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Which Apps you should use to secure your Android Device?

Nobody hates to think about their phone being stolen, yet it could happen to anybody. As a result, having an anti-theft app or any other security application on your cellphone is always a good idea that you have not to visit mobile repair online platform for such a simple solution.

Google has built-in Android security application, like Find My Device, which helps locate a lost phone, but some excellent third-party choices are also available. Let’s take a look at the most OK Android anti-theft applications.

1. Locate My Device

Find My Device is Google’s anti-theft tool and one of the most effective built-in security alternatives for Android. It allows you to remotely lock your phone, sign out, and delete its data. You may also check your phone’s position on a map and contact it using the app that comes with it.

If you remotely lock your phone, you may create a lock screen message that will show until you deactivate it.

The Find My Device function is activated by default, but it’s a good idea to double-check that you haven’t mistakenly disabled it. Go to Settings > Google > Security and touch on Find My Device to verify the status of Find My Device. If the feature is not active, move the toggle at the top of the window to the On position.

You may use the Find My Device online app or the Find My Device smartphone app to access Find My Device features.

2. Cerberus

Cerberus is widely regarded as the best third-party anti-theft program for Android. It features a robust feature set that its rivals find difficult to match.

Cerberus secures your device in three ways: remote control through an online portal, remote control by text message, and automated notifications.

The program can find and monitor your phone, lock it, set the Alarm, transfer call history, and delete internal and external memory.

Cerberus will also ensure that anybody who takes your phone gets into problems with the authorities. It can discreetly capture images and record films of anybody who possesses your smartphone, then upload them to the cloud for you to see. You can even record sounds using your phone’s microphone.

The program also allows for automated actions. For example, you may instruct the phone to lock itself if the SIM card is changed, or you can get a snapshot immediately if someone enters the incorrect PIN.

Google does not allow it on the Play Store due to how the app operates under the hood. But don’t worry, the app is not a scam.

3. Anti-Theft Alarm

Anti-Theft Alarm is security application that is at the opposite extreme of the complexity spectrum. It is a theft deterrent; nevertheless, it lacks post-theft functions such as phone tracking and remote erasing.

As the name implies, the app will emit a loud alarm in certain instances. For example, you can set off an alert if someone takes or steals your phone while it’s charging if your phone is moved from where you left it, if you drop your phone, or if the SIM card is changed. You may also activate the Alarm remotely if you suspect it has been stolen.

Even if your smartphone is set to mute, the alert may ring. Once engaged, the noise will not cease until a password is entered; replacing the battery or SIM will have no impact.

4. McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee is most renowned for its antivirus software, but its Android app incorporates anti-theft tools, making it a one-stop shop for all your security applications requirement.

Gadget lock security, a hoodlum cam, and uninstalling insurance are hostile to burglary highlights. If the incorrect PIN code is entered three times, the phone will lock itself until you input the master password and take a picture of the culprit.

McAfee Mobile Security also has a locate my phone function. You can see your phone on a guide, sound a caution from a distance, and follow its whereabouts bit by bit.

5. CrookCatcher

CrookCatcher is intended to not only assist you in getting your phone back but also to provide you with the thrill of capturing a thief in action in real-time.

When someone attempts to unlock your phone with the incorrect code, it will snap a photo of them and send it to you right away. The image, GPS coordinates and accuracy, an estimated street address, and a map will include in the email. You may choose the number of erroneous inputs allowed before the image is taken and the email is sent.

The absence of power drain is one of the most noticeable distinctions between CrookCatcher and the other applications on our list. The software only runs when the incorrect code is input; it does not need to operate in the background all the time.

6. Prey

Prey is another anti-theft mobile tracker, but it also functions as a cross-platform solution capable of tracking phones, laptops, tablets, and a wide range of other devices.

There are two versions: free and premium. The free form permits you to screen up to three gadgets; however, it has one security zone.

The premium version (Rs368/month) includes geo-fencing, control zone actions, remote screen lock, message notifications, position history, and tracking through GPS, Wi-Fi triangulation, and GeoIP.

You can also remotely delete data and recover files if you have a premium subscription.

7. Avast’s Mobile Security

Avast is an outstanding antivirus program for Android devices, safeguarding them from malware and other threats. When malware or adware is installed on your Android device, Avast will notify you so you may remove it before it damages your privacy. More than 99.9% of Android malware found in the last four weeks has been detected, compared to 99% for the most recent malware. Malwarebytes protects Android devices against ransomware, malware, and other threats.

Before your device is compromised, it may identify and eliminate potentially harmful threats. Malwarebytes delivers real-time security and scans for even the most complicated phishing URLs using the Chrome browser. It also warns you if it detects something suspicious, all in the interest of internet security.

Each time you use the app, it will check your phone or tablet to see what access privileges each app has. Applications that track your whereabouts, bill you in secret, or listen in on your phone calls may be tracked. A quick scan with Malwarebytes will find any malware or potentially harmful software, such as adware, screen locks, or browser hijackers.

In addition to English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, and Dutch, the app is also available in German and Indonesian and is compatible with Android 6.0 and above.


There are several solid security options for Android, including VIPRE Android Security. Protects Android devices against over 20,000 known malware and virus threats. Among the many advanced features of this antivirus program is A Malware Scanner that is constantly up to date. It checks all of your installed programs. Using its Web Protection, it can detect hazardous information while browsing the Internet.

You may use the Anti-Theft feature to find your phone and lock it, as well as sound an alert and remotely delete your handset from other internet-connected devices. The new Autopilot provides extensive security information to help you keep your devices safe. VIPRE Android Security safeguards your account by allowing you to verify the security of your login credentials.

Smart Unlock lets you quickly access your applications after deactivating the PIN on a secure Wi-Fi network. When you use the PIN Timeout option, you may specify a 30-second delay for your PIN to expire. ‘Timeout’ is shown whenever someone makes five incorrect attempts in a row.

Whenever your smartphone is tampered with, the security appplication captures a picture of the person who did it. For cloud threat detection, you’ll need Android 5.0 or above and a strong internet connection.

9. Lookout

As the name indicates, the lookout is continuously on the lookout for suspicious or dangerous behavior or activity. Even whether the Wi-Fi is safe or under attack, the app will alert you to it. Apps that have access to your location, contacts, and other data are also shown.

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