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What is CAD to BIM Conversion Services?

Do you know what is CAD to BIM conversion services or PDF to Revit conversion services? Read this blog to know in detail.

There are two major dominating drawing and modeling tools that rule the AEC sector. These are CAD and BIM. Both CAD and BIM technology has been prominent driving factor in this industry which has tremendously helped the industry grow from the basic hand drawings and sketches.

Earlier the basic hand sketches were not much descriptive and possessed very little information. Now with the technologies like BIM and CAD, things have changed. There won’t be a single person in this sector who isn’t aware of the importance of both these amazing technologies.

CAD or computer-aided design is a tool for creating 2D and 3D drawings based on the information provided on a building. It is one of the first designing tools in the industry and has served many prominent purposes and has been a boon to the entire AEC industry.

CAD drafting and as-build services provide accurately drafted drawings that show the information in a descriptive and visualizing form.

BIM or Building Information modeling is another technology that uses building data and creates compelling 3D models of the building that is to be constructed.

It is a comprehensive modeling technology that covers all the aspects of a building formation. It is comparatively newer than CAD. Though they have certain similar elements, they differ in their objectives and procedures.

But saying this, there are obviously certain differences between both these technology because of which one can prefer one over the other. Here, we are not going to do a comparative analysis between the two and conclude which one is better. But this blog is going to give you an idea of the differences and further about the CAD to BIM conversions.

Many professionals use CAD and BIM interchangeably as and when required.

The Points of Difference Between The Two are as Follows

  • BIM makes use of 3D models to capture, scrutinize and plan the design and construction process. Whereas CAD uses 2D drawings in a virtually impressive manner for more like a stimulation purpose.
  • The sharing of the BIM-based 3D data happens over the cloud and it helps in better integration of the data with other software. The CAD files on the other hand are files that shared virtually but may or may not be relevant with other applications.
  • As a comprehensive and intelligent tool, BIM enables much detailed budgeting and cost planning. It helps in the process to let have a wider estimation of both cost and materials. CAD is not that smart to let the stakeholders have an enhanced budgeting idea.
  • The options available in a CAD and BIM technique are different. CAD is more suitable for drafting purposes and works best for small projects. But with CAD the level of a project can be as huge as it can get.

These factors don’t prove that one is better than another but it simply depends if ends on the demands of the projects.

But in case if a stakeholder has a CAD file and needs an up-gradation of it in terms of getting information in a three-dimensional model, what is the solution for it? Here is where CAD to BIM conversion services comes into play.

What is CAD to BIM conversion?

The CAD files converted into 3D BIM models, the process of conversion is termed CAD to BIM conversions. It can done for an already existing project of a building or can also done for a completely new project for whom the CAD files created for a certain purpose.

BIM offers a plethora of conversions to its users that includes manual drawings, sketches, PDF drawings, other basic 2D drawings, etc. BIM models can created for structural and architectural projects.

CAD to BIM conversion services is usually used by contractors, project associates, builders, architects, and engineers working on a building construction project.

It gives a better insight than the 2D drafting. It also helps them to show the building premise and space to the owners in a more descriptive form through the 3D models they create.

Advantages of CAD to BIM Conversion Services

1. Enhanced Security of Data

BIM software ensures the security of data. The building model data is stored safely in the virtual space. This also guarantees that any information is not lost or damaged even after years. It stays as it is.

2. Much Wider Scope for Communication

CAD to BIM is one of the best tools to enhance communication between various teams and within a team. It allows the stakeholders to view the live progress of the project and put their input there and then.

3. Provision of clash detection

With CAD to BIM service, the clashes can be easily detected in a building design. This is due to the accuracy of the BIM model, that the errors and clashes are detected early on and rectified as well.

4. 3D, 4D and 5D BIM Modelling

Apart from 3D modes, BIM is that one technique that offers 4D and 5D BIM to its clients. This is why the accuracy level with BIM is top-notch which is difficult to beat. This further helps in the quality execution of the project as well.

5. Pillar for the Whole Project Life Cycle

Once a stakeholder uses BIM technology for the project and gets the CAD files changed into BIM, it changes the whole scenario. BIM supports throughout the project life cycle right from the drafting of the designs till the building is in existence.

6. Better Accessibility

Because of the cloud storage facility, the data can access at any time from anywhere. The stakeholder can view the info with a click on their device.

7. Ease of Integration

As mentioned earlier as well, BIM provides a much wider scope for integration. CAD to BIM services opens this horizon for the stakeholder to use the BIM model and integrate them into another software.

The given benefits that come with CAD to BIM conversion services make the stakeholders choose the service. This, in the long run, enhances the building properties by providing the right detailing.

But the conversion needs to done by someone who is well aware of the BIM technology and the software used behind it.

With utmost accuracy, the process can become smooth for the contractors, builders, and architects who are the direct user of the conversion into the BIM model.

The interoperability of the BIM tool can be a blessing for the BIM experts working with the modeling. But to execute it perfectly, the needed technical knowledge and expertise required.

CAD to BIM conversions can make the situation much efficient and user-friendly for the clients.

To get the best CAD to BIM/ Revit conversion services, get hold of an excellent outsourcing agency that has skilled professionals.

This way they will be responsible for bringing out the quality conversion for your project. You as a stakeholder won’t occupy in the process and can assure that the job will done perfectly.

Outsourcing companies cater to a wide variety of clients and locations all around. This leaves them with immense knowledge on the field. They can vary confidently help you in the hassle-free process at a nominal price.

The only thing you need to do is find the right company for you and your project requirements. This might include some extensive research and study. But once you get the desired company as your outsourcing partner, it will be worth it.

Chandresh Chudasama

I am a professional Architect having 12+ years of experience in the architectural and construction field. Also, Founder and CEO of CHCADD Outsourcing Pvt. Ltd. company, which provides BIM and CAD Outsourcing Services in US, UK, Canada, Australia, UAE, and many other countries.

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