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What is Content Syndication?

What is content syndication? If you have ever answered yes to that question, I am certain you are familiar with what it is! Content syndication is basically the method of driving your blog, article, YouTube, or any other piece of internet-based content out into various third-party directories, where they will then be republished on their websites by their target readers. All you need to do is to create a syndication agreement with a directory, and when you sign up you agree to the specifics.

This can be extremely valuable if you have a very popular piece of internet literature but don’t have the finances to publish your creation through traditional channels. Think about it, if you are writing an ebook for example, and you publish it in your own directory and the directory itself chooses to publish it as canonical, that will mean a flood of search engine results for your target title. The more popular your work becomes, the more likely search engines are to pick up on that popularity and list your material as canonical. If you were able to submit that work to a traditional publisher the second time around, would be nearly guaranteed to result in increased online exposure and even increased sales. So you see why having a syndicate agreement in place is so important?

The first step is to get started. You can start by creating a syndicate agreement with one or more established directories. If you cannot find one in your area, try Googling “content syndication directories” and you will be presented with a list of viable options. Next, you will need to decide what categories you want to submit your materials into. Generally, unless you already have a great deal of experience in the field, it is best to choose from three to five different categories so that you can increase your chances of being picked in the search engine results.

Once you have chosen the categories, you will need to find a few blogs that fall within those categories and sign up to become a member of that blog. In exchange for your membership, you will be entitled to permission to republish any of your content within the blog’s archive in any form, including an article or press release format. This is where the idea of a syndicate comes in. By allowing another member to republish your content, your overall exposure and visibility will increase dramatically.

Another common question when considering what is syndication and how to increase exposure through this tactic is whether or not it is worthwhile considering hiring a graphic designer to create new graphics and images for your content. The answer is an astounding “yes.” Having original content is always going to be more valuable than having someone else’s garbage. Even if you are not skilled in graphic design, it is certainly possible to hire a talented web designer who is and uses his or her skills to create unique and attractive graphics for your syndicate. Remember, your audience will be enticed by the thought leadership represented in the graphic design and the end result will demonstrate your expertise in the field.

Finally, in regards to what is syndication and how to optimize it for maximum exposure; you should also consider joining discussion forums. The reason is simple. By providing insightful and lively comments on other people’s posts, you will be able to build a credible presence and credibility with your target audience. Through building your list of followers, which can be obtained simply by signing up for a number of these discussion forums, you will be able to provide useful and thought-provoking answers to questions that your readers may have and help to cement your position as an expert in your field.

As previously mentioned, one of the most powerful ways to utilize content syndication to your advantage is by using guest blogging. A guest post is simply a piece that you write for another blog owner. In this case, you are writing on their blog and linking back to your own site. The idea is to provide useful information for the readers of that blog and in return, the owner of the guest post will provide valuable content to his or her readers. Thus, when the owner posts your guest post on his or her blog, they will be providing a link back to your own website.

When considering what is syndicating and how to optimize it for maximum results, it is important that you first determine your audience. Once you’ve established who your audience is and what type of content they want to see, you can then begin to establish what types of resources to provide for them. For example, if your target audience is business professionals, then you may want to consider including links to articles on Internet Marketing or any number of reputable blogs that focus on the topic. Finally, you may want to consider guest blogging on blogs that cater to your own niche. This will allow you to engage in a dialogue with the readers of that particular blog and provide valuable information to those who may be reading that blog, too.

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