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3 Trendy Modern Mangalsutra Designs You Need to Know About

In the Hindu culture, married women must wear signs of marital status – nose rings, bangles, Kumkum, toe rings, and mangalsutra. It is understood that out of these five ornaments, mangalsutra is the most important.

Indian women following Hinduism, wear mangalsutra to secure the bond with their husbands with a necklace that holds an immense amount of spiritual meaning. Since the dawn of Hinduism, mangalsutra has played a significant role in any marital affair.

If you are on your journey to get married or are married, you can browse from this collection of mangalsutras to find the best one for you. It is a prized possession that holds an elaborate meaning to it and the gold signifies a holy protection for the bond of the couple.

What Does a Mangalsutra Signify?

The word mangalsutra is broken down into two words with separate meanings, coming together to form a holy necklace. The word ‘mangal’ means holy, and ‘sutra’ means thread. The left side of the mangalsutra ingests and radiates the ‘Iccha shakti,’ while the right side is imbibed with ‘Dhyan shakti.’ The middle part of the mangalsutra emits ‘Kriya shakti.’ The embodied soul coordinates with these three Shaktis to attain ‘Nirgun’ energy and to be ready to perform all the duties that are a part of the bride’s role.

3 Modern & Trendy Designs in the World of Mangalsutras

From the compulsory and traditional prized possession that the Mangalsutra used to be, it is now more of a proud and dainty fashion statement. Women now prefer wearing their own style of mangalsutra as the times have progressed. Diamond pendants and pure gold pendants have also been found trending these days.

Some brides also prefer geometric patterns, designs, and alphabets. Hindi television soap operas have been a major driving force for women to modify and enhance their thought and mindset regarding the mangalsutra. This has contributed to women now choosing more assorted and sleek designs when it comes to mangalsutras, to complement their clothing and style.

Let us now take look at 3 types of modern and trendy mangalsutra designs that have stolen the hearts of many women:

14kt Gold & Diamond Finger Mangalsutra:

With ribbons of black beads lined with precious diamonds, the minimalistic design of this 14kt gold ring captures the elegance of a mangalsutra.

14kt Yellow Gold Clover Forever Diamond Mangalsutra Bracelet:

Start your marital life with a wish for good luck – the four leafed clover brings you a bright and lovely beginning.

14kt Yellow Gold Mangalsutra for Eternity:

Love is what holds you in place while giving you the desired space as well. This heart anchor mangalsutra depicts love in a beautiful light.

Make the Perfect Choice!

As you have now seen that the essence of the mangalsutra is not just limited to a necklace anymore. It has now expanded its range of rings and bracelets as well. Imagine if you are wearing a certain outfit that will not go with the necklace version of your mangalsutra, but it can go with ring or a bracelet version of it, right? This is how much we have progressed in the world of mangalsutras and marital affairs.

Mia by Tanishq incorporates a comprehensive collection for all your mangalsutra needs. Their collection is magnificent as they make you go up on the trending list and keep you rooted in the Hindu culture at the same. That is what every modern woman wants in her mangalsutra in the present-day scenario. And Mia by Tanishq is all here for it! It is obvious that the collection is not only ideal for the newlyweds and the bride-to-be, but you can also surprise your loving wife on your anniversary.

 Create special memories happen with Mia by Tanishq!

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