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Web Development

Wix or WordPress, which is best to choose for website building?

Wix or WordPress, a question everyone comes across when looking to build a website. In this post, I’ll discuss Wix or WordPress is better to choose for website building.


You may find bundles of opinions, recommendations, and criticism for both the platforms, but today we will help you understand both the platforms their pros and cons so you can learn about them and choose the one which best suits your requirements.


Let’s begin with a why question – Why WordPress or Wix?   

It is very important to learn about the why’s then which. You will have to grasp the idea of why you have these options available and why choose them over a coded website which, is built from scratch.
This does not mean that the websites with WordPress or Wix, aren’t coded.


WordPress and Wix both offer readily available frameworks with many more flexibilities to customize the websites.


If you are new to web designing or website building/development or looking forward to building a website for your blog, business, etc., then WordPress or Wix can be the most easier options.


Both of these platforms prevent you from engaging in any kind of simple, or complicated coding. WordPress is the largest used platform and is one of its kind.

WordPress is free to use (except the hosting and domain) and a completely open-source platform like none other. 
Websites of all sizes are catered, at these platforms. 

Pros and cons of WordPress and Wix

  • Open Source 

WordPress’s greatest advantage is that it is open-source and anyone from the community can contribute to it with the help of their skills and talent.


Being open-source WordPress has got a huge number of plugins and themes that are the contribution of the open-source community.


Wix is completely designed for the rookies and techies both but it is more simplified in use which many times results in a lack of flexibility.


It is cool if you are working for yourself, Wix can be very easy to use and simple to handle.

website coding

  • The inbuilt editors 

WordPress has got a simple, yet little complicated editor, the Gutenberg editor, which is the block-based editor. 

WordPress is more focused on customization while Wix concentrates more on making the process simplified. 


Wix has got a visualized drag & drop editor this is more convenient to use as you can make changes very easily. 


  • Extensibility 

WordPress and Wix both are extensible and offer a huge, amount of plugins and themes. WordPress being open source has got more number of plugins and themes as compared to Wix.

Getting authentic reviews for all these plugins and themes is easier and their installation is equally fluent. 

WordPress offers more than 50,000 free plugins and Around 6000 free themes which are ready to install and customizable. 


  • Designing 

WordPress provides you with customizable features and great flexibility such that you can change the complete website design, change the template, customize the template, or make any customizations at any point in time.

While Wix does not provide you with such designing flexibility, you cannot later change the design, template, or theme of your website, and you are left stuck with the design, you started with.  


  • Ecommerce 

Ecommerce is the most popular service trending today, choosing WordPress or Wix for an eCommerce website is a big question.

WordPress does not have an inbuilt eCommerce option, whereas Wix has a dedicated inbuilt eCommerce service in its plan.

If you are willing to use WordPress for eCommerce, the best extension is the Woo-commerce plugin which very efficient, customizable and does, an amazing job. 


  • Control and Management 

WordPress gives you complete control of your website, with the website you have got your empire to rule.

Wix does not give you control of your website if you lay down any of Wix’s conditions they will drop down your website.

So if you are looking for a website that you can control in all manner then WordPress is your best suit.  

WordPress and Wix both are easy to manage; it moreover depends on the website you are designing & the plugins you have used. 

website creator illustration

  • Expenses 

When it comes to spending an amount on website designing then you need to know that both WordPress and Wix provide different plans.

You have two options either get a subscription plan from WordPress or Wix or else buy your own hosting and domain and install WordPress for free to use.

Anyhow WordPress has much more cheap plans as compared to Wix, Wix’s plans are more expensive. 

WordPress and Wix both provide you with a free plan for building a website for testing purposes. 


  • Help & Customer Support

WordPress is free and open-source which runs over 40% of overall websites, so it does not provide any definite support for its users.

One more reason for preventing from providing support is the huge audience using WordPress for running their websites.

You will find thousands of blogs, text & video tutorials available from the open-source community from beginner to advance level.

On the other hand, Wix provides complete customer support with mail, phone, and chat support for all their users.

  • Remember

We are not into a debate of whether WordPress or Wix, both the platforms are today leading the market in website building & designing, the best answer, to the question should be based on the need of the individual or business.

Both of them works well at their individual place with their own space. Hire a web development company in the USA to design your business online.

Final words

If you are looking for a simpler website, to design and use on your own, then Wix is the better option but if you are looking for a website that best functions, promotes, and offers you more flexibility to make changes and upgrade from time to time for your business then WordPress is you’re the perfect option for you.

Always remember to analyze your requirements thoroughly and then dive deep into the market and see what your competitors are up to, then make a decision for yourself.

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