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12 good reasons to call on a wedding planner

Do you still hesitate to call on a wedding planner for the organization of your wedding? These arguments will comfort you in the idea that one of these talented professionals will change your life!

When starting the wedding preparations, one question divides those around you: is it really necessary to call on a wedding planner?  The rates of these organization pros often cool the bride and groom, who then prefer to organize their own big day, while delegating certain tasks to their loved ones. Yet afford the services of a wedding planner is one of the most profitable investments of the preparations for a wedding. We explain why!


Benefit from the experience of a professional

Calling on a wedding planner means taking advantage of his experience to avoid pitfalls, having access to gems in terms of reception venues, or simply being able to draw inspiration from weddings he has organized in the past. Created in 2011, Wedding Wire has accompanied hundreds of couples in the preparations for their weddings. Its teams have already traveled to the four corners of France, several European countries, and Morocco to organize unforgettable weddings. His wedding planners will use their experience and know-how to ensure the success of your big day.


Reduce the stress of wedding preparations

We talk about marriage as being the happiest day of life, but we forget to mention that the months preceding it are often marked by stress. To avoid disrupting your daily life, the wedding planners are there to manage the smallest details of the preparations for you. Alongside these professionals, your only role is to give your opinion, choose your wedding dress, and count the days before D-Day! In Maryland, Black Orchid Event AMD is your project’s great ally.

At the head of the agency, Emmanuelle supports you from A to Z, notably by managing the search for service providers, quotes, and contracts. She coordinates all stages of the preparations thanks to a detailed retro-planning. Her organizational methods, his experience but also his benevolence, will make you release the pressure. By her side, you will avoid several months of stress and doubts which can sometimes create tensions within couples, think about it! You can also see event planner portfolio to have a better idea.


Make the wedding of your dreams come true

How do you imagine the happiest day of your life? Whether you want a simple wedding or an extravagant party, your wedding planner will help you bring your project to life, down to the smallest detail. Both decorator and wedding planner, Cindy from the Brides Wedding Planner is endowed with boundless creativity and a well-stocked address book. From the first meeting, the wedding planner will put you at ease and naturally establish a relationship of trust. You will then be able to share with him your ideas, your desires, your tastes while letting yourself be guided by his advice. The adventure can then begin!


Have a beautiful secular ceremony!

If you do not necessarily want to use a wedding planner but are planning to organize a beautiful secular ceremony, and you need an agency that also coordinates your wedding on the day, we have found your rare pearl! You will captivate your audience, and you can exchange your vows with confidence under the consent of an experienced officiant. Secular ceremonies are more and trendier but few officiants handle the art of language and words with grace and naturalness, which is why we wanted to advise you on this subject.

You dream that everyone is moved by hearing his speech, that your loved ones smile while listening to him tell anecdotes about your couple, and that everyone literally drinks his words to share this moment of intimacy with you? It will be done! What is more, this agency will also be able to advise you on the best service providers in terms of entertainment and decoration.


Make your marriage abroad

Very trendy for the last ten years, the destination wedding is however complicated to organize remotely. The help of a wedding planner is therefore essential because it is she who will look for providers in the country of your choice, and who will be your intermediary with them. With its international experience, Black Orchid Wedding Planner offers to organize your wedding abroad by selecting the best providers who correspond to you on-site and taking into account all your desires. Surrounded by these professionals, you will closely follow the progress of the preparations with confidence. Prepare your luggage!


Negotiate prices with a service provider

The address book of wedding planners also allows the bride and groom to obtain certain benefits. Negotiating the prices or obtaining some additional advantages from the providers is an integral part of the mission of the wedding planner. Do you dream of getting married in Italy? Dominique from the Campo San Maurizio agency has built his career as a wedding planner in Venice and Tuscany and knows the best providers in these regions. Used to working alongside them, she can negotiate the prices of services for her newlyweds. Ready to live la dolce vita for your wedding?


Get advice every step of the way

Even if you are free to choose all the details of your wedding, the wedding planner can advise you throughout the preparations. In the Yonne department, Andrée’Event is an agency specializing in the organization of weddings which works in four phases: listen, anticipate, organize and animate. It’s in the second that Nathalie, wedding planner since 2016, will give you his best advice so that your wedding takes place without setbacks or unpleasant surprises. This is why she will also accompany you to appointments with service providers. Its role is also to give you ideas that you might not have thought of.


Delegate to the wedding decoration

Many wedding planner services providers offer the bride and groom additional services. This is the case for example of Laurine, of The Knot agency, which offers in its services to design the decoration of the wedding. Depending on the style sought and the wishes of the bride and groom, she takes care of buying and setting up all the decorations on the big day, from the ceremony to the reception hall.


Discover breathtaking ceremony and reception venues

Thanks to their address book and their knowledge of their region at their fingertips, wedding planners can show you places you had no idea about. In Guadeloupe, the You & We agency organizes festive and friendly weddings, which we all dream of attending today. And watch out for your eyes, because the wedding planner knows the best spots on her island. From the ceremony under the palm trees to the reception dinner on the beach, she will make you discover spaces as romantic as they are heavenly. Your photos are already shaping up to be quite incredible…


Manage your budget

Regardless of the financial means, the wedding planner adapts to the budget of the bride and groom. Its goal is to fulfill your desires while respecting the budget set at the start. Thus, Stéphanie and Karol from the Bridal Bliss Events agency undertake to respect all budgets. Their objective is to optimize your expenses as much as possible in complete transparency. This shocking duo can thus create a tailor-made wedding for you, respecting all your desires, without exceeding a single penny.


Relax the days before the wedding

The days leading up to the wedding are often the busiest: everything must be ready on time. But it is also during this period that the bride must rest to be in top form on D-Day. We generally advise the future wife to take time for herself, to go and relax at the spa with her friends, to put on face masks, to meditate… In short, not to put too much pressure on yourself.

In Paris, Key Mate Agency manages the organization of your wedding down to the last details. Magali works with a floral designer to design your decoration, and install it at the reception venue the day before your wedding. She also contacts all of your service providers to make sure everything is ready. The rule is simple: to take care of the final details of the preparations, you rely on your wedding planner, and you think of yourself, just yourself!


Enjoy the D-Day and its guests at 1000%

From the wedding planner services providers to those of guests and above all to any contingencies, the wedding planner becomes the conductor of your day, and you just have to enjoy every minute without worrying about any unforeseen events. Guarantor of the success of your wedding, Stéphanie of the agency Des Bulles et des Étoiles is present from your beauty treatment on the morning of the big day. She checks that all the decorations of the ceremony and the reception hall have been installed the day before, supervises the service providers, and welcomes the guests. Until the end of the evening, Stéphanie, accompanied by a second coordinator from her team, ensures that each step goes smoothly.

So, convinced that a wedding planner will be the key to the smooth running of your big day? Do not hesitate to contact one of these service providers now to ask them all your questions!

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