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Why do you need to hire an executive coach?

Managers, leaders or the executives of an organization may require executive coaching at some point of time of their career. An executive coach is an expert trainer who works closely with the executives of an organization, helping them identify their strengths and understand their weaknesses. In addition, the coach suggests ways to optimize their performance and leadership skills. Unlike a consultant, who analyzes situations and advices what to do, a coach clarifies the goals of the clients, unlock their potential and guide them to the right path, so that they can solve all the problems on their own.

The steps involved in the process of executive coaching

Each step involved in the process of coaching is well-tailored to bridge the gap between the company’s expectations from the executives and the resources available to them, in order to meet the expectations. Also, the coach creates a basic framework according to the demands of the individuals as well as the organization. For a better understanding, listed below are the various steps or stages involved in the process of coaching.

  1. First stage -In the first step or the preliminary stage, the expert discusses the background of the executive as well as the leader to know more about their past performance. The coach also talks to the HR as their expectations represent exactly what the organization demands from the executive.
  2. Second stage – The second stage of the coaching revolves around the process of writing down the details of the agreement including the confidentiality policy and the desired outcomes. Additionally, the roles and the responsibilities are assigned to the all those involved in the agreement. Along with this, the assessment process is outlined and the tools to be used are discussed.
  3. Third stage – In this stage, the coach analyzes the disparity between the current and the expected level of performance along with the strengths and weaknesses of the client. In addition, before the assessment of the executive, the coach assures that all the tools are implemented appropriately. It helps them judge the performance effectively.
  4. Fourth stage – This stage is about the development of a plan of action. The plan is devised by using the strengths of the executive in order to open the doors of opportunities for him. Most importantly, the coach assures that the plan aligns perfectly with the goals of the organization.
  5. Fifth stage – In the stage, face-to-face meetings and the developmental sessions are scheduled on a regular basis to establish clear communication. The frequency of these meetings depends on the growth graph of the executive.
  6. Last stage – This is the point of closure and final evaluation. At this stage, the executive coach and the HR meet to evaluate the accomplishments against the objectives discussed earlier.

Advantages of executive coaching

Here are the five benefits of executive coaching that can give a boost to your career.

  1. Increases self-awareness – The coaches target the area of self-awareness as it works as a catalyst for the process of growth. The first step of realization actually helps the executives to understand the reason behind their low performance. Also, self-awareness allows them to regulate their feelings and to seamlessly handle diverse situations at work.
  2. Enhances Leadership – An organization is most likely to remain inefficient in different ways due to lack of leadership. A coach can help the leaders and the employees to work in the right manner to turn things around. Moreover, an improvement in the leadership can create a chain of positive effects on the entire organization.
  3. Improves skills – Be it emotional intelligence, time management skills or organizational skills, the coaches helps in improving the existing skills of the executives, and at the same time, also introduce them to new set of skills. Furthermore, they keep them motivated and engaged to help them use their potential to the maximum.
  4. Boosts confidence – The moment the executives realize that they are in the hands of the professionals, they automatically start to feel better. They know that someone is there to guide them for their day to day operations. Also, if the executive feels confident then it automatically gets reflected in the work of the employees as they feel confident in you as a leader.
  5. Helps gain perspective – An experienced coach can make you see the same situation through a different perspective. They have years of experience in the field and can judge a situation in a completely different manner, thus bringing in a fresh perspective.

To conclude

Hiring an online career coach can offer a multitude of benefits and can help the executives grow further as a professional. Also, with their assistance, not only the leaders but the whole organization can experience consistent growth.

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