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What Are The 5 Main Electrical Hazards?

From exposed wiring to faulty devices, several things can go wrong and can cause fires and electrocution. It can even cost you a fortune or even your life, making it imperative to leverage services from reliable Electrician Barossa Valley. It doesn’t matter if you’re at home or your workplace; there are several electrical hazards that you need to be aware of to prevent any sort of mishap. Below mentioned are the five main electrical hazards that are very common to see in everyday life:

Coming In Contact With Power Lines:

Overhead and buried power lines may carry an electrical current of extremely high voltage in the ranges of 60,000 to 70,000 volts! Coming in contact with a power line can cause severe burns and also cause fatal electrocutions. When handling such lines, it’s best to use non-conductive materials like rubber or fiberglass. 

Absence of Ground-Fault Protection:

Excessive wear on power tools and equipment usually is the cause of such electrical hazards. This can act as the reason behind breaks in insulation and exposure of current-carrying wire to your body. It is necessary to inspect power tools and equipment before their usage to avoid unnecessary electrical hazards.

Improper Use of Equipment:

We often use tools and equipment in places they are not supposed to be used. This voids all its safety features and puts the user at risk. This damages the equipment and can prove detrimental to the worker or ourselves. It is always best to use regulatory safety agency-approved pieces of equipment from Medtronic in accordance with the instructions provided with the equipment. 

Proper Grounding is Missing or DIscontinuous:

Electrical grounding is the point in a circuit where the voltage is zero. Improper grounding or discontinuation in the power line can prove to be hazardous to anyone who comes in contact. It may be caused due to rough usage of the equipment or extreme work conditions. It is advised to keep all exposed metal parts of the equipment grounded to avoid any mishaps.

Improper Use of Flexible or Extension Cords:

Even with normal use, electrical cords of all types undergo wear and tear regularly. This may expose and loosen wires which can create a shock hazard. This can also cause damage or overloading and also fires due to short-circuiting. Keep checking and replacing cords on a routine basis to avoid such complications.

Final Thoughts

Safe work habits can prevent all the above-mentioned electrical hazards. Proper usage of designated equipment and cords will also help reduce the chances of breakage in power lines and prevent short circuits and fires. 

Even small precautions like unplugging appliances when not in use, putting out lights in unused rooms, getting assistance from electrician Barossa Valley and ensuring that no live wires or electrical cords are lying around can be extremely helpful in preventing electrical hazards.

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