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Why to study MBBS in Kazakhstan


Kazakhstan is located in the heart of Eurasia. Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan. It is world largest landlocked country of the world. It shares border with Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Caspian Sea from the east side. It has strong economy and excellent educational hubs. Moreover, everything about Kazakhstan Medical Universities is excellent. For more details Visit the Site: 

Let’s, have a look on factors supporting the title.

  1. The comprehensive education system ensures better medical education and intense medical training of students.
  2. Fees structure of MBBS across the nation is very affordable.
  3. Students gets complete support of experienced mentors and experts throughout medical training.
  4. Medical universities of Kazakhstan offer a wide variety of medical course to the students.
  5. While studying MBBS, students are awarded by ample of opportunities that helps you in your career.
  6. Majority of medical universities of Kazakhstan are recognized by MCI, WHO and UNESCO.
  7. Ratio between teacher and Students is also balanced.
  8. MBBS from Kazakhstan is in English medium.
  9. International students will also get a chance to learn second language such as Kazakh or Russian.
  10. International students seeking MBBS in Kazakhstan do not have to give any English Proficiency test.
  11. During clinical training or actual hand practice experts will guide you to deal with the critical situations or medical issues.
  12. From 2nd year international students will get a chance to practice in Government hospital in Kazakhstan.
  13. There is a wide scope to study Medicine in Kazakhstan.
  14. Students can skip the training in government hospital and they can join the private hospital.
  15. Students will also awarded by the Scholarship for their good performance.
  16. Medical universities of Kazakhstan offer best accommodation facility to the students.
  17. Medical universities of Kazakhstan conducts various students exchange programs, guest lectures and seminars in favor of medical students.
  18. Universities has well-equipped labs and laboratories.
  19. In Kazakhstan, there are winter and summer vacations. In this vacations students can come back to their nation.
  20. Indian students can easily get Indian food and cuisines cooked by Indian chefs in Kazakhstan.
  21. Kazakhstan is 100% safe and secure place for Indian students.
  22. During studies you will meet with many professors teaching in Kazakhstan universities. You can take help of them anytime.
  23. Kazakhstan comprises top leading medical universities offering MBBS program.
  24. Moreover, the latest technology and advance methodology implementation in Kazakh medical universities helps to understand the concept easily.
  25. And finally, the most important reason is that international students don’t have to give any entrance examination or have to pay donation cost.



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