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10 Ways To Deal With Depression Every Day

When you are dealing with depression, everything feels challenging. Whether it’s going to work, socializing with family or something you do routinely like taking a shower, it can feel like a struggle.

If depression has consumed you, the road to a cure isn’t going to be easy. But with self-care, medication, support group, you can make it through this storm. Here some tips to beat the blues and live positively:

1: Build a Support Network

I am sure you are already seeing a therapist, taking your medication and mediating; but there is one thing you need direly and it’s a strong social support system.

Instead of trusting strangers, you must forge stronger ties with friends and family. If that’s not an option, sign up for a depression support group. Meeting people who are going through the same pain as you can help a lot.

2: Control Your Negative Thoughts

Depression and negative thoughts are best friends. But you can improve your mood by changing these negative thoughts. One way of beating these thoughts is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It helps alter patterns of negative thinking to eliminate depression. You can find self-help books, apps and courses online to change your negative thinking patterns.

3: Set Small Goals on a Daily Basis

Some days, you would have to push yourself to do even the day to day tasks. Creating a to-do list could help. Start small.

For instance, I have been meaning to check out Optimum plans for Internet. Instead of calling customer support, I would look for the plans online from their website. Take one thing at a time. Instead of cleaning the house, take the trash out.

Set your eyes on small things day by day. The key is to create tangible goals. Otherwise, you will have a to-do list that you wouldn’t even want to touch.

4: Find Solace in Muscle

Music is a great way of boosting your mood. It helps launch positive emotions. You can even find music that targets people suffering from depression to cheer them up. Whenever you are feeling low, hit a song and watch your mood change.

5: Visualize a Happy Memory

Revisiting a painful memory can take you down the rabbit hole of depression. You start feeling anxious, fearful, nervous and the list of emotions goes on and on…

To curb that, close your eyes and picture a happy memory. When you visualize that memory, it enlightens your mood and you come out from the phase of darkness.

Whenever you feel an awful memory is pulling you, take a deep breath, and picture the happy moments. It will be an immediate dose of positivity.

6: Try Something New

Doing the same thing every day can get boring at times. Patients suffering from depression are recommended to challenge their neurons by trying something new. This would alter the chemistry of your brain.

New things can improve your wellbeing. It is also a way to socialize. So if there is something you always wanted to do, like learning scuba diving, pottery or a new cooking technique, sign up for a class. Try it and you will feel great.

7: Practice Gratitude

Whenever you find a new activity you enjoy, meet someone new you are happy with or anything that boosts your mental health, and try to be thankful. Gratitude can leave a positive impact on your mental health.

The best approach is to write at least 5 things you are grateful for at the end of the day.

8: Work Out

Exercising can help beat the blues. You don’t have to join the gym, a simple exercise around the block would do it. Even the slightest physical activity can help you fight depression. Some people even exercise to medicate and relieve the symptoms of depression. It can help combat future depressive episodes.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be something big. Just a 5-minute walk would do it.

9: Write In A Journal

There will come times when you will feel like nobody gets you. An ideal way of dealing with that is journaling. Write down your fears and worries. Use paper as an outlet to unleash your thoughts. It will come a long way in easing your mind.

Don’t just write negative feelings, write positive experiences as well. For instance, write the things you are grateful for. What is it that you appreciate– it could be anything; a cloudy day or a stranger smiling at you.

10: Get Enough Sleep

Depression messes with your sleep. You either sleep too much or you don’t sleep at all. If you really want to stay on top of your mental health, aim for 7 hours of sleep at least. Once your sleep routine is set, you will feel more energized throughout the day. It will also help with mood swings.

Above all, stop telling yourself that nothing good will ever happen. Keep a positive outlook.  I feel better after I make good use of my Optimum Internet plans to play games or listen to music every time I am hit by a wave of bad thoughts.

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