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Top 8 promotional products under $1 for branding purposes

Promo items have always been a way to spread the word about a brand far and wide. For a promotion to be more effective, one would need to give out more giveaways with a company logo on them to the people they want to reach out to. But if you buy a lot of them, the prices go up, which is why businesses are always looking for cheap ways to buy things.

There is a good reason to give away promotional products under $1. A lot of them will reach the people or area you want to reach. A large order of cheap drinking cups for a trade show changes hands and eyes a lot. There are a lot of people who will remember the brand when they see the cheap pens that were given out at a school event. 

Under $1 hand sanitizers and first-aid kits will spread through the town. They will be given out outside a welfare center. Cheap promotional items let you free up your campaign so you can focus on your main business; they add value by expanding your circle of influence.

It’s a good idea to buy cheap items if you want to grow your business on a budget. It’s easy to get cheap promotional items in bulk, and you can have them personalized with your business logo. Promotional products that cost less than $1 are best for big events, like trade shows or community outreach programs, because they come in a wide range of styles. It is a great way to get your brand in front of a lot more people for less money.


Giving out promotional things is a great method to get new clients and evaluate brand engagement. Budget-conscious or generous givers may not be as keen on paying a high price. You don’t have to spend a premium amount to give these things out. Continue reading to learn about the greatest high-impact cheap promotional items.

Sports Bottle

Everyone enjoys a variety of drinkware. These things may be personalized for less than target prices. 70% of individuals maintain personalized drinkware that is of good quality and durable.

Consumers are becoming more aware of their health and general well-being as the health and wellness movement grows. Keeping hydrated is a vital aspect of staying healthy, whether you’re active or not. These Custom Sports Bottles are great low-cost promotional items. It is BPA-free and absolutely safe to drink from. Such promotional products under $1 can further help spread brand awareness and improve a great market standing. 


Plastic Hand Fan

Having custom hand fans might be useful whether you’re at a sports event or it’s simply too hot outdoors. They are small, light, and readily packable. Consumers are unlikely to acquire such items for themselves, thus they are likely to retain them when given away for free.

This lightweight plastic hand fan has a huge imprint space on the front to display your business name and logo. Consumers will notice you when they utilize them at sports events or simply stroll around outdoors. These classic products will be apt to distribute at various events and workshops, where people can sit, listen and also relish a minute of the cold breeze.


Smartphone Wallet

You or your customers will have a broad choice of color options to pick from with this Innovative Smartphone Wallet, which is available in 11 vibrant hues. The wallet is composed of a flexible silicone material and can carry up to three credit cards at a time. This is one of those really beneficial low-cost promotional things that customers will attach to their phones and use for a lengthy period of time after receiving it.

The custom phone wallet is popular because it allows people to carry cards and money around without having to carry a wallet around with them since they are linked to the back of their phones. These products can be given away at various office gatherings and workshops as a utility momento to keep for a long time. 


Super Glide Pen

Personalized pens, such as pencils and pens, are owned by 89 percent of customers. With so many alternatives available, it’s a good idea to stand out from the crowd. While giving out pens as inexpensive handouts for events isn’t exactly a novel concept, it’s a smart one since many customers are likely to retain them afterward. 

Because it is equipped with the most up-to-date ballpoint technology, the Super Glide Pen will give users a smooth and easy writing experience. With a smooth rubber grip that makes writing pleasant, it is available in five vibrant colors to suit your style. On the side of the pen, there is a screen print that can be seen. Such brand imprinted cheap promotional items will assist you in earning awareness and in informing the public of your presence.


Gel Hand Sanitizer

In places where you can’t wash your hands, personalized hand sanitizer can be a good way to kill germs. The good news for promotional marketers is that there are also cheap promotional products that work well because they’re usually used outside of the home and in public, where your brand name and logo will get a lot of attention.

Small but very useful, Gel Hand Sanitizer is a small but very useful promotional item. Keeping promotional products under $1 because they are useful is one of the main reasons people keep them. This means that it is a very effective product that has a lot of mainstream appeals.


Non-Woven Tote Bags

You can print your company’s name or logo on custom tote bags that are made for your business. You’ll find a lot of cheap options in a wide range of colors and materials. As many as 73% of people own promotional bags, and they keep them for an average of 11 months. In the course of their lives, they make an average of 3,300 impressions. They also get a lot of attention from people in a lot of different places.

It’s very likely that these bags will be used all the time for groceries, gym clothes, and even short road trips. There are about 38.68 % of millennials who bring their own tote bag with them when they go to the grocery store. 36 percent want to stop using single-use plastic bags at all. There’s a big area on the front where you can put a screen print of your logo. This will get your brand in front of a lot of people.


Adhesive Die-Cut Notepad

A Post-it is always useful for keeping track of tasks at work or making a shopping list. At promotional events like trade exhibits and fundraisers, your company may give out custom sticky notes with full-color brand printing. To promote brand recognition, they may be given out to companies and schools.

3M claims that the typical professional gets 11 Post-it notes every day. While technology advances and people are continuously on their phones, notepads are still a need for practically everyone. Whether you’re a student, teacher, office worker, or work in the food industry, you’ll likely require at least sometimes. You’ll need to memorize information, write it down, or construct lists.


Flying discs

Flying discs are an affordable promotional tool that a broad range of people may appreciate. They are a great way to target several people. It’s simple to take a disc outdoors and play with pals. Affordability is not an issue with this product. This 7” Custom Flyer is available in six brilliant colors. With a huge front impression, your business name and emblem will stand out in the open markets.



Having a tight budget may seem like a disadvantage, but it isn’t! Lots of inexpensive, distinctive things that will turn attention and not break the bank may indeed be found. With so many things available for under a dollar, you may discover plenty of inexpensive freebies for events, trade exhibitions, and other occasions.


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