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Wholesale Women Earrings Add Points to Your Looks

https://www.ookjewelry.com/media/catalog/product/cache/dc87e7240ff8d686751424c9f2e624ce/2/1/210408367_1_.jpg In the 70s and 80s of the last century, the main purpose of accessories was variety. Many women who love beauty wear accessories to make their appearance look colorful and very beautiful. In recent years, accessories have returned to their essence. Simple and textured accessories are the best choice for tasteful people. And wholesale women earrings are one of the most textured pieces of accessories. Whether it is to modify the face or as the finishing touch of the look, it is a good hand. Even ordinary clothes can have a delicate appearance because of the embellishment of the earrings. No wonder it is so popular!

If you are interested, please read on. Hope the following content can help you!

  1. Choosing Earrings are Important

    Geometric Disc Circle Alloy Earrings Olympia Dukakis once said in a movie, “The only difference between us and animals is that we know how to wear accessories.” The so-called knowing how to wear is not just to wear it, but to be able to wear it beautifully. Many earrings have attractive looks at a glance, but if they are not suitable for your face and style, or if they are not in harmony with the clothing. They will not have a good modification effect.

    For example, Selina, a sweet-looking start with a small round face. She looks better when she wears long earrings than she wears big round earrings. Because the big round earrings will make her face more rounded, and the long earrings can better modify her face shape and reduce the fullness of the round face. It looks a lot more delicate and thinner. So a pair of earrings that suit you will definitely make you look more beautiful.

  2. Earrings for Round and Square Face

    Geometric Double Circle Bead Earrings The first thing to consider is the matching degree of the earrings and the face shape. First, they should be harmonious and then consider how to make them more colorful. Women with round faces can choose earrings with interlocking styles, which can visually increase the length of the face, and try to avoid large or close-to-ear earrings. If you prefer exquisite ear studs, the size of the ear drill you choose needs to be smaller.

    The first reason is that it does not increase the width of the face, and the second is that the sparkling ear drills can make people’s eyes more concentrated on the middle of the face, making the face narrower, and the overall shape is more coordinated and decent. Women with square faces are more suitable for horizontally long earrings such as oval, petal-shaped, and new leaf-shaped. These styles of earrings can alleviate the contour lines. But try to avoid earrings with sharp equilateral triangles and pentagons. Because they will make your facial lines look not soft.

  3. Earrings for Long and Melon Seed Face

    Simple Butterfly Cutout Diamond Earrings Women with longer faces should avoid erratic long earrings, as they will only make your face look longer. The correct way to open earrings for women with long faces is to choose earrings with a large profile that closely fits the ears. Such earring styles can reduce the longitudinal extension. This will make your facial proportions look more even. If you have a melon seed face, it is suitable to wear earrings with “the lower edge is greater than the upper edge”, such as drop-shaped and heart-shaped earrings.

    These shaped earrings can increase the weight of the chin of the face of melon seeds, make the chin look a little rounder visually and make the overall face look more harmonious. If you really don’t know what type of earrings your face is suitable for, you can also consult a professional to give you advice. Or find your friends to borrow some different styles of earrings to study which earrings are most suitable for your face shape. It will be easier to buy next time.

  4. Choose Earring Length Carefully

    Moon Tassel Line Pendant EarringsAlthough the earrings are very beautiful, the styles are also very colorful. But the length of the earrings is also very important. If you want to wear earrings with a strong sense of drape, you need to choose the length that suits you. Then below the chin and above the collarbone is a relatively suitable length for most people. Earrings of this length can modify the shape of the face without giving people an overly exaggerated feeling.

    After all, not everyone is so lucky to have a slender “swan neck”, and if the length of the earrings is too long, it will easily appear visually that your head is larger and your neck is stubby. Only by choosing earrings that fit the length of your face, can your face look more perfect to a certain extent, while the neck line becomes more slender.

  5. Choose Simple Fashion Earrings

     Triangle Pendant Tassel Chain EarringsMany fashion earrings have exquisite designs, but to a certain extent exquisiteness means exaggeration and complexity. Complicated and exaggerated style earrings are not impossible to choose from, but it is true that there are fewer opportunities for daily use. We can observe many celebrities and fashion bloggers who like to wear all kinds of intricate and exaggerated earrings when they go on shows or attend events, but they prefer simple style earrings on daily occasions.

    Another problem is that if you want to wear this kind of earrings, you must prepare for “heavy makeup”. If the earring style is more exaggerated, but the makeup and look are more ordinary, it will add rusticity. Therefore, if you consider from the perspective of cost performance and difficulty of matching, it is more practical for beginners who love accessories matching to start with more versatile styles.

  6. Choose Different Earring Materials

    Simple Pearl Paper Clip Alloy Earrings In addition to the basic style, wearing earrings of different materials can also bring you different styles. For daily commuting occasions, you can choose some styles with small pearls, diamonds and tassels. These styles of earrings are usually more fashionable and eye-catching. Allows you to stand out from the crowd. Shorter streamlined earrings are not only suitable for daily life, but they will not be too monotonous to wear them for formal occasions. Wearing diamond-encrusted earrings on important occasions will also make you look luxurious and sophisticated.

    However, the diamond-encrusted styles worn daily should not be too long or exaggerated. Exaggerated styles of diamond-encrusted earrings are more suitable for banquets. Of course, you can also choose the material of the earrings according to the clothes you wear that day. Different clothes and earrings of different materials will have new effects together. All in all, you can choose different earring materials according to different occasions or clothes. Wearing suitable earring materials will make you more fashionable.

Women Diamond Tassel Eye Earrings In those sunny weather, let us give beautiful accessories more opportunities to show beauty. And find our personal strengths, such as a beautiful collarbone or full hair. Use beautiful accessories to enhance our strengths and focus our attention on the best places. Wearing a pair of fashionable earrings that suits you can really add a lot of points to your looks. Smart women can always save money, and wearing accessories is the most effective way to change beauty. If you are looking for high-quality and cheap wholesale women earrings, our OOK accessories online store welcomes you at any time!

Thank you for your reading!

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