Why does my ac blow warm air?
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Why does my ac blow warm air?

Feeling hot is a very frustrating experience even though your AC is operating and seems like nothing is wrong. An Air conditioner blowing warm air indicates your AC has an issue. Summers are very hot in Sacramento and when your AC fails to cool your room, it leaves you wondering what is the problem. Is it a small problem or do I need to wait until a professional comes for air conditioning repair in Sacramento at your home? Well, there are several causes of an AC blowing hot air. As a homeowner, if you knew what causes this problem, you can decide whether you can handle it yourself or need to schedule an AC repair service. Moreover, you can also prevent several issues in the future by doing the things your AC unit needs.

When it comes to tackling cooling and heating problems, feel happy to know that a few of these are repairable by yourself. In other cases, it’s best to rely on certified AC repair professionals for quality and long-lasting repairs.

Read on to learn about what are the reasons behind an AC unit blowing warm air instead of keeping you cool :

Low Refrigerant

Do know what low refrigerant can do to your air conditioner? Yes, it affects the cooling mechanism. Refrigerant is an important component of heat exchange. If this component is low, the cooling will not happen or will happen improperly in your room. One of the most common causes of warm air being blown out of an AC unit is low levels of refrigerant. Low levels are often an indication of refrigerant leaks.

When a refrigerant leak is present, an AC unit will lose refrigerant charge because of the leak. Due to the lack of refrigerant charge, it’s not possible to have effective cooling inside a room.

If you have increased electricity bills, a rise in humidity levels in your room, and frozen evaporator coils, you are most likely to have a low refrigerant problem. This is the problem that requires professional AC experts to visit your home and find out the location of a refrigerant leak and fix it. Unless the leak is fixed, adding more refrigerant will not solve the problem.

A clogged filter

Air filters work properly when they are clean and not clogged with dirt, dust, and other contaminants. Clogged ac filters result in reduced and improper airflow. Never keep your air filter dirty for long. Replace it regularly to prevent restricted airflow. When AC filters are clogged, these will not able to trap dust and dirt that comes with air. When air can’t move into the AC system, it causes restricted airflow. As a result, the coils will fail to remove the heat from the system outdoors and your AC unit will return this heated air back to your room. 19x22x1 Air Filter is the best choice for individuals looking for outstanding air quality.

Always check your AC filters and change them regularly to make sure proper airflow is happening. Even after changing filters, you feel warm air blowing out of your AC, speak to a professional.

Not keeping with regular maintenance of your condenser unit

A condenser unit is a part of the air conditioner which sits outside. This has a condenser coil that can get clogged with dirt and debris from time to time. When this happens, it also affects the operation of your ac unit and reduces its ability to perform its job properly. Just as we rely on a plumber in Sacramento to remove clogs from drain pipes, you need to rely on professional and certified AC professionals for the removal of this debris and dirt accumulation regularly. Be regular with the condenser unit’s maintenance schedule. Clogged condenser coils impact the ability to remove the heat outdoors as clogs stop the flow of heat from getting out outdoors. and thus your ac system will not be able to cool the home effectively. So, a dirty condenser coil leads to ineffective cooling inside a room.

Your outdoor unit doesn’t have power

An air conditioning system contains an indoor unit (which provides cool air through your home) and an outdoor unit (which cools the warm air and sends it back to your home). If an outdoor unit is receiving no power, it stops cooling down the air it receives. That’s why your indoor AC unit is blowing warm air all over your home). Electric problems happen. This can lead to a circuit breaker has tripped down or the burnt fuse. When either of these electric issues occurs, the power to the outdoor unit will not be on. So check if the outdoor unit has power or not. After you find out your outdoor unit has no power, you know what to do next for home improvement. Call an AC professional for air conditioning service to resolve this problem and get back to feeling cool air inside your home.

Check your thermostat’s settings

Thermostat settings are the first thing you need to check when you found out your air conditioning unit is blowing hot air. If it is set to heat, this is the cause of this problem. If it is set to on, you need to change it to AUTO mode. This is because in case it is on, it will operate all the time. During this scenario, you may feel warm air being blown out from the vents of your AC. don’t forget to check these settings first whenever you experience hot air inside your home while an AC is running.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

The evaporator coils are a part of an Ac unit. Its purpose is to remove heat from the air present in your home to initiate the cooling mechanism. During the process, it drags the heat, the drip pan collects all the moisture and also wards it off outside through a condensate drain. Evaporator coils can freeze if it has moisture collected in it. So, when evaporator coils are frozen, these will not be able to stop the heat exchange. Now, you will come to know why the warm air comes out of vents when this problem exists.

This evaporator coil can also get freeze when there is inadequate air blowing over the coil. The job of a coil is to absorb heat.

Due to this, it won’t absorb heat and this will result in the evaporator coil being frozen. Frozen evaporator coils stop doing heat transfer and absorption of heat. So, if you find warm air blowing out of vents and experience weak airflow, it can be a sign of frozen evaporator coils.

Here is what you can do to defrost this evaporator coil.

If you suspect this issue, turn on the fan setting. This fan will blow warm air over frozen evaporator coils. Thus, it can help thaw the ice. Please remember not to turn the AUTO setting on for the fan.

To bottom it up!

A homeowner can prevent most of these causes by regularly following the schedule of AC maintenance. For a small problem, you may not need the help of a professional. So, once you suspect the cause, fix it yourself when the issue is small. Otherwise, let the Air conditioner experts of AC and refrigerator repair in Sacramento come and solve the issue.

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