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What Can You Do To Uncover Your Debtor’s Identity If They Have A Common Name?

If you are trying to collect money from a party and they have a common name, such as James, William, or Henry, you might think it is impossible for you to find out the real person. The process of judgment collection is tough, and when you add the issue of a common name, things can get even more complicated. The already lengthy process becomes even lengthier. 

A common name presents you with a whole new set of obstacles. You could be spending months calculating the assets of someone only to find out later that you were researching the wrong person. You must make a few considerations to ensure you are pursuing the right individual. Hiring a New York collection attorney is recommended to make things easier. 

Things to consider when your debtor has a common name 

  • Address. 

One of the most important things to consider when your debtor has a common name is their address. Surely, people with the same names won’t have the same addresses. Try looking up the exact address of the debtor. Even if you do not have the exact address, you may be able to find it using government resources if only you know the town or city. 

If you do not have any idea about where your debtor lives, it is time to go through the documents you have. Try to find old checks they may have given you, which may contain their home address. An address can make things significantly easier. 

  • Job. 

Another important consideration to make is the debtor’s job. If you know their profession or the company they work at, things will become easier for you. It may be possible that your debtor is not an employee but a business owner. If you know the vocation of your debtor, you and your investigator will be easily able to identify them. 

  • Age. 

Age is also important when looking for a party that owes you money. Certainly, if you have worked or done business with the debtor, you may know how old they are or their approximate age. If you do not have that information, you may be able to get it from their social media profiles. Social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram often display people’s birthdays on their profiles. 

If the person has an open or public account, you might be able to go through their posts and see if they have made any birthday posts. 

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