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Why Choose Enzyme Cleaners Instead of Regular Disinfectant?

In recent years, you may have seen people talking about natural cleaners and enzyme cleaners. At first, it’s natural to want to stick to chemicals after many successful years. However, it’s important to note that the biological cleaner niche has improved over the years. Now, they present a firm challenge to the trusted chemical disinfectants.

What are Enzyme Cleaners?

If you haven’t seen these products before, they rely on biological processes to break down stains and odours. Produced by live bacteria, enzymes speed up chemical reactions between soils and bacteria…and this is the secret behind the effective cleaning solution. While the enzymes break down the waste particles, bacteria can then consume whatever is left. Whether grease, waste, urine or another stain, the enzymes break them down for the bacteria to then digest and transform into water or carbon dioxide.

While proteases are known to break down urine, food, and feces, amylases work on starch-based stains. After this, you will also find calluses, lipases, and enzymes that work on other stains.

Why Choose Enzyme Cleaners?

Firstly, you shouldn’t worry about performance. Just because you’re choosing a biological product doesn’t mean that the results suffer. Not long after using enzyme cleaners, you’ll notice that performance stacks up against even your favorite regular disinfectant. Products from the PetLab break down the urine and other stains that your pet may leave behind on carpet, upholstery, and other materials.

Importantly, enzyme cleaners also break down the odour attached to the stain. Of course, this is important because you don’t want the smell of your furry friend’s urine to linger. However, it’s also important because it breaks any habits that may be developing. By cleaning the stain and removing the odour, you’re telling your pet that this area of your home is not a toilet. When they can still smell their scent, they are more likely to return.

However, you might say that regular disinfectants can also remove odour and break down stains. You’re right, but the difference comes in how the two products achieve the results. As you’ve seen, enzyme cleaners offer a biological process while disinfectants are designed to eliminate the microbe cell wall.

Generally speaking, disinfectants rely on chemicals and harsher ingredients to get results. On the other hand, enzyme cleaners use natural, biological processes and ingredients. Therefore, you might choose enzyme cleaners because they are better for the environment (both the immediate environment in your home and the wider planet).

Also, chemical cleaners require the user to clean the surface thoroughly before application. Enzyme cleaners contain different enzymes to attack different types of substances. On the whole, therefore, enzyme cleaners use a natural process that is better for the environment while remaining as effective as chemical cleaners.

Additionally, it’s hard to ignore the fact that enzyme cleaners continue working for many hours after you treat the initial stain. According to some sources, the product still works away after 80 hours. Even when you’ve moved on with your life, the cleaner is still fighting against stains in the area. Due to the way that enzyme cleaners are made up. They can also get into areas that are inaccessible to disinfectants and other cleaners. Apply the enzyme cleaner and allow it to get into crevices and cracks that you normally give up on.

As well as pet stains, you can also use enzyme cleaners to clear up food, drink, and any other spillages. What’s more, you don’t need to worry about chemicals staining your sofa, curtains, footstool, or any other material. Try an enzyme cleaner for a more effective experience today!

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