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What is Sodium Ethoxide and Its Properties?

A base that has the ability to completely ionize in water so it can yield hydroxide ions per molecule base is known as a strong base. Some example includes 7-Azaindole, sodium ethoxide, etc. Sodium ethoxide which is also known as sodium ethylate is an alkoxide salt, that is non-toxic in nature. It’s available in two forms, that is, power form and a solution that comes with ethanol.

The chemical formula of sodium ethoxide is C2H5ONA.

How Sodium Ethoxide is Prepared?

For preparing sodium ethoxide, a synthesis needs to be carried out. The synthesis includes reacting sodium metal with ethyl alcohol. Another way is to react with ethyl alcohol. Once this reaction takes place, you are left with sodium ethoxide in liquid form.


The chemical reaction of the above process:

2 C2H5OH + 2 Na → 2 C2H5ONa + H2


Sodium ethoxide can also be obtained by reacting sodium hydride with anhydrous ethanol with results in its production. But how do you remove the remaining water from the result? This water can be removed with the help of a drying agent. Once the water is removed you will have sodium ethoxide with better purity level. Here is the reaction for that process:


C2H5OH + NaOH ⇌ C2H5ONa + H2O


The sodium ethoxide obtained from this reaction is in its solid form, which is a powdered product in yellow color.

Ethanol for Sodium Ethoxide Production

If you take sodium and add it to ethanol, it will produce hydrogen gas which will result in forming bubbles, and in the end, you will have a sodium ethoxide in a liquid solution form. This liquid is a form of alkoxide. 


Generally, this sodium ethoxide solution produced in ethanol is colorless in nature. If you add this solution into water, it will react and for ethyl alcohol or ethanol.

What are the Chemical Properties of Sodium Ethoxide?

  • The molar mass of sodium ethoxide is 68.05 g/mol.
  • In appearance, sodium ethoxide is either white or yellowish in color. In liquid form its colorless in ethanol.
  • The density of sodium ethoxide is 0.868/cm cube which is twenty-one percent in weight of the ethanol solution.
  • The melting point of sodium ethoxide is about 260 degrees Celsius or 500-degree Fahrenheit. It can also be measured in Kelvins at 533 Kelvin.
  • It’s soluble in water and can react to form ethanol.
  • The acidity level of C2H5ONA is 15.5.
  • C2H5ONA boiling point is at 91 degrees Celsius.

Precautions & Safety Measures

Since sodium ethoxide is known as a strong base it is highly corrosive in nature. In general, sodium ethoxide is dangerous to human health and might cause severe damage when comes into direct contact with the human eye or the skin.

When in contact with the skin, it can cause high levels of inflammations and even cause blisters. When comes in contact with the eyes, it can lead to blindness.


If this chemical is ingested, it can cause a lot of health issues such as choking, severe damage to the mucous membrane, irritation in respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts. It is also known to cause lung damage and even leave a person falling unconscious.

If accidentally inhaled, it can even lead to death in worse cases. It is advised that in the case of chemicals coming in contact with their physical bodies, a sufficient amount of care needs to be taken to avoid serious damage to the body.

In case of eye contact, washing it vigorously for several minutes is advised. Sodium ethoxide is a strong based used in multiple application but safety is necessary to avoid casualties.

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