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What is the best app to learn Turkish?


Turkey, which connects to the world all the time, hosts foreign people for different purposes such as health, residency in an apartment for sale in Istanbul, business, education or tourism.

You can meet your requirements by speaking English in the country, especially in the big cities like in the market of Istanbul real estate for sale. However, knowing  the language of the country is also to know about its culture and living style. So, we had better learn and practise the country language so that it will be much easier to adopt yourself in the city when you purchase an Istanbul property for sale.

Nowadays, learning a language, at least getting the speaking practice is easier thanks to mobile apps. Besides, you can download these apps on IOS and Android for free. You can learn everywhere and everytime any more.

Türkçe Öğretimi  

Türkçe Öğretimi Application made by Hasan Keremoglu is one of the most successful apps in learning Turkish. The website offers you all materials and essays in one and the mobile app of Türkçe Öğretimi draws attention with its easy usage, fee and different types of learning methods.


Yunus Emre Enstitüsü

The website tries Turkish to make it more effective at the frame of world and get a good progress in this way.  Yunus Emre Enstitüsü provides lesson notes on both website and mobile app to easily share with people who are willing to learn Turkish. Within the app, you can  get news about events, lessons and seminars found in the institute.


Merhaba Umut  

The application of Merhaba Umut developed by Turkcell is prepared to Syrian refugees to get them to learn Turkish. The app used Arab alphabet includes daily terms such as Turkish terms, urgent numbers, important information which are highly important for Turkey and there are also speaking practice studies for Turkish.


The app has recently been seen as the best learning language app. Duolingo application teaches 23 different languages and one of them is Turkish. Duolingo is an app offering you progressive education on accent, writing and speaking practices besides entertaining games, competitions and activities for free.



The app offers you education at basic and advanced level and one of award wining apps in the world. It becomes one of the best apps for people who want to learn Turkish thanks to simple teaching methods, easy usage and user friendly interface.


Mondly Turkish

Mondly offers you one of the best options if you want to learn Turkish on English. The system of the app includes writing, speaking and memorizing. Also, make it easier with illustrated and voice education so that it gives priority to grammar and words that are the most important ones in a day.


Türkçe Öğrenme 6000 Kelime  

As you understand from the name, mobile apps are designed for learning words. In the app aiming you to learn 6000 Turkish words, the most used words are chosen. Additionally, make it easier with illustrated and voice materials. You can easily learn numerous words and grammar this way.


Türkçe Kelime Oyunu

Another Turkish app which is as effective as the other Turkish apps is Türkçe Kelime Oyunu. The app offers you an entertaining way and enables you to understand synonyms, antonyms, proverbs, idioms, and phrases in an easier way.  

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