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Why now is the time to install a Water Cooler in your Office

While adjusting to the new normal may be tough during a global pandemic, there are still ways in which we can progress and make the most of this unique opportunity together.

One example is the modern office where we are moving away from cubicle-style boxes in favor of more open-plan rooms that promote greater communication and collaboration. And it’s here in our office spaces the water cooler still has a vital role to play Water Coolers For Offices

The [obvious] physical benefits of regularly drinking healthy water are, of course, the major reasons why we have dedicated Water Coolers For Offices, as we know water is good for our brain, body, and our general wellbeing. Improving Workplace Culture with a Bottled Water Cooler By cultivating a strong team with shared goals, you greatly increase the chances of success. It is impossible to measure “company culture,” but you know it when you see it. Water coolers for offices serve as a gathering place for colleagues to catch up with each other.

Encouraging managers to have more casual meetings with employees

In many firms, there are those who have offices and those who do not. A lack of communication between managers and those they supervise can be a real issue. A bottled water cooler in the office is a great neutral location with a relaxed and casual atmosphere, where managers and general workers can talk about their personal lives. This might sound trivial, but strengthening connections between colleagues leads to a much more effective team.

Coworkers become closer

There are numerous companies out there where “the left-hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.” This may sometimes be unavoidable, because different departments are located in multiple locations, for example, but with a communal bottled water cooler, employees are traveling to the same spot where they can meet. Face-to-face interaction adds nuance and body language to conversations, which are critical cues in forming a cohesive team.

Everyone needs a break

Many workplaces are overburdened with anxiety. Deadlines, presentations, sales, achieving results, and so on, are all part of the parcel of a working office environment. Visiting the office Bottled Water Cooler can be a great way to unwind for five minutes, giving everyone the chance to recharge their batteries for a bit. Water coolers in offices are a great place to relax, catch up with coworkers, and re-energize before starting a new project.

Bottled Water cooler conversations increase employee engagement

How long does your working day last? Eight hours, nine, or ten even? – Hard work is required of course, but expecting staff to stay at their peak all day, every day is unreasonable. Effective employees must be able to relax during the day.

About the author:

Sam Dunning is the Sales Director and Co-Owner at WEB CHOICE, UK.
He hosts the weekly podcast “Business Growth Show” with business leaders, experts and entrepreneurs from across the globe.
You’ll learn actionable tips across marketing, sales and growth to help you skyrocket your business!


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