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How Does An Illegal Immigrant Become a Citizen?

There are several factors due to which people move from their home country.

There are several factors due to which people move from their home country. Immigrant solicitors in Nottingham are giving their services to tackle illegal immigration. Most of the people have economic reasons to immigrate to another country. There are different requirements for each country for immigration. Those requirements are a must for every person to immigrate.

Now there are cases where people want to immigrate but they do not fulfill their requirements. They are not legally eligible to immigrate to certain counties. At this point, most of the people take steps that eventually make them illegal immigrants. There are special courts in each country that focus on the cases of illegal immigration. On a humanitarian basis, it is the universal right of every person to present his/her case to court. The nature of crime cannot hold back this right of human beings.

Types of Illegal Immigrants

Illegal immigrants can be categorized. There are those people who have valid visas but there is a time duration of visas. But these people do not comply with requirements for stay i.e. to extend visas by application and showing the valid reason for extending visas. These people come in contact with any state agency, they become illegal immigrants.

Some people enter the country without a legal visa. They manipulate their identity. They are illegal people in the country from day one. These people always avoid contact with law agencies. They spend their whole lives in the country as illegal personals. They do come for claims of citizenship but these people are most unlikely for granting citizenship.


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Types of Claims

People who do not have a legal framework for living in the country. These people have the universal right to claim residency. There are different kinds of claims that any person can do after entering the country. People cannot be forced to leave the country until their cases are not settled. In that way claiming residency under any provision of the law assists them to remain in the country till their cases are not decided. A claim can be a life danger threat in the country where one was previously residing. Another famous type of claim is religious restrictions upon the person where one was previously residing. The possibility of granting citizenship to illegal immigrants is solely part of court jurisdiction and the nature of the case.

Possibility in the Constitution to Grant Citizenship

The Constitution of every country has provisions to grant citizenship. It is the sole jurisdiction of courts to use those available provisions for granting citizenship to any individual. Normally it is seen that people who have good character certificates and good working skills are more likely to get citizenship. There is also an investment option for getting residency. If an individual is capable of investing a certain amount of money in the country where one wants to immigrate than there are more chances for one person to get citizenship. Those people who have criminal records in a country where they were previously residing or they have any criminal offense in the country where they are applying for citizenship are least likely to get citizenship.

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