virus to anyone else.

The more people who can’t spread the illness, the lower the rates of new cases are going to be. That protects you, but it also protects those you come into contact with.

5. They Contribute to Herd Immunity

Herd immunity occurs when a large percentage of the population is immune to a given illness, therefore helping prevent its spread. It usually happens when 60 to 70 percent of the community is immune.

However, with the new variants, this may need to be as much as 85 percent when we’re talking about Covid-19. Immunity occurs with vaccination, but can also occur when someone has the illness and cannot get it again.

6. They Lower the Chances of Mutations

When we slow the spread of a virus, we also reduce the risk of mutations. Those mutations are often resistant to the current vaccine being used, putting us right back where we started.

It makes sense then that the more people who are vaccinated, the lower the incidence of such variations that can get in the way of our return to normal.

7. They Protect the At-Risk Population

Despite the many benefits of the Covid-19 inoculation, current vaccine advice keeps some people from getting it. Some populations may have more severe consequences from contracting the virus.

By getting your vaccine, you help protect those who aren’t able to. The fewer people who can spread the virus, the safer everyone is.

8. They Save Money

Getting your vaccine can save you money. That’s because when you are sick, you use your medical care. In some cases, you may be responsible for out-of-pocket costs.

At the same time, if you’re sick and have to miss work, you could be losing out on a portion of your paycheck. If you spread it to your family members, they could get sick and cost you money in medical care or missed wages too.

9. They Won’t Cause Covid-19

If you’ve been putting off getting your vaccine because you worry that you’ll end up getting it, you won’t. Though you may have some similar side effects, the vaccine doesn’t cause the illness.

After all, if the vaccine caused everyone to get Covid-19, what would be the point in ensuring that people seek out the inoculation? The virus contains weakened strains and therefore won’t give you the illness.

10. They Let You Get Back to Normal

Once herd immunity is reached and more people are vaccinated, we can expect many aspects of life to go back to normal. That means not having to wear masks anymore and being able to travel and attend social events.

As more people get the vaccine, restrictions can be relaxed so that we can once again enjoy past activities. Children can go back to school and adults can return to work.

Taking Advantage of These Vaccination Benefits

The best way to enjoy the many vaccination benefits is to sign up for yours as soon as possible. They are free for most people and are offered in a wide variety of settings for your convenience.

Talk to your doctor about which version is best suited to your specific needs. Then be sure to follow the dosing schedule for the most benefit.

Before you go, check out our health and wellness blog articles for more ideas about living your healthiest life.

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