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What Kind Of Cases Can A Family Lawyer Help With?

A good family lawyer provides his help in various court proceedings, including criminal and civil law and protection of rights. The disputes can vary in the range of family law, including proceedings of the divorce, child custody, alimony matters, partition of the family business, spouse support, and many others.

A professional attorney saves time and money in resolving these issues and does it with great care and expertise. He is not only a legal advisor but also a mediator who not only works on marital matters but also on issues outside marriage. In a business family, trust and dignity of the family name are very important, and it is genuinely upheld by a good attorney. Many family law firms provide their best lawyers for these cases. 

We will briefly analyze the areas in this article in which a good family attorney can help you.

Proceedings Of The Case

In some cases, a family lawyers Melbourne even tries to avoid the divorce when it takes place due to some issues of disagreements between the couples. While in other cases, it’s the duty of the family attorney to see that all the processes are going correctly or not and take all necessary steps for the benefit of the client. Some couples have mutual consent in the divorce or separation, where the proceedings become pretty easy. There are different Marriage acts that have been formulated for the protection of the rights of marriage.

Alimony Issues

The spouse may be dependent on her husband financially or any other way. A husband cannot withdraw his duties of taking care of his wife, and here comes the part of an attorney who tries to provide proper financial support to the wife from her husband. This financial support is called Alimony. While the divorce proceedings are going through, the party can appeal to the judge for granting alimony.

Custody Of The Child

The parties seeking divorce can file for the guardianship of the child. The court appoints one of its parents who is willing to raise, care and maintain the child. There are various factors that a judge looks over before choosing the guardian of the child. An attorney plays an essential role in bringing the child’s custody to the party.

Family Businesses

There are cases where the spouse demands a division in the family business. It is the family attorney  who takes care of the tax-related issues and advises all the necessary details to the party. He represents the client and makes critical decisions that are beneficial for the client.


A reputed attorney is crucial when it comes to divorce. All estate-related issues, protecting rights against domestic violence, willingness to adopt a child, a marriage where a partner is of different religion or country are some other cases where a family lawyer has an essential part to play. He tries his best to help the client in case of any dispute that arises in the family.

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