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Internet and Businesses

Who Is The Best UK Broadband Provider

There are many different options when it comes to finding the right broadband provider for your home, with the quality and reliability of these services differing massively from year to year. Which? has once again completed its highly coveted broadband survey, which asks thousands of UK adults to rank their broadband provider to determine the UK’s favourite. Below, we look at how the survey ranks broadband providers and who came out on top.

The Which? The survey looks to get a deeper understanding of how people feel when it comes to their broadband, not looking to just rank the service on just one overriding factor – this gives a more rounded overview so that they can offer a more reliable recommendation. When gathering information in their surveys, they ask the public to rate the following aspects of their broadband from 1-5, with 1 being lowest and 5 being highest:

  • Speed
  • Reliability
  • Value for money
  • Ease of contacting
  • Customer service
  • Technical support

In the 2020 survey, which was conducted between 23rd December 2019 and 9th January 2020, Zen has once again finished on top of the pile and has been crowned the Which? Best UK Internet Service Provider for 2020. Zen is the largest independently-owned telecommunications and technology service provider in the UK, and they prove a full range of broadband, data, voice, hosting and infrastructure services to homes and businesses across the UK. They also provide business-grade broadband, Ethernet and data services for a wide range of large business and corporate customers. By continuing to challenge the poor practices of the major providers, Zen have found themselves to now lead the market in terms of overall customer satisfaction – Which?’s 2020 broadband survey saw them come in with a customer score of 84%, this means Zen was 14% points ahead of the next nearest provider, with the big four lagging further behind in the 50-60% range.

Richard Tang, Zen’s Founder and Chairman, said: “We’re thrilled to once again come out on top of Which?’s latest survey into the state of the UK’s broadband market scoring five stars in six categories. It is particularly pleasing that our reliability score continues to earn top marks especially as a reliable broadband connection is now more important than ever. It’s recognition of the tireless work our people do to provide exceptional service and great value to our customers across the country. At Zen, the culture we’ve created is putting the happiness of staff, customers and suppliers above all else.”

Continuing to ensure that it provides the leading services, technical support and reliability it’s known for, Zen gives its staff the autonomy to make decisions on the spot for customers, ensuring speed and convenience – this top customer service and technical support sets it apart from the bigger broadband suppliers found in the UK. In addition to this, all of Zen’s call centres are now based in the UK, allowing them to respond to queries in real time without disruption caused by differences in time-zone. Even now, with its customer service team dispersed across their respective homes due to the coronavirus pandemic, Zen is still ensuring any customer issue is dealt with as soon as possible.

Tang continues: “It’s vital these surveys continue because UK consumers deserve to have an independent evaluation of the best offerings out there. Our success in the survey demonstrates our commitment to continually improving our service – it is a core part of our culture.”

You can learn more about the broadband packages offered by Zen and check if you’re eligible for their services by using their handy coverage checker.

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