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31 Ecommerce Marketing Tips for Better Ranking and More Traffic

01. Think mobile advertising

Mobile advertising combines geolocation and mobile advertising to connect your customers to your business on the train or in a doctor’s waiting room.

02. Start targeting wearable technology

All the big tech companies are releasing wearable technology like watches and even glasses. How can you connect with these customers who have technology at their fingertips? These interfaces look different than your average smartphone, so your business needs to adapt.

03. Hire someone to create long form content.

Long form content is a great way to stand out from all the regular blogposts. Long form content takes a lot of time, so you may need to hire someone, but it dives deep into (sometimes boring) topics, makes them interesting and useful for the most interested users.

04. Use social ads for the ideal testing atmosphere

Social ads are interesting because you rarely have to spend a dime to test them. With Facebook, for example, you can send as many posts as you want on your business page. Once one of the posts gets a number of likes and comments, you know it’s of interest to customers.

Once you’ve identified successful posts, you can spend a little money and use those same posts as ads.

05. Brand yourself with your own personal taste.

Putting a face on your business is one thing, but customers want to hear from the people running the show. When you hire a few writers or content designers, it becomes difficult to keep a standard voice.

Develop a guide for them so they know you want a voice that conveys something funny or professional.

06. Reveal the identities of your writers

One way to get around the “one voice” dilemma is to reveal the identities of your authors. Branding under one name is fine, but your website visitors want to see all the faces and names contributing to your blog or video channel.

This develops your personalization strategy and reveals who is working behind the scenes.

07. Create a face (possibly fictional) for your company.

We talked about creating a face for your business above, but what about a fictional character? The Geico Gecko is a perfect example, as everyone associates the brand with the little green guy.

08. Build authority with online discussion areas.

A forum is the most common way to create a community in your e-commerce store, as users are familiar with the format.

Message boards, forums, and even chat areas build your ecommerce store as an authoritative discussion platform, using a unique form of user-generated content to drive your business.

09. Make your delivery options better than the rest.

Zappos is known for fast delivery and occasional express delivery for random customers. This makes people feel special. Does your company stand out when it comes to delivery? Think about how you can speed up the delivery process to stand out from the competition.

10. Focus on local branding and marketing.

Not all ecommerce marketing plans require this, but if you have a connection with a brick-and-mortar store, you can focus on local branding and marketing. Target customers in your area with geolocation tools and local search engine targeting.

11. Look for alternative automated marketing techniques.

Are you sending birthday or anniversary messages to your customers? What about automated messages when users sign up for your email campaigns or buy a product in your store?

Make time and give your customers a reason to return with automated email campaigns.

12. Make videos to create a connection and show products.

YouTube channels are always a fun way to connect with customers, but what about a hard focus on tutorials? If you sell something like gardening tools, customers may not know how to best use the stuff they’re buying. Videos bring them back to your store and make them feel right about buying from you.

13. Get creative with your FAQs

Grooveshark FAQ Page

The FAQ page is an area that many ecommerce stores visit, but does this show your company culture? Think about whether you want to reveal a goofy or professional culture and let it shine in the FAQs.

14. pack photos in all your content.

People are more likely to click on links and read through content if it includes photos. Scatter your photos around and remember to take your own professional photos to get people interested in your content.
Try-Shopify Advertising ⓘ

15.Turn your business into your own media outlet.

Creating a magazine or TV channel sounds like a while, but many businesses are making the leap to share their own original content in various media outlets.

16. Stay up to date with Industry News

Industry News offers powerful content ideas that you can share with your customers. Some of this content may seem a bit complicated for consumers, so it’s your job to break it down and make it easy to digest.

17.Welcome controversial topics to generate discussion.

Do you sell gun holsters on your e-commerce website? Are you always creating blog posts promoting the freedom to bear arms? That’s way too one-dimensional. Customers are smart and want to hear arguments from all sides. Think about creating controversial content that gets people excited.

18. Forget about catering to search engines

One of the best ways to creep up search engine rankings and build social media shares is to completely forget about keyword optimization. Not only does this often look unnatural, you can also stand out with creative headlines and content.

19. Use pay per click marketing wisely.

Pay-per-click marketing is extremely cheap when used properly. Run numerous campaigns and test them all until you find the ideal options.

20. Dive into the reddit pool

Reddit is a huge forum with discussions on everything from bikes to romantic literature. Did you know the platform offers advertising opportunities? Find the subreddits that are tailored to your industry and add them to your ecommerce marketing strategy.

21. Upsell your products without pushing too hard.

Hit your visitors with relevant product links, but move away from constant upsells. VistaPrint is a good example of what not to do on your ecommerce site. They hammer customers with upsells, many of which are not cart related.

22. Turn on the image boosters with Instagram.

Instagram is a closed community for people who love images. If you can take photos of your products, Instagram is ideal for sharing product previews, your items in action, and user-submitted content.

23. Use tools to reduce abandoned carts.

A / B testing and user experience testing tools put you in the minds of your customers. Implement some of these tools to find out exactly why your customers are leaving your store.

24. Launch stores on multiple platforms (Ebay and Facebook).

E-commerce stores

You can sell your items on platforms like eBay, Amazon, Etsyand Facebook. All of these have new opportunities for revenue streams, so try them to find more customers.

25. Optimize your email capture modules.

Do you disable the popup section for email capture? Are you offering a promotion or a free eBook to sign up? Using A / B testing, you can improve your email capture modules and get more subscribers.

26. Go crazy with the email newsletter.

The email newsletter is a message that is sent every week or month and is completely automated. This is an opportunity to share unusual content and personal messages.

27. Remind people about their wish lists

Wish lists are often forgotten, but they show you the things people have thought about buying. Consider sending messages to help your customers complete the buying process.

28. Test to make sure you have the least number of steps to get people what they want.

The best way to do this is to have actual customers go through your checkout process and give you feedback on how fast they were. Could you remove a checkout step entirely? Only testing will reveal the answer.

29. Create reports to anticipate future sales.

Use your reports to think about how you can change your e-commerce marketing strategy in the future. Without these reports, you won’t be able to identify underperforming aspects of your business.

30. Implement a plan for monthly market research.

Are you coming out with a new product? Do you have an idea of how your customers will react? Market research puts the product in the hands of customers and gives you an idea of how they will view the new product.

31. Donate products for others to review

You have a much better chance of getting a review or magazine story if you send a product to writers and editors for testing. Not only does this help with the review, but it’s also a small gift that they can publish your article faster.

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