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What Are the Types of Coverage Car Insurance Company Offers?

Car insurance or moto insurance is one type of insurance used to protect your vehicle or cars. Car Insurance Pakistan provides coverage if the car is lost, theft or breakdown due to accidents. Whenever you want to buy the policy for your vehicle you must know what the insurer is providing you. Car insurance companies provide insurance depends on certain conditions. Car insurance has different types and it is very easy to book a reservation.

What are the steps to book car insurance online?

  • Many insurer websites provide online service in which one has to fill an online form.
  • Compare and evaluate the quotes.
  • Buy the best coverage in a click.

On what factors Car insurance depends?

  • The mileage of the car.
  • Registration certificate of the vehicle.
  • Driving history of vehicle and driver.
  • The model of the car.
  • Type of engine.

What are the key benefits of Car insurance?

  • If the one who is holding insurance died then the Insurer Company provide benefits to survivors.
  • Car insurance covers lawsuits includes legal fees.
  • Covers the bills of medical of you and the other party is mentioned in the policy.
  • Covers the expenses for repairing the car.
  • If the car needs expensive repairing then the Insurer Company according to the policy will pay the current market value of the car.
  • Covers the damage as well from theft, weather conditions or earthquake.

What is not covered under Car Insurance Policy?

  • Wear and tear of the car.
  • Any electrical damage
  • Damage of batteries
  • Tire replacement.
  • Any loss due to breakdown.

What are the risks covered by Car Insurance?

  • If the vehicle meets an accident.
  • Due to the weather conditions of the earthquake.
  • If the car is theft.
  • Third-party liability.

Companies in Pakistan Providing Car insurance:

  • EFU insurance.
  • Adamjee
  • United Insurance Company.
  • Jubilee Insurance.
  • TPL Direct Insurance

How much coverage does a new driver need?

Insurance companies offer quotes and insurance for a new driver in several ways. When a new driver tries to buy car insurance, the companies ask them to read all the details and essentials written on the insurance documents. Sometimes the coverages that companies provide can vary from company to company. The most suitable Car Insurance in Pakistan for a young driver will include the following content and elements.

Car Insurance covers the following types:

  • Liability Coverage:

Liability coverage is one of the type of Car Insurance Pakistan which gives benefit if car meet accident and legally you are responsible for the accident then the insurer pays the amount for following

  1. Covers the expense of repairing the car of both parties.
  2. The insurer provides an amount to covers the medical bills and medical treatments.
  3. Liability covers third party medical bills, treatment and repairing of third party property.
Car Insurance Pakistan
Car Insurance Pakistan
  • Collision Coverage:

Collison insurance name shows that it is provided when a car meets an accident with another car. The insurance company will provide the amount for repairing of car or vehicle. The benefits cover collision coverage is if the repairing of the car needs the money more than the current value of the car then Insurer Company pays the current amount of car in the market according to policies. According to police, the Collison coverage will not pay the amount for medical treatment of both parties. Collison coverage depends on the model of the car, the current market value of the car and the deductible amount. Car Insurance Pakistan

  • Personal Injury Coverage:

It covers the expenses of the one who holds the insurance and the fellow injured person. The personal injury company not covers the damage of property or the damage of the other party but covers the medical treatment bills.

  • Uninsured Motorist Protection:

Underinsured driver inclusion helps pay your costs in case you’re hit by an underinsured driver. In certain states, uninsured and underinsured driver inclusions are packaged all together single coverage on your auto arrangement. Each state characterizes “underinsured” a piece in an unexpected way. For example, an underinsured driver may have auto obligation protection yet all things considered:

  1. The other has an insufficient liability to cover bills after an accident.
  2. If liability is less or equal to the uninsured coverage limit. Health Insurance in Pakistan
  • Comprehensive Coverage:

One of the popular car insurance type which covers expenses associated with the driver, passenger and even for the third party. The comprehensive car insurance company covers the damage from weather, floods, fire or theft. Comprehensive insurance is a plan according to your budget. Medical Insurance in Pakistan

Who Does Car Insurance coverage protect?

A car insurance policy will cover you and other relatives on the approach, regardless of whether driving your vehicle or another person’s vehicle (with their consent). Your arrangement additionally gives inclusion to somebody who isn’t on your policy and is driving your vehicle with your assent.

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