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What is Solitaire Diamond Ring Setting?

The era of fashion emerges every year If you are the one who is waiting for a long time to propose to your partner. But as time passes you are getting nervous and do not know how to convey your love for them. Then you need not worry as we are here with our exclusive solitaire diamond ring collection. A ring is a symbol of love and promise. A Solitaire Diamond is the perfect choice for an engagement ring. In ancient times, the solitaire rings claims as a symbol of long and enduring love.

Evidently, you must be curious to know more about the Solitaire Diamond Ring stones, features, pros, and cons of having it. Thus, in this article, we are going to share every aspect of the solitaire diamond ring in detail so that it would be easy for you to take the next step which is choosing your perfect piece of Diamond Solitaire Ring. 

solitaire engagement ring

What is something more special about the solitaire ring? 

The solitaire diamond ring (as seen at Australian Diamond Brokers) means that the setting implies one single mounted setting. And, it creates a tiffany effect created over centuries ago and thus came out to be the solitaire diamond engagement rings. Therefore, this exquisite diamond is well known as the prong setting in which the 4 or 6 prong metal prongs are used to mount on the center stone. Prongs are versatile in their shape and texture with rounded, crawled, v-shaped, or flatted ones. 

The ring comes with an exclusive single diamond in a prong-shaped ring giving it an exotic look. A single diamond ring defines solitaire, trust, and eternal love for the partner. The ring compliments the couple and represents the love, devotion, and faith that the two people have for each other.

However, it becomes essential to know the Pros and Cons of the Solitaire Diamond Ring Setting

The versatility in design of the solitaire ring settles with opportunities to wear on any occasion and especially in a wedding or engagement. 

What are the Pros of having a Solitaire Setting? 

  • Creates a centerpiece of attraction and thus catches the attention
  • Affordable at a better price as compared to the setting styles
  • The solitaire setting is easy to care for and maintain
  • Accentuates and compliments a wide variety of diamond shapes and sizes
  • Statement to the classical vintage design which stays fashionable
  • The solitaire setting allows more light to enter the diamond for a better sparkle

What are the Cons of having a Solitaire Setting?

  • The high prong settings are prone to stick or catch things easily
  • Leaves an area of girdle exposed
  • The cutter design might look similar to each other

Types of Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings

  • Prong Setting for Solitaire Rings

The most extensive type of setting is prong which captures the diamond engagement ring in a simple consent. The prong or claws type of diamond setting embedded the girdle of the diamond to hold it securely in place. Thus, it garners more light and brings more brilliance and sparkle. 

  • Bezel Setting for Solitaire Rings

This is one of the most elegant settings as the diamond surrounds a band that fully protects the diamond and its edges. As the surface of the ring is pretty smooth, the ring is ideal for someone who is more into social gatherings and is active throughout the day.

  • Tension setting for Solitaire Rings

This ring setting is more sophisticated and stylish looking because of its unique setting of bands and the diamond. Here the diamond mounts between two metal bands which gives the diamond a more of a 3D floating experience. Hence, the metal bands and diamonds are held together by tension setting, which creates the tensile forces.

  • Knife Edge setting for Solitaire Rings

This setting is referred to as the Knife setting because of its looks. The edges of the ring point towards the center giving it more of a sharp look that resembles a knife. Therefore, the center of the ring is an exquisite piece of art.

  • Split Shank setting for Solitaire Rings

The split edge setting describes a band that parts itself when it gets close to the center. Thus it shows two bands set on the diamond ring. Yet the split shank setting is one of the best and worthy solitaire ring settings. 

Engagement Ring

Types of Stone Shapes

  • Cushion Cut

The cushion cut diamond is the pillow cut due to its square and rectangular shapes consisting of round edges and contains 58 or more than that of edges symbolizing the brilliant stones. Hence, this specific type of cushion cut was a popular style since the 18th century.

  • Emerald Cut

The most classic, and dramatic are the emerald cut diamonds. The emerald cut diamonds elongate form creating a sought type of look. Since the 1400s, the emerald cut was also known as the table cut diamond true to its size and specification. 

  • Heart Cut

A pinch of modern touch is all you need to dazzle in this era and the heart cut diamonds are concise and precise. And as compared to the round diamond stone the heart cut diamonds are affordable and of course give an extra shine and sparkle. 

  • Marquise Cut

The marquise cut diamond stone has enormous, and essentially a brilliant cut in an ellipse form. Henceforth, this purely cut diamond is perfect for giving an elongating appearance to the finger. Probably, they are lengthways into solitaire rings.

  • Oval Cut

An elongated round cut diamond appears even larger than the round diamonds. Oval cut diamonds are unique in their shape, trendy, and fashionable. Hence, oval cut stones are highly precise and opulent in their structure and appearance.

  • Pear Shape

Another name for pear shaped diamond stones is tears of joy. Like the round brilliant cut diamonds are of great concealing inclusions and they have pointed edges. These beautiful pear shaped stones made a wonderful foam into the chapter of perfection. 

  • Princess Cut

A princess cut is highly geometric into shapes of squares and rectangles into the contemporary cut of lines and making sharp angles. Moreover, the princess cut diamond shapes are the most popular ones and you can wear a solitaire princess cut diamond engagement ring.

  • Radiant

A radiant cut diamond stone is a rectangular or square shaped diamond with a brilliant gemstone with a facet pattern on the crown and pavilion. The radiant cut diamond stones are prominently more expensive than the emerald cut diamond. 

  • Round

The evergreen and classic design of round diamond stones represent the most classic of all with a circular manner of 58 facets for maximizing the brilliance. Since the 1900s, round cut diamond stones have become immensely popular. You can also plan to buy this lovely creation classic diamond solitaire engagement ring.

Solitaire diamond rings are one of the exclusive sets consisting of different shapes of diamonds on the ring to give it more of a versatile look. The rings come in different sizes and shapes and most classic rings are everyone’s all-time favorite. These rings have been dominating weddings with their simplicity and class. Solitaire rings are beautifully mounted for a fuller look. These Classic round diamonds will emphasize your love for simplicity. If you are looking for more than just basic solitaire rings then you must explore various ring options that can complement your stylistic attire.

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