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Where to enter a promo code to get a discount

When you first receive a promo code from a store to buy a product or service at a discount, many people often have questions: “What to do with it?”, “How to use it?”, “Where to enter the promo code?” To avoid confusion, below we describe how to still apply promo codes.

Where do promo codes come from and what are they?

A promo code is a special code that is a sequence of characters that allows the client to receive a pleasant discount when purchasing certain goods. Example of a promo code: 7UOPSP5TAOLI. Such codes are distributed by various companies for advertising purposes to improve brand awareness and attract more buyers.

How to use and redeem a promo code?

It should be noted right away that each promo code has its own expiration date. Besides, you can use the received code only once.

So, you are the proud owner of a discount code. What do we have to do? Activate promo code! For this:

  • select and get a bershka promo code  on our website;
  • go to the desired online store, add all the products you want to purchase to the online shopping cart;
  • enter a unique set of symbols in the special column in the ordering section; after that, the total amount of purchases in the basket will be automatically recalculated and you will see a lower number.

Thus, you will receive goods with a very favorable discount. Then the order is processed as usual.

By visiting our website and subscribing to the mailing list, you will receive up-to-date promo codes without any problems. They will help you save money on purchases and get even more positive emotions from shopping by delighting yourself with inexpensive but high-quality goods.

How to use a promo code to make a bargain purchase

Do you like online shopping? Are you a supporter of profitable shopping savings? Then you have probably heard about promo codes offered by various online stores. Before paying for an order in the “Cart” section, there is often a field. which allows you to get a good discount when purchasing goods. In this article, you will learn how to properly use a promo code for a profitable shopping experience.

How to use a promo code: 7 easy steps

The effect of the code is immediate – after entering a unique set of symbols in a special field in the basket, the total amount is immediately recalculated.

  1. Select the desired promo code in the desired store using our discount site. Be sure to study all the information about the discount: conditions of use, validity period, and other nuances.
  2. Open the code by clicking on the picture
  3. Copy the code that appears in the new window.
  4. Go to the website of the company you need.
  5. Add all the items you need to your shopping cart.
  6. Enter the code you copied earlier in the special field. Be careful: remember that the set of letters and numbers you entered must exactly match the original.
  7. Get the long awaited discount!
  8. As you can see, everything is very simple! Using promo codes is an easy, reliable and honest way to pay less for the product you want. This, in turn, allows you to buy more and spend less.
  9. For all questions regarding the search, selection and application of discount codes, you can contact our support team. We are always happy to help you make a profitable purchase!


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